Which Color Suits with Brown? Tips for Beautiful Color Combinations

Brown Color Combinations for Living RoomAnyone who has wooden furniture has at least once asked themselves the question: which color suits with Brown? However, the answer is closely related to the selected hue and can vary widely in different situations. That’s why in this article we’ve been working on finding the best partner color for Brown. The following sections provide helpful hints and setup examples for the interior brown color combinations.

The brown color – warm, versatile and naturalBrown Pantone Color Combinations

Shades of brown have a special effect on people. They remind us of earth and nature, have a protective effect and miss a particularly natural feeling. Brown is still very popular with the interior, because it exudes coziness and security. The warm nuances of the color match perfectly with any room in the apartment and can be wonderfully combined with different colors. Depending on the selected color palette, you can achieve a different spatial effect and design your own four walls like a personal oasis of well-being.

Since the color could be very versatile in the interior, we would like to introduce the most beautiful color combinations with brown in the following. Our tips will help you to adjust the colors in the home and create a pleasant living environment.

Color theory: Which colors are suitable for brown?Which colors are suitable for brown

If you want to combine colors properly, some basic knowledge of color theory can be really helpful. These are above all the so-called color wheel, which contains all the primary, secondary and complementary colors. A few simple rules help to find harmonious color combinations. Brown, according to the color theory, is not a primary or secondary color, but looks like a nuance of orange or red. In this sense, the complementary color to brown is a blue tone, since blue lies opposite the orange on the color wheel.Living Room Interior Brown Color Combinations

However, the brown color can be described as very communicative. As an earth tone, it can be combined with many other colors. Examples include yellow, pink, purple, orange and red. Even lighter shades such as beige and cream look wonderful in combination with a dark brown. The color combination with neutral colors such as white, black and gray on the other hand ensures timeless elegance and should not be neglected.

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Which color suits with brown in the interior? An overviewcolor suits with brown in the interior

Anyone who finds brown in the interior boring and old-fashioned has certainly not yet discovered the most beautiful combinations. Now we want to convince you of the versatility of this color in the interior with some furnishing examples.

Combine brown and white in the interiorCombine brown and white in the interior

The so-called non-colors (white, black and gray) are always a good option if you are looking for a suitable color combination to brown. For example, a white wall can light up brown furniture and make it a real highlight. Whether in the living room or in the bathroom, this color duo creates a pleasant, homely feeling. Who wants to add another sound in such a room design, you can try with gray or beige.

Color combination brown grayColor combination brown gray

All nuances of gray can be called as a great color partner to brown. This color combination is suitable for all those who want to furnish their apartment elegantly and discreetly. The warm radiance of the shades of brown is enhanced by the gray, which conveys security and peace in the room. If dark nuances of the colors continue to be combined with black, a masculine ambience is created – perfect for bachelor apartments.

Combine dark shades of brown with blackCombine dark shades of brown with black

Brown shades combined with rich black create a dramatic effect in the room. To match metallic tones just wonderful and ennoble the whole establishment. The combination of brown, black and gold can give any room a touch of luxury, as can be seen in the picture above.Combine dark shades of brown with black

The great color palette can be further rounded off with beige and gray. When combined with beige, the brown color can create a beautiful tone-on-tone combination. To match this, there are other natural shades, such as cream, sand or powder, which also create a harmonious overall picture. In such an interior, black can set interesting accents.

Blue as a complementary color to brownBlue as a complementary color to brown

If you are looking for a colorful color combination with brown, then you can not go wrong with the complementary color blue. Here, the selection of the right nuance plays an important role. Dark shades of brown harmonize with dark blue, but only when a light color completes the color palette. This can be white, but also cream or beige.Blue as a complementary color to brown

Light brown on the other hand is a great addition to the so-called pigeon blue. The contrast between the two colors looks very appealing in the interior and is perfect for furnishing in the living room or in the house library.

