Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018: Ideas for Planning, Tips and Inspiring Design

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018Looking for a kitchen cabinet trends 2018? Modern, classic, rustic, minimalist, colorful or monochrome, trendy kitchens surprise by their soft shapes and elegant lines. Discover the novelties of the kitchen and transform this piece of sharing into a place of sharing and conviviality! Today, we have prepared a good selection of original models that combine all possible styles and atmospheres. Whether they are dressed in warm colors or a shiny finish, the trendy 2018 kitchens are more practical and functional thanks to space-saving furniture with an innovative design. Proof with photo gallery below.

Trendy kitchen cabinet trends 2018: a look at the new kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Astute and stylish, the new kitchens present a design both aesthetic and original that is adorned with sparkling colors for a lively atmosphere, or softer hues for a 100 percent minimalist decoration. With a touch of wood and green, the trendy 2018 cooking becomes warm and inviting!

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Kitchen trends for 2018: aesthetic furniture with an innovative design

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

If you are not a fan of bright red , you can opt for a trendy kitchen cabinets 2018 kitchen dressed in several energizing colors, including blood red. To mitigate the dramatic effect of this intense color, you need to apply it on a single wall and combine it with another no less tonic shade, such as solar yellow or turquoise blue.

The 2018 kitchen cabinets boast a harmonious blend of tonic colors

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

A favorite for this kitchen, which combines elegantly three very popular colors: bright white, intense blue and fluo green! This bold combination is ideal for those who wish to create an interior with vibrant colors, synonymous with cheerfulness and festivity.

The kitchen cabinet color trends 2018 has a big low for the purple!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Here is another kitchen cabinet color trends 2018 that seduces as much by its modern furniture as by its crisp colors: mauve for the blinds, the plans and the table of bar, orange for the seats of the metal stools and lacquered black for the credence! Dare this attractive combination and create a purple decor punctuated with touches of silk gray and pastel beige!

Trendy kitchen cabinets adore functional storage cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Simple façades without handles, an association of gray, blue and white, a central island with an almost invisible bar table, this kitchen cabinet color trends 2018 has been perfectly designed to create a serene and contemporary atmosphere.

Trendy cooking plays with the effects of matter, sobriety of lines and purity of forms!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

This trendy 2018 kitchen cabinet design plays with materials and contrasting colors to highlight its sleek design. A subtle play of matt and satin surfaces that energizes its forms and gives it all its originality. Ideal in spacious interiors, its combination of snow white, raw concrete and solid wood energizes the whole, structures the room and emphasizes the design of the masculine furniture.

High-end furniture in black and white

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

This is a 2018 kitchen cabinet trends that has not hesitated to dare the black-white duo for a more sophisticated rendering! A structured design punctuated by graphic lines and accessories in black and white for a sober, chic and ultra modern atmosphere!

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Kitchen cabinets trends 2018 with central island in white marble

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

The oak furniture finish of the furniture punctuated by the matt black finish of the high cupboards characterizes this trendy kitchen cabinets 2018 whose central island, which also incorporates a bar table covered with solid wood, completes the sobriety of the flooring in waxed concrete .

Dark green and bright red to brighten the white decor

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018To energize a little more the satin finishes of your kitchen trends 2018 dressed in white immaculate, we advise you to introduce a tip of color to achieve a combination of several toned shades!

Wood and green keys to create a warm decor

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

A tip of color or a mixture of wood and white lacquered to highlight the solid parquet or the island design: here is the solution to develop a trendy kitchen design trends for 2018 that stands out above all because of its vegetal spirit and its elegant furniture!

Brick facing, tile imitation cement tiles and suspensions balls

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018Who said that space in the attic is useless? On the contrary, it can be used smartly to create a functional room: large windows to create a bath of light, satin white furniture for a luxury decoration and tile imitation cement tiles for a vintage strand.

Modern cuisine with a rustic spirit

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Above, a room that is as warm as modern with its masculine furniture in snow white, its wall tiles in gray anthracite and its ceiling dressed in solid wood slats, not to mention the LED lighting that gives a cozy atmosphere.

Fossilized wooden bar table to warm the atmosphere

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

A molecular suspension and a fossilized wooden bar table: this is the winning formula for a trendy kitchen cabinets for 2018 kitchen! Why a wooden table and not a natural stone table? Because it is no better than solid wood to transform the cold decor into a cozy cocoon, synonymous with relaxation and well-being.

Rustic kitchen with revisited design with glass suspensions and colored acrylic bar stools

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

If you love the rustic style and you want to create a kitchen dressed in solid wood, take in the design furniture that revisits the classic lines of this style so prized for its warm side!

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Trendy kitchen cabinet ideas 2018 rethink classic lines and traditional shapes!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Go for colorful cooking is not always obvious, especially if you are afraid to mix toned colors. To avoid falling into the sweet taste, bet on a single sparkling color on the walls or the floor, complete with a neutral colored siding, such as a snow-white metro tile or a dark parquet, and sublime this composition with a graphic rug to modernize the decor!

The trendy kitchen design 2018 blends skillfully Scandinavian spirit and classic design!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Let yourself be charmed by this trendy 2018 kitchen cabinets that adores soft colors mixed with sparkling tones, such as solar yellow or metallic gray! Wood touches come to warm the cozy interior sublimated by a solid wood dining table and six Eames chairs.

Vintage kitchen with white snowy furniture and blue sky accents

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

The trendy 2018 kitchen cabinet design embraces all styles of decoration to cover a wide spectrum of customers. This vintage kitchen resolutely chic boasts snowy white furniture and an appliance in sky blue that impresses by its vintage look 60’s spirit!

The trendy kitchens for 2018 pay tribute to the classic design

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

A 2018 kitchen cabinet trends that adapts easily to wooded and cozy houses: these are the characteristics of this modern interior that mixes warm materials and sober finishes!

Wooden furniture repainted in anthracite gray and molecular suspension

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

Want to put in value the anthracite gray kitchen furniture? Kidney such as a graphic credence or molecular suspension and the trick is played!


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