15 Design Ideas for Decorating Home Interiors

Good ideas for decorating home interiors, ingenuity, creativity and good taste are fundamental to create comfortable and personal environments. These resources and tricks are very important to save small inconveniences and get great solutions.Ideas for Decorating Home Interiors

Each person has some preferences and ideally, there are not two houses the same, but there are tricks of decoration or maybe good advice to decorate depending on the characteristics of each room and the goals set.

We have to differentiate between the different councils depending on the decoration of the different rooms and you know that we always bet on the solutions with little money and, therefore, we have already talked about:

Ideas for decorating home interiors

small dining roomRegardless of the useful space of our room, we usually find it scarce and we always want to have a room bigger than ours, that is why the tactics and tricks in decoration to generate greater breadth and at the same time that provide comfort and beauty are the More demanded.

Next, we offer you 15 decoration, organization and optimization tips accompanied by dozens of photos that inspire us and help in creating the most personalized and comfortable lounges decoration to rest, receive visits and spend our leisure time without forgetting the harmony and the elegance.

15 ideas for decorating home interiors

1. Less is more in decoration

long narrow living roomWe can define it as the golden rule in decoration, we must put it into practice at all times, avoid reloading the rooms with too much furniture or accessories and we will get a decoration of lighter and wider environments. We will select the living room furniture for the well-taken care of the essential and necessary free space:

  • Sofas
  • armchairs
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Puffs
  • Tv furniture
  • Furniture storage
  • Auxiliary furniture
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • decoration objects
  • illumination

Distribute and place the furniture so that we avoid obstacles along the way, as they are very unpleasant also for the visual effect.

2. Take all measures

modern small apartmentIt is one of the most common mistakes when buying “by eye”: what appeared small and appropriate in the store, for our house is enormous and disproportionate. If we do not want to happen, we must write down all the measurements and even make an e-map of the room including doors, windows, beams, pillars, etc. The idea for decorating without mistakes is to use technology; At present we have at our disposal free online decoration programs and computer applications that help us with the decoration project.

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3. Decoration rooms with free space

Decorating Home InteriorsFor this advice we will indicate what we should avoid and eliminate because, to enjoy a cozy living room and comfortable environment we need to have free spaces. For this, we avoid having things that no one uses, old-fashioned trinkets and trinkets, superfluous or oversized auxiliary furniture and refilling of decorative objects.

4. Decorating style small hallway

small hallway decorWhen we have to make a decoration of small hallway, our advice is that we choose a decoration personalized and simple, for it, we must be based on the styles of decoration:

  • contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • modern

These styles have simplicity and straight lines as common features and give the feeling of greater space creating a cleaner and more serene visual effect. We can also include some piece of furniture or a complement of another style to add strength and uniqueness to the living room in our interior decoration.

5. Measures of sofas

small living room sofaIn the decoration of living room, we can not argue that the sofas are the protagonists among all the living room furniture. But, one of the most frequent mistakes in decorating a living room is buying sofas too large or too small for room space. We will measure the real space and choose an appropriate sofa; A large sofa can spoil with the harmony of the environment, but a sofa too small will prevent us to sit comfortably with family and friends creating a feeling of discomfort. Remember the choice of puff, pillows or cushions.

6. Types of sofas for small spaces

Small living room sofaThe ideal of a sofa is its useful space, so in the decoration of small living rooms we must avoid too ornate lines, it is preferable to place straight lines sofas with smooth upholstery in neutral colors that integrate into the environment without highlighting too much.

In the small spaces are ideal sofas without arms and chaise longue that lighten the decoration. If we normally meet with many people and need several seats we advise the use of stools, puffs or ottomans that occupy little space and are easy to move.

7. Chairs and armchairs for living room

small living room chairsAnother alternative in the decoration of functional and modern living room of small houses is to prevent the sofa and make a combination of furniture with comfortable armchairs that save space that we can use for other furniture. This option is often applied by people who spend a little time at home.

