Garden Decoration Trends For 2017

The decoration of gardens bring us new trends primordial for people passionate about outdoor spaces, so we do not want to make you wait any longer and we are eager to present trends in garden furniture, new designs of gardens and beautiful accessories in this year in the Which is more and more important the natural garden.Garden decoration Trends for 2017

What continues to surprise us pleasantly is the trend of continuity and the connection between the decoration of interiors and the decoration of exteriors; behind it was the disconnection between the two zones.

What is reflected and intended the latest projects of the best designers and interior decorators is to give a great breadth, harmony, and freshness to the decoration of environments adjacent to the garden, terrace or patio.

Outdoor Garden Decorating Styles

Outdoor garden decorThe great examples for this season in the decorations of gardens we can say that they find opposite styles, winning the game the modern style and the rustic style.

We cannot forget the great protagonism of the good energies so that the feng shui or zen decoration still occupy its important place.

And they come pushing all garden designs with natural styles. That is, with garden furniture made of pure materials and simple lines, while the composition of plants, flowers, paths, garden stones are made with the greatest simplicity to provide tranquility and tranquility to the environment.

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Decoration of modern gardensDecoration of modern gardens

Decoration of rustic gardensDecoration of rustic gardens

Zen garden decorationZen garden decoration

Decoration of natural gardensDecoration of natural gardens

Characteristics in garden decorations

In decoration, it is always necessary to make a previous analysis of the specific stay and to evaluate different influential factors, in this case: dimensions, characteristics, use, etc. For this, we will see examples basing the design of gardens in its own personality:

·        Decoration trends for small gardensDecoration trends for small gardens

When planning the design of the garden of our house, the most important thing is to take into account the dimensions that we have to not excessively recharge the space. An ornamental excess may produce an opposite effect to the desired one.

·        Decoration of gardens and swimming pools

Decoration of gardens and swimming poolsOf course, in the case of having a pool, surely this will be the central point for the decoration of the garden and all the choice and arrangement of garden furniture with pool, lawn space, and floral decoration will be made around the pool.

·        Decoration of gardens and patios

Decoration of gardens and patioIn many cases, the exterior of our house is not properly a garden, but we have a patio or a terrace. In these cases, useful space may be smaller but, not for that, we have to give up enjoying them. The decoration of terraces, balconies, and patios can follow the same line and style: this merger inside and outside increasingly important according to trends 2017.

This means that, for example, the decoration of the living room or the design of lounges also extend to the balcony or terrace.

Garden colors trends in 2017

Garden colors trends in 2017The colors in decoration are converted and get the extension of the interior and also help us the materials used. We will seek a harmonious unity by choosing living room furniture and garden furniture of the same type.

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Colors to decorate the gardens

A green oasis in the garden fashionColors to decorate the gardens

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, what we want more and more is to return to peace and nature. Because we do not all have enough time for a daily walk on the beach or the forest, we look for the alternative: a natural green garden.

Therefore, we see a follow-up in the 2016 trends in garden decoration is to use outdoor plants combined with natural materials or gradients that help us create a very appropriate vintage decoration.

Vertical Garden Decoration

Vertical Garden DecorationThe proposals of the season 2017 forget the ultra-modern and elegant designs to pass to the most natural thing: literally “the return to nature”. The vertical gardening is the latest in decorations of gardens and is a trendsetter.

Besides these new projects in outdoor decoration, we are very pleased because the final budgets for decorating gardens are visibly reduced, even being able to talk about low-cost garden decoration, as many of these compositions we can make them ourselves, for example with recycled objects or furniture with pallets.

How to make vertical gardens

vertical gardensThere are many forms and models of simple garden decoration to make. Shops such as Ikea, the Leroy Merlin Gardens section, Amazon and the more specialized ones will give us everything we need to compose our garden.

Most of these gardens combine herbs, plants, flowers, fruits or garden stones that placed correctly give us the freshness and naturalness necessary in the environment.

Another important point is that we can grow our own vegetables and culinary herbs.

Other major advantages of vertical gardens are that they do not need too much space so they can be placed on a balcony against the wall, have low maintenance, are low-cost gardens, etc.

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