7 Decoration Trends for Bedrooms 2017-2018

If you are thinking of renovating your bedroom we will tell you 7 trends decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 that are coming on strong for the new season. There is everything, news that surely succeeds, some more complicated and trends that continue strong for some time … we review?bedroom decoration trends 2018

The trends today are in continuous movement. Every day they change faster and we are surprised with new possibilities and ideas in each Fair or with each new catalog that arrives at us. That is why it is difficult to guess what will take, although we can always see some decorating trends bedrooms 2017-2018 or ideas that are repeated and that can end up in the coming months. The velvet, the metallic structures, the beds with canopy, the lower and lower headboards …

The bedroom is a key part of the home and although we are not going to get changed every season, if it is true that sometimes, with some small changes, we can get it renewed and give it a more modern feel. For example, updating our bed linen in the colors of the new season or changing the lamps or bedside tables to give a turn to the environment. If you are thinking of renovating your bedroom we will tell you what are the keys to the season in bedrooms, in case you want to prepare your room for what will come in the coming months. Do we review them?Latest trends bedroom decor

Furniture Decoration Trends 2017-2018

1. Four-poster beds

In beds, you can see several trends. One of them, which we talked about in the article about colonial-style bedrooms, is the four-poster beds that try to sneak back into our home. The proposals are now much cleaner and simpler but still have a special charm, do not you think? A way to give a romantic air to the bedroom that is again a trend.Four-poster beds bedroom furniture

We have seen them at fairs, repeatedly, and they are also seen increasingly in blogs and decoration magazines. It is clear that they are in fashion, or try, although it is not a viable option for most households. If you do not have enough space in the bedroom and high ceilings, what you will do is make your room smaller. But if space is not a problem, it is an option that is spectacular and completely changes the environment. Although it best leaves the structure clean to shine itself as in these images. I love!

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2. Blue, gray … and also yellow

Another trend decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 is to cover blue beds, a color that comes strongly to regain prominence in our home, whether in the form of bedding, cushions, carpets … .but also for walls or even furniture. There are also so many shades that you will surely find some that you like. The simplest, start by dressing your bed with him.Blue and gray bedroom colors

The range of blues is very extensive so we can find from shades more turquoise, serenity (which Pantone proposes as season color), more shades or even navy blue. A range of cold tones to dress our bed but that united to tonalities land and white can be very cozy and warm. Especially if around we have furniture or complements in woods or natural fibers like the wicker. Also, use wool blankets to add warmth to your bed and you’ll love the result.Yellow and gray bedroom wall paint colors

Another current color is gray. We have seen it all over the home from the walls to the floors through tapestries and also in bedding. In this case joined to yellow tones or mustards that give them luminosity and make them much warmer. A great combination for men’s dorms that we do not want to be too cold or boring. The perfect contrast, do not you think? It’s one of my favorite choices.

3. Low or nonexistent headboards

In contrast to the protagonism of the headboards that we have been seeing for a long time, with the new trends in decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 we see that beds with low heads are gaining ground. The heads lose importance compared to other elements of the bedroom. The dominant colors remain the light wood colors but the veins are increasingly taking center stage in all types of furniture. Each time you see more bedrooms with walnut finishes or honey tones. It seems that the darker tones are slowly making its way into our home, although its progress is slow compared to the more natural tones that continue to sweep. But it is one of the bets of many manufacturers, the introduction of darker colors. Do you think that they will be able to impose themselves?Bed headboard bedroom trends

In this trend in decoration bedrooms 2017-2018, the heads disappear. They are non-existent in many beds. An idea that we do not know if it will consolidate but that is seeing a lot and that allows to emphasize the wall of the bed. For example, with a shelf where to display your favorite pictures and pictures. Or with some special picture. And you convinced you not to have a head?bed headboards couple bedroom design

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4. Metal lamps

As we have already told you, the passion for metal follows. This is not a new idea but it certainly continues to be strong in the coming months. One of the tendencies in decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 that seems that we liked it so much that it continues imposing itself in all type of environments, not only the ones of more industrial character. Copper has become an essential element in Nordic-style environments and it does not surprise us because they make a good pair, right?Copper bedroom lamps

The lamps in copper and gold are still current but also those of metal structure type grille that wrap a simple light bulb. A type of lamp I do not know if it will be very practical but it certainly looks very nice. And it continues strongly the idea of hanging lamps on the bedside table, either just one or two. The wall lights that we saw so much last year, this year, but with less force. It seems to be one of those ideas that have not yet finished. Which option do you like best for lamps?

5. Original bedside tables

It also follows the passion for the original tables, inspired by the recycling and recovery of old or second-hand objects. Everything serves as a side table beside the bed to give a casual and fun touch to your bedroom and get away from the classic matching tables of a lifetime. So if you have a quirky chair or some old antique furniture, do not think about it … it could be the perfect bedside table! Although perhaps not the most practical.original bedside tables

Another of the options most seen are the recovered stools to which you can give a new air covering it of false marble and to be thus to the last one. As the marble is another of the trends decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 that continues forcefully for tables and small tables, including the bedroom. Nothing of the typical drawers’ tables to match, now it’s about innovating and introducing simple elements like bedside support for our books, reading lamps, some decorative detail … An informal touch that I personally like a lot. And you?Marble top small bedside tables

6. The metal structures

We recently talked about metal structures as one of the keys to the new season. In the bedroom, they also arrive with force. Metal structures come to prevail in all types of furniture but especially in the side tables and the bedroom will be one of its main battlefields. Do not let them escape! It also takes advantage to give a touch of color to the bedroom.Metal bedside table

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But they also sweep in lamps and even as original wall decorations that at the same time have practical use as a bedside table. An original idea that I especially liked, although not the most practical, is really ideal if you have little space. We will also see them very much in all kinds of hanging lamps. The metal is fashionable, bet on it. Because we are going to see it in all kinds of decorative elements for walls or for above the tables.

7. The velvet

The latest trend decoration bedrooms 2017-2018 is the velvet. A material that takes strength in the new season. We are going to see a lot in the coming months and therefore it is necessary to think about how to introduce it in your home. The simplest way? Get yourself some nice velvet cushions to give the final touch to your bed. From upholstery sofas to relaxing armchairs or home furnishings but especially the cushions will be conquered by him. A type of upholstery that seemed to have lost prominence and that resurfacing. Get him!Velvet bedroom trends

And so far the 7 decoration trends bedrooms 2017-2018 that are coming strong and maybe triumph in the next season. We leave you a guide of trends decoration 2017-2018 where you can find all trends this year. On my Pinterest page, you can find more inspiration and ideas to include in your home. And what do you think, what option do you like the most and will you incorporate right away home? And which one do you not like? I’m looking forward to making myself some velvet cushions and bedding in some of the new colors. I especially like the gray + yellow combination although blue has always been one of my favorite colors. I wait for your comments and opinions. Happy week.

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