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The original chairs or chairs are also very suitable to combine with the sofa, can be placed in pairs or one only, the same or different. We advise this option in substitution to the sofas 3 + 2 that we consider nothing practical.

8. Light furniture

Ideas for Decorating Home InteriorsOpting for raised furniture, that is, leaving the floor insight will create a wider effect. Therefore, the idea to decorate small spaces is to choose sofas and furniture with legs or hanging furniture. In addition, this option will add the sensation of voluptuousness so that the final decoration of the stay will appear light and clean.

If we want to enjoy a warm and fresh, our best idea of decoration is the use of transparent accessories and furniture, open bookstores as they fulfill their function without recharging almost disappearing and thus achieve the desired decoration.

9. Coffee tables

small living room coffee tableThis living room furniture is essential but it is very important to choose the coffee table of the appropriate size (neither too big nor too small) otherwise the effect can be devastating.

The form is not so important, choose the one you like the most:

  • Round coffee tables
  • Square coffee tables
  • Rectangular coffee tables
  • Irregular coffee tables

If we must consider as good ideas to decorate a small room is the choice of tables that do not load the environment, therefore glass tables or tables transparent, tables of any material with the condition that they are light tables. We can also place some other object that serves as a table, that we have even recycled or made ourselves. Types of coffee tables, designs, models, etc. There are countless in the market and in the furniture stores of your zone or of great expansion they have a great catalog with good prices like Ikea, Mercamueble or the coffee tables Conforama.

10. Custom furniture

small apartmentThe furniture of the standard living room is always cheaper than custom furniture, but in many cases ordering some furniture with special measures can be the solution to all our problems and in the end be a great investment. One way or another, let’s not forget that when we want to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, we will avoid recharging the room with large, heavy furniture in sight. A good idea of decoration is to place furniture with shallow depths that save space.

11. Television in decoration

Small living room furnitureMany of us want a very large television, but the television set must be proportional to our living room if we do not want to fail with the environmental decoration and even damage our health. It is advisable to calculate the appropriate size of the screen, for this we follow a simple equation, for example, if we have 2 meters (200 cm: 5 = 40). The best idea to decorate our room is to buy a television about 40 inches.

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The plasmas by their thinness are ideal and our advice is to place them hung on the wall or in a decorative panel, that way they are integrated as if they were a painting.

12. Order and hide electrical cables

Small living room cabinetsThe golden rule for pleasant decor is to show all stays clean and tidy. The wiring of electrical appliances must remain hidden, for having a tangle of wires together gives a great appearance of disorder, filth, and uneasiness.

In the decoration of living rooms, installing the TV in a panel or decorative frieze can help us to place all the hidden wiring behind. If not, we can hide them inside channels.

13. Advised colors

Small living room cabinetsThe most appropriate colors in the decoration of small spaces are the palettes in light tones, pastels, and neutrals as it is demonstrated that they add luminosity and therefore amplitude. It is advisable to avoid an overlapping of dark colors that can cause stress by showing a closed and heavy environment. Although in interior decoration we can achieve great results if we know how to apply and combine different basic factors and make black decoration a success.

14. Environmental lighting

small living room lightsAll the different rooms of a house decorated with any style regardless of the budget they have assigned need a good lighting environment to be a success.

On the one hand, we will take advantage of natural light and sift through curtains, blinds, shutters… and secondly, the placement of light points strategically and the use of different appliances such as lamps, fixtures, recessed spotlights, indirect lighting, Etc. will be essential.

We will take advantage of the lamps to fulfill their function of lighting and also of decorating. We can get some exclusive lamps: design lamps or recycled lamps to give the personal touch to our interior decoration.

15. Decor and decoration complements

minimalist living roomIn decorating ideas, decorations, objects, and complements are fundamental. They bring personality and in many cases have great sentimental importance but although all types are valid, we reiterate, we can not abuse in quantity.

Our advice for decorating small rooms is to use metallic details, along with mirrors and glass. They help to amplify the visual effect and contribute sophistication and elegance.

Furniture with metal legs or edges, frames, lamps or some decorative object is good ideas.

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