Decoration Trends 2017-2018: Milan Furniture Fair

We know the decoration trends 2017-2018 according to the Furniture Fair of Milan, held from April 4 to 9. Discover them!Decoration Trends Milan Furniture Fair

We just landed in Milan with all the new interiors for 2017-2018. From the 4th to the 9th of April, the Furniture Fair of Milan took place or Salone del Mobile of Milan in its 56th edition. One of the most important annual appointments for designers and interior designers worldwide. And again we were there to discover what the decoration trends will be 2017-2018. Are you ready to discover them?Living Room Milan Furniture Fair

A fair like this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in which to discover what trends we will see in the coming months and even next year. It is exhausting to visit the 20 pavilions dedicated to furniture, lighting and, this year also, the office furniture. It is difficult to see everything there is in a fair like Milan, but we will try to make a review of what we consider more interesting and novel as well as the trends that will remain.


Wood is still the main protagonist in home furniture. On the one hand, we have the trend Raw, of which we were talking recently, with very natural woods that show their imperfections without dissimulation. Streaks marked, cracked and giving the little-treated appearance. This type of wood combines very well with an industrial touch like metal. It is a mixture that we will see a lot and that in countries like Germany is the trend that treads with more force.Modern wooden dining table

On the other hand, the woods continue to darken. If little by little the walnut has been gaining ground in the home, in the coming months we will see that even darker colors are coming hard. Dark walnut, wengé, ebony and even completely black furniture.Modern wooden furniture

Surprise! Turn the wood back in black. That yes always with very marked streaks that stand out in the completely black wood. It is soon to know if this decoration trend 2017-2018 will get settled but it is clear that the darkening of the wood follows its process and in a few months will be in all the windows.Dark wooden furniture

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Although we can also find clear woods especially with a grayish touch very influenced by the Nordic style that has been so much seen in recent years. Floors and also furniture are dressed in these shades closer to gray than to brown and they blend nicely with white.Modern gray dressers

In the exterior, we have also seen that wood is still the main protagonist in the tendencies decoration 2017-2018, together with all kinds of natural and synthetic fibers that imitate them. Warmth and comfort are the keys in outdoor furniture.Modern outdoor furniture

Other finishes that we have been seeing in the last two fairs are also strong. The cement and oxidized finishes continue to gain ground. And marble remains one of the material kings for small tables, countertops and also on walls. A new effect that has surprised us is the effect burned as for example in this table of the image.Kitchen furniture modern dining sets

In upholstery, velvet has become one of the indispensable materials to cover our sofas, cushions and even our beds with it. Its soft and velvety touch invites relaxation and its great variety of colors is also one of its virtues. The tapestries that mimic the effect of velvet are the most seen in Milan 2017.Modern master bedroom trends

But also the tapestries that imitate crochet or thick wool as well as the mixture of different types of textures and materials in the cushions for sofas and beds. They already say that in the variety is the taste, right? Mix textures in your cushions and you will hit.


Without great innovations in this aspect, we can affirm that gray is still one of the star colors. Both in furniture, combined with wood tones, and other colors as for upholstery, walls and all kinds of surfaces. Its ability to combine gives it great versatility when it comes to introducing it in our home. One of the most seen combinations is that of grays with greens and beige. Very natural and relaxing, especially for bedrooms.Furniture trend colors

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In these decoration trends 2017-2018 another color that arrives with great force is the orange. It is a dark orange that brings great warmth to the environments and is introduced in all kinds of elements, from sofas to living room furniture. This color combines very well with all the neutral tones and the pink quartz, one of the key colors of 2016. Pink quartz continues to slip between the colors most used when combining.Living room furniture colors trends

Finally, we must add the dark green that we talked about recently and that is one of the colors of 2017. We have seen it especially in walls and in tapestries to which it brings much freshness and at the same time elegance. Will you be able to become the king of 2017?Living room sofa trend colors


In the trends decorating 2017-2018 walls, we find a lot of options. On the one hand, the tropical prints that have been with us for some time and that continue with force. It will be for their liveliness and color that they conquer us.Tropical wallpaper living room decor trends

Also, the great murals that occupy the whole wall with designs striking and able to transform any room. They can be black and white, do not require more to become the center of all looks, as in the picture below. Combined with pink, just perfect.Trend 2018 wallpaper wall decor

The walls that imitate tiles are also one of the most of the season, in all types of shades combining different designs as if they were genuine hydraulic tiles. A simple way to decorate our wall with tiles that will allow us to change it when we get tired of them. And the effect can not be more beautiful.Wallpaper for living room decor

They follow the walls with chipped or half-faded finishes that seem to be produced by the effect of time, much in line with the industrial style that has prevailed so strongly in recent years. Although it is no longer the main trend, it still has its space.Bedroom and dining room wallpaper decor

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Accessories decoration trends 2017-2018

Metal remains one of the kings of complements and especially in the form of metallic structures that adorn the tables, lamps and many decorative objects.Accessories decoration trends 2017-2018

Another essential element that reaches the complements is the ethnic touch that we saw dominate the stand of Missoni and that we have been able to find in many other stands. Cushions and textiles that are inspired by African aesthetics and overflow personality.Lamp living room trends 2018

In lamps, we still see a lot of flexo and many lamps of metallic structure to decorate the dining tables. Also, the trend of hanging lamps for bedroom seems to be still current. And little by little the LED lamps are occupying more space with very attractive and current designs.Lighting fixtures bedroom dining room ideas

And do not miss the green touch in any corner. Not only wood is still a protagonist but any natural element is still necessary for all spaces. All kinds of plants, trees, cacti… whether hanging, in pots, on the walls. It is still betting on a very natural environment that we love.Indoor plant pots decoration trends 2018

This is our selection of the most important decoration trends 2017-2018. We see that some previous ideas have consolidated but also the irruption of innovations like the green or the woods in black with the vein. Did you like the summary? What decorating trend 2017-2018 would you like to introduce in your home? As always, I look forward to your comments and ideas. You can see these and more photos of the Fair that I will upload to my Pinterest. Happy week!

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