The Best Color Palette for Decoration of Small Living Room

In the decoration of small living room good ideas are fundamental when really we do not have many useful meters.

Green wall paint color scheme small living roomThe living room should be the heart of the house as it is the place of the family. While the bedroom decor defines a personal space, the living room of your home welcomes all members of the family and needs to mark their lifestyle, so that we can not make mistakes in decoration.

We want to indicate in advance that our principles of interior decoration are based on getting a functional living room, harmonious and full of life. We have great interest in indicating how to decorate a small room to obtain a warm and cozy atmosphere with a personal style, elegant and chic.Cottage small living room furniture

And we will start by defining the structure of our room well and creating a good base to later couple living room furniture, accessories and complements.

Influential factors in the decoration of small living room

First, if we want to reach a result that we feel very satisfied, we must analyze the qualities and some influential factors of our living room. We can find difficult features to work with, so we will need good and studied ideas to decorate small room.Small living room furniture arrangement

The floor of small halls is also important in the finish and final effect of a stay, our advice is that you choose the material or method that you like but that the choice of color is perfectly integrated with the rest of the components.

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The roofs of small halls, although there can always be exceptions, it is advisable to paint white ceilings, in this way we will achieve luminosity and brightness in the environment.

With regard to the factors that most influence when distributing and designing living rooms and the most common drawbacks

Decoration of a small room

·        Decoration small rectangular rooms

In these cases to decorate small rectangular room the most common mistake is to furnish the two walls or placing living room furniture great getting a feel very oppressive hall. We can and must prevent this from happening.

·        Decoration small square rooms

Decorate small square room. This is the opposite case to the previous one but, we can run the risk of losing too much space in the center of the room. A good idea and trend decoration of living rooms 2017, may be to place some furniture behind the sofa.

·        Decoration Small Cheap Lounges

Blue wall small living room sofaAs we always say, when decorating small cheap room, the harmony of the room and the elegance in the decoration of the environment does not necessarily require large investments of money.

In the modern lounges decoration we can get with little money great ideas of decoration cheap living rooms with a good result. And we can greatly reduce the budget if we dress it with affordable furniture easy to find and match.

·        Decoration very small halls

Small living room decor yellow furnitureWhen the space is very small and we have to decorate a very small room, perhaps the solution is to use convertible lounge furniture with light designs

·        Decoration small and irregular rooms

Decoration small and irregular roomsWhen we have to decorate small and irregular room should not scare us, in many occasions you can get a lot of game and make some original and colorful interior decorations.

·        Decoration small and long living rooms

Small long living room layoutWhen decorating small and long room we will study the different options to get the most out of living room design. And to create a visual effect of greater amplitude we can use tricks like the carpet with horizontal stripes.

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·        Decoration small minimalist halls

Small minimalist living roomProbably decorating small minimalist living room is more appropriate style of decoration in small rooms. A small minimalist lounge does not have to be impersonal, you can give it a personal and warm touch.

Painting and colors for decorating living rooms

Wall painting colors small living roomThe color combination you choose for your living room plays a crucial role when we are decorating small classrooms. We need to select tones that give us amplitude and that help the visual effect of the room seem bigger and at the same time that are colors of fashion living rooms 2017.

Besides the indications of our article with the best ones to decorate the walls. Here are some interesting color combination ideas for how to decorate small living rooms :

1.     Fashionable colors for walls of warm and neutral halls

The neutral colors are soothing and project an aura of comfort. They are very popular and mark decoration trends in walls, complements and living room furniture.Fashionable colors for walls of warm and neutral living room

Neutral colors like beige, ivory, champagne, peach and gray are very elegant and are within the trendy color palette. The best of neutral colors is that they all blend perfectly between them. We can blend the tones and create a beautiful palette of neutral tones to give the living room decor a warm and cozy touch.

Although in colors everything may be valid and we can enjoy a good decoration of environments even in shades. Visit our article on living rooms in red

2.     Decoration living room colors apple green and brown glace

Small living room colors apple green and brown glaceMany interior designers suggest this beautiful combination for decorating a small living room. The green is a calm and serene tone that perfectly matches the chocolate brown.

This color palette is cheerful, youthful and at the same time warm, welcoming. And the most important thing is that it looks very elegant and fashionable.

3.     Modern decoration colors blue, white and cream

Modern living room decoration colors blue, white and creamThis color combination is sophisticated and very chic. You can choose among its different ranges, like Caribbean blue or even dark blue broken white or pure white. In this option, white acts as an ideal contrast with blue. And the cream allows a union between two colors that stand out so much.

This combination softens the decoration of living rooms while maintaining class and distinction.

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4.     Paint colors for modern halls yellow, green, beige and gray

 Paint colors for modern living room yellow, green, beige and grayYellow saffron, green water, pistachio green and dark gray blend to make an ideal combination in living room designs. According to the most prestigious interior decorators, this combination adds vivacity, comfort, style and sophistication.

Choose this living room combination if you want a lively, bright and lively living room.

5.     Trend decoration colors living rooms mint green, broken white and chocolate brown

Trend decoration colors living room mint green, broken white and chocolate brownChocolate brown coordinates perfectly with mint green, raw or white colors. If you want to give the decoration of environments a jovial and fun touch without losing the elegance, this combination will bring shine and strength softened by the white that acts of balance between strong tones.

Any of these suggestions or others you think appropriate are intended to increase the visual effect on the size of the decoration of a small room.

They are ideal color combinations for today’s living rooms. Not only are these combinations the foundation of style and fashion in decor, but they are also answer to add life and soul to how to decorate a small living room.

6.     Black walls decoration for small halls

Black walls decoration for small living roomIn interior design, we cannot reject anything, because even a small room can be decorated with walls in black and achieve the effect we want, ie give greater amplitude.

When in advance always the light colors are synonymous of amplitude and the dark ones otherwise, if we apply and we create a decoration in black with coherence the result can be surprising.

Decoration walls small halls

Other formulas also useful in interior decoration are to coat the walls of the rooms with wallpaper patterned or striped wallpaper paper. This can also bring depth and breadth to the environment.

And of course we cannot forget the spectacular amplitude results provided by murals and decorative vinyl.

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