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Color combination brown and yellowColor combination brown and yellow

There is no doubt that Brown fits well with yellow. If you think about this color combination, the incredibly beautiful color palettes of autumn immediately come to mind. Both colors work very well both in large and small quantities. So you can, for example, combine a yellow wall with a brown sofa or set in the brown living room great yellow accents. Your own preferences play the decisive role in this case.

Combine brown with orangeCombine brown with orange

Since brown is called a darkened shade of orange or red, these colors are perfect as accents in a brown-furnished living room. Even the smallest accents, such as sofa cushions or upholstered stools, do the trick.

Which color suits with brown? Tips for color combination with greenTips for color combination with green

Green and brown is a color combination that our eye is used to. This is found everywhere in nature and reminds us of the beautiful forest landscapes. And since in nature the two colors appear in infinitely many nuances, they can also be combined arbitrarily in the interior. It works best when brown comes in the form of wood furniture or leather upholstery and green is used as an accent color in the room. For such a color combination in the decor white walls are recommended. They bring the great combination to better advantage and put the accent on it.

Brown and violet color schemesBrown and violet color schemes

If you want to set up your own four walls according to the latest trends, Brown in the apartment can combine with the Pantone color of the year. In the year 2018 Ultra Violet is a real hype in terms of decor and can be much easier to combine with the device, as it can be assumed at first glance. For example, you can decorate a brown-furnished room with the help of a purple carpet and make it more atmospheric.

Combine brown with accents in pinkCombine brown with accents in pink

If you want to make the brown wall appear more elegant, then you can consider the combination with a bright pink tone. Pink accents make dark brown shades appear softer and immediately change the room effect. With a darker pink, on the other hand, you create an exciting atmosphere in the room.

Combine nuances of brown correctlyCombine nuances of brown correctly

The brown color is just as versatile because it has many great nuances. Most of them, such as the different wood tones, appear in nature, giving the interior a natural feel. Others are reminiscent of popular foods and drinks, such as cappuccino, mocha and chocolate brown. We’ve created a small list of possible color combinations for the different shades of brown that could help you choose the right color partner.

  • Light Brown with Pale Yellow, Cream, Blue, Green, Purple, Red
  • Dark brown with yellowish green, turquoise, mint green, light purple, lime green
  • Reddish brown with pink, dark brown, green, blue, purple
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Which color suits with brown for living room?Which color suits brown in the living room

You want to decorate your home with natural colors and wonder which color suits brown in every area? In the following we have collected some interior design ideas and tips that represent great color combinations for living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.Which color suits brown in the living room

Choosing the right color for the living room depends on the room effect achieved. For example, if you want to furnish the space in a modern, but at the same time bright and natural, then you can combine white walls and ceiling with furniture in brown and black. For example, a few wooden elements as wall cladding or window frames are a cool idea. But if you want to bring some color to the interior, you can set up the living room in brown and gray and combine it with accents in bright orange.

Which color suits with Brown for bathroom?Which color suits Brown in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the atmosphere should be relaxed and create a sense of well-being. Therefore, brown tones are just wonderful for the bathroom design. However, as wood is not always a good idea for bathroom decoration, you can opt for wood-effect tiles instead.Which color suits Brown in the bathroom

As for the colors, the timeless combinations with white or black are recommended. An interesting alternative to this is blue, which also creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Which color suits with brown for bedroom?Which color suits brown in the bedroom

The bedroom in brown is not a modern room concept, but it has many advantages. Brown invites you to linger and is therefore perfect for this room. If you combine the brown furniture with a yellow wall, then an original room design is created, which ensures pure relaxation. Another great furnishing idea for the bedroom is the fascinating combination of brown and blue.

Which color suits with brown for kitchen?Which color suits with brown for kitchen

In the kitchen, the combination with brown is not uncommon. For example, those who prefer neutral colors can combine light wood with gray tiles. For those who like to experiment, colorful combinations with red or orange are just the thing.

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