9 Tips on Designing a Tropical Garden in Urban Residential

It is a dream for the inhabitants of the house when the home is able to provide tranquility, peace, harmony and happiness rolling decorate their days in the home. The house is like embryonic life into the nutrients of life for its inhabitants. One important element that supports the creation of harmonization of a house is the garden elements. It is undeniable that the limitations of the land mainly said urban space becomes a major constraint on a patch has particularly beautiful garden at home. But do not worry, there is always a solution to have a small garden at the heart of the home.

Source: http://www.houzz.com.au

Source: http://www.houzz.com.au

Here are nine elements that can be applied to create a tropical garden beautify our homes amid the urban areas.

  1. Choice of plants that will adorn the garden

If the land for the park does not allow for large arable crops (shade trees), do not be discouraged because more options are leafy plants and flower species that help to beautify a small garden in the yard we. Choose plants appropriate to the climate of the area where we live.

We recommend that when buying a plant, ask in detail how the treatment plant, how the crop will grow and so forth. This is so that we can make good planning on our garden design. Adjust the shape of the plant, the color of the leaves and flowers, plants growing age, leaf texture and so forth so that the plants that we plant in the garden we choose indeed is the time to fill our tiny plant.

  1. Structuring Trail
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Although park land is limited, but still have to make the path to the trail so we can traverse the entire park without stepping the plants. The walkways can be made of paving block, grass left & right side of the marker or restriction made on the rocks for a foothold.

Avoid making the walkway straight as it would seem monotonous and no surprises. Create a footpath winding or curved so that the impression of dynamic and full of surprises can be felt by visitors to the park.

  1. Elements of surprise in the garden

Put a small aquarium, garden lights hidden in the bushes, a small fish pond with a gurgling water, or sculpture as an element of surprise in our garden. Park visitors will be happy to find different things that we put in secret among plants.

  1. Space privacy

Should such house, a garden can provide a private room for the owner. It is better to choose plants that slightly towering such as bamboo to give privacy space in our residential areas.

  1. Harmonization in simplicity

Avoid putting too many shades of color in our small garden because it will give the impression of thick and irregular. Be it the colors of the plants and the supporting elements garden, try using at least three of a matching color as the color choice. For example, green, brown, yellow, ivory, red brick, gray.

  1. Water features liven

The element of flowing water will give you the feel of tranquility and flow life. Put a pond with a fountain, fish pond, a small aquarium, or just a bowl of water flowing in a corner of the garden.

  1. Art and color that makes your heart humming
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Imagine when you watched your small garden and then there are the various elements of the natural beauty that makes the mood you want to sing cheerfully. Imagine if you work sector in twilight after hearing faint orchid aura, crickets and frogs were humming merrily in your garden. Imagine butterflies, dragonflies and sparrows who stopped in your garden just to playing. Then suddenly you meet a pagoda statue or sculpture lovers among a clump of plants. Think of all the beauty it beautifully integrated in your garden.

  1. A place to sit

Prepare a comfortable seat that can be made of stone or wooden bench.

  1. The forms of natural

Keep the elements in the garden has the natural forms that do not give the impression that it is man-made. Avoid making a taper shape, square and the like.

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