Kitchen Trends 2018: Best Designs and Colors for Kitchen Planning

Kitchen Trends 2018In this article, we will tell you the Kitchen trends 2018. A kitchen is first of all something that all need, who do not always want to eat only cold. With the right design, however, there is much more. Because a kitchen is a living and working space, our pride and perhaps a bit of a static symbol. In any case, this important space is to be practical and, in addition, to have style, personality and character. You do not know yet how to miss your new kitchen? Then we have exactly the right thing: With the design ideas in the article you get fresh ideas for planning your new kitchen!

Industrial Style

Kitchen Trends 2018

LIGHT Kitchen with wooden back panel; Fotