Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas According To the Latest Trends of 2019

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile IdeasNew tile installation can be one of the biggest investments in home renovation. This also explains why the kitchen and the bathroom, in particular, cost us the eyes of the head to redo. The worst that could happen to an ambitious homeowner is to pay a lot of money to get the dream liner, only to discover, in a few months, that it is no longer a trendy tile. But what could be done to get out of such a nightmarish situation? A posteriori, very little, not to say nothing at all. Prevention is better than controlling the damage…Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

In order to help you stay abreast of what is currently a trendy tile and what is no longer, we asked for opinions on the subject of some professional designers and decorators. And they gladly share with us their ongoing reflections, personal preferences and annual forecasts for the new 2019. So, take advantage of it for free by looking at the pictures illustrating their ideas and choosing the closest to your unique decorating style!

The terracotta tiles are under the spotlight!Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

Jessica McCarthy, Artistic Director at the renowned, gives us the first track: “Terracotta tiles instantly inject contemporary interiors with a dose of unparalleled rusticity! So who would not want to bring more warmth and visual comfort to his space? “And we can not diverge from it on this point because it is the undeniable truth!Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Of course, the bathroom of the first picture strongly exaggerates the proposed idea to achieve a decidedly exotic decor, but you can also play the card of sobriety with small accents and you will always have a trendy tiling and get a fashionable interior. The proof is the cottage chic kitchen shown above which is absolutely beautiful!Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

That said, the good options of attractive terracotta tiles are almost uncountable. Square, hexagonal, star-shaped or triangular, not to mention their sizes and finishes – they are really essential in 2019 decoration!

Trendy glazed porcelain stoneware tileKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

Then the designer and creator of, Orlando Soria, predict that the 2019 trend tile will be mainly porcelain stoneware, but enamelled and colorful. “I see a lot of interest in hand-made tiles with variations in color and glaze. I see many beautiful options in gray, green and blue in all their splendid variations, “he says.Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

According to the expert, anything that adds terroir to a piece is great, especially when paired with a bold color. Once again, we completely agree with this observation and will add our own interpretations on this subject. Big favorite for these tiles enamel finish authentic in multiple shades of greenish-gray!Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

Of course, admirers of authentic ideas upgraded a notch will not be disappointed either. These Domus design hexagonal tiles are handmade and immediately impress with their deep hypnotic green. This trendy tile can really be successfully associated with almost any interior, be it vintage, Moroccan, modern or other.

Choose the contrasting joints for a super original tiled floorKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

And the tiling said subway is it a thing of the past? Orlando Soria, replies: “I think metro tiles will still be on the 2019 deco scene and they will still be appropriate for some traditional houses.” But anyway, the world is constantly changing and our sets can not remain the same. more… The designer gives us some ideas to give him a shot of pep.Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

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He suggests experimenting with his pose and especially- with the color of his joints. “If it’s a white subway tile, create a bit of optical distinction with dark joints and vice versa. It’s a bold approach and a surefire way to make your space unique. “We will only add that it works and in the kitchen, and in the bathroom. The proof? The photo collage above!

Do not panic, the tiled patterned walls will stay in the wind!Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

“Patterned tiles are still among the big winners in my rankings,” says interior stylist Kirsten Grove. “This type of flooring creates a fun backdrop for any kitchen or bathroom and vitalizes an otherwise boring space. I love everything from geometry to elaborate ethnic designs! “Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

Here are two examples of patterned tiles that are anything but monotonous! A plethora of beige stars dotted on blue hexagonal tiles in the bathroom or oversized rosettes in black and white in the industrial kitchen? It seems that while decoration permit 2019!

Trendy tile with a matte finish to appeal to simplicityKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

According to Jessica McCarthy, in 2019 we will see less and less often bright tiles. “The use of a matt slab and joints of the same color allows the shape, size and color to become a whole. This while adding a touch of sophistication and simplicity to the space. Plus, it’s the ultimate backdrop for showcasing your upscale furniture and accessories!

The trend 2019 tiling is inspired by different parquet posesKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

We’ve already seen the concrete effect tile phenomenon, marble, metal, wood and any other imaginable texture, but that’s another thing the trendy tiles influenced by the different parquet poses! As you can imagine, it is not so much about imitating the material itself but rather of reproducing the orientation of the slats.

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Small rectangular shaped cream tiles herringboneKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

Finally, the technique “black on black” impresses with its sophisticated lookKitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

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