8 Trends Decoration 2017 for Your Living Room and Dining Room

We have already started 2017, a year that comes full of interesting decorative proposals, some we have already seen in recent months, others will surprise us soon taking protagonism and becoming essential. Today we are going to reveal some of the decoration trends 2017 for your living room or dining room that want to come to occupy a preeminent place in your living room in the year that begins. Will they get it? That is something that we will not know until after a while but it is always fun to discover what the proposals are in advance, do not you think? Well, we are going to make a quick to the proposals for 2017, some we have already seen them in the last months but others arrived soon with great force.living room furniture

These are going to be the decor trends 2017 for your living room and dining room

1. Greens

green living dining room furnitureYou will not be surprised if we say that green will be a color that takes center stage in the year that begins. I guess you have already seen that Pantone has named Greenery color of the year 2017, a green tone with a lot of yellow that can give a lot of play. But not only will this tone be strong in the coming months. It seems that the dark tones of green will gain prominence perhaps because of the strong influence that ecological consciousness is taking on in our lives. With colors like kale, another of the tones included by Pantone to be influential in the coming months. These green shades on the walls bring freshness to any room if we use them in other elements like the sofa, curtains or chairs or if you are less daring opts for smaller items such as blankets or cushions that will also help you refresh and refresh your living room without risking so much. This year think green!

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2. Wallpaper

living room wallpaperThe wallpaper continues to gain ground in the decoration of all kinds of spaces and of course, it becomes one of the decoration trends 2017 for your living room. Wallpapers are a simple way to bring texture and design to any room when it seems to us that simply painting is not enough and we want something more. Today we find an incredible range of papers with all kinds of designs and textures among which we will surely find some that we love. In 2016 we saw that the papers of tropical type devastated as well as the geometric and retro that will continue of full tendency. In 2017 will be the papers that imitate marble and with metallic touches that you cannot lose sight of. If you are thinking about putting paper in your living room, it will be difficult to choose just one!

3. Eclecticism: mixture without fear

colorful living roomWe already talked about the eclectic style in detail and we told you all its secrets a couple of months ago. It will undoubtedly be one of the trends decoration 2017 for your room that will continue strongly where you are looking for the contrast, the different, the original… mix ideas that at first seem totally contrary and yet together work to create environments full of personality. So do not be afraid to let your imagination fly when decorating your living room and dare to try impossible mixes that will turn your living room into a unique and very personal space. New and old, different prints, opposite colors… everything in the right dose can work.

4. Raw chic style

chic living dining roomIn contrast to the eclectic style, comes the raw chic style. What is it about? For a very natural style that you want to show us the materials in their pure state, without artifice. But do not confuse it with the rustic decor, none of that. It is a current decoration of the pure lines and neutral colors in which materials in pure state take the leading role. Thus the natural materials stand out in contrast to the careful environment, such as these tables of natural wood in which we can appreciate its veins and even the cracks caused by the passage of time. The materials take center stage to let them shine in all their splendor, especially wood. One of the trends decorating 2017 for your living room that is going to make you talk!

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5. The furniture darkens

living room furnitureYears ago the walnut became a completely obsolete color, just like the wenge or the darker tones, and it seemed that they would never come back… But if anything we can be sure in fashion and decoration is that everything comes back and the dark tones of wood They were not going to be less. The walnut will be the trendy color in wood in these decoration trends 2017 for your living room and little by little colors like the wenge will return to make a hole in our living room. Last year we announced it and this year it is confirmed that the woods in darker shades have arrived to stay and it seems that, little by little, they are making their way in our living room. Will you let them in?

6. Metal structures

living dining room furnitureAnother trend that we started to see in 2016 and of which its year will undoubtedly be 2017, metallic structures become protagonists. Especially in tables and small tables that will show off their metal structures with pride. The metal shelves in this context take center stage and become central parts of the environments next to the tables of metal structures and metal chairs. Or metal carts for bottles. But this metallic passion also reaches the complements or lamps, nothing will resist it in 2017. So if this season you want to renovate the tables of the hall, bet on those of metallic structures and sure you get it right. We have seen many options for envelopes (glass, wood, metal, marble, hydraulic tiles…) but the metal structure is a must.

7. Combination of textures

living room decorThe mix of textures is fashionable in both upholstery and carpet and is one of the trends decoration 2017 for your living room that you should not miss long. You will see it on sofas and on carpets, and you will gradually be conquering all the household clothes. Pay attention to come to stay! Look for different textures for your cushions, sofas, carpets, walls… and you will get the perfect room in 2017. The textures bring warmth and variety to our living room, so give them all the protagonism they deserve.

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8. Velvet

living room sofaRelated to the previous point, the texture that can not miss in your living room in the new season is velvet. In upholstery, velvet has become one of the indispensable materials to cover our sofas, cushions and even our beds with it. Its soft touch and velvety invites to rest and its great variety of colors is also one of its main virtues, vivid colors and full of strength that together with its touch invite to relax on it. Besides it is not as delicate as it looks and just requires some basic care like brushing and steam cleaning to always be perfect.

And so far the 8 tendencies decoration 2017 for your room that we propose. There are for all tastes so you will surely find some that suit you well for your home. You can see more photos and ideas on my Pinterest page. To me as I love the color green does not need to give me excuses to include it at home, it seems a very relaxing and strong color that combines very well with the woods in any tone and always find excuse to use it in its great variety of Tones And I love the metallic dotted papers that we are seeing every day more, just like the velvet cushions and the carpets that mix textures. The 2017 is full of exciting decorative proposals that I’m looking forward to see if they finally set or what surprises we’ll take in 2017. Happy decor!

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