Decorating Ideas for Modern and Small Kitchens to Inspire You

More and more people have to adapt to the small spaces, however, the decoration of these can make them look a little wider, and in the case of modern kitchens, we must take into account some of the following tips.Breakfast bar stool grey and black modern small kitchen designs

The tone chosen for the walls is essential for the kitchen to appear larger, in addition, you must choose furniture topped, for example, the cupboards, so you can accommodate all objects without occupying spaces, also are recommended shelves to accommodate objects Smaller and lighter, as well as hooks to accommodate utensils.

Lighting also plays an important role in modern kitchens, both artificial and natural, and you can also add small details such as silverware or mirrors, which will make the kitchen look much larger.

Modern and small kitchens to inspire you

For those people who wanted to renovate or have a style similar to modern and small kitchens here, we share some photos that can be very helpful.

Small kitchen with two tones

Two tones green and yellow wall paint color scheme small kitchen pictureThe light tones are ideal to make the spaces appear wide, that is why white is the most chosen color, but for those people who do not like the room to be complete of that color can choose to combine the decoration with two tones. These make the spaces not only look bigger but also look very modern and bright.

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You can choose the tone you like most, for example, green, orange, fuchsia, yellow etc. Or add all of them to create a very cheerful decoration and too striking, this is a trend modernist and contrast. These can be added to walls, floors or furniture, can also be included in the small details.

Small kitchens with facing furniture

Small kitchen furniture wooden cabinetsWhen the room is very small, it is very difficult to accommodate all the furniture, even more, when none of them can be avoided, since it is very important and necessary in the kitchen, in this case, the best idea to look perfect is to place the furniture Faced.

In the image you can see the way in which the furniture is located, this looks great and also the color of the decoration is a light color, which helps to make the kitchen does not look so small.

Modern and small kitchen with silver accents

Silver accents modern small kitchen designFor those who do not like simplicity, but prefer to stand out, the best possible is to add the silver color to the kitchen decoration. This tone makes the room look very elegant and modern, but in addition, this tone manages to illuminate the space, even more, therefore the small kitchen will seem much wider.

You can choose silver plates, as well as furniture in this tone, small accessories to complete the decoration, in addition, you can add mirrors, this is another trick to make the kitchens look bigger.

Another modern style of kitchen with bar for breakfast

Breakfast bar white modern small kitchen ideasWhen space is small and even the fact of dividing takes up a space that is necessary, you can opt for a breakfast bar, which can be raised so that it can be moved to the room and then lowered again. This bar looks great and is also very modern and allows a small kitchen to be as complete as possible.

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In the image above, you can see how it has also combined with the decoration of walls and furniture in earth tones and beautiful lighting.

These images can serve as an inspiration to create one of the most important spaces of the home as is the kitchen. It is not necessary that the decoration and the design of the kitchen are the same as those of the image, you can make your combinations in color and design and materials for this option and others of your kitchen. For example:

Trends in the decoration of modern kitchens

The trends in the design of modern kitchens still maintains the distribution of appliances and some necessary objects as part of the decoration (although this may vary depending on the orientation of the kitchen, if it is towards the dining room it is usually advisable to hide them for a better Design), stainless steel appliances are still in fashion. The combination of Corian countertops with wood is also part of these modern designs in kitchens.

For the floor, the hydraulic tiles are taking a more important role, next to the geometric tiles, in the walls the wallpapering or the photomurals are also tendencies in the modern decoration for this 2017.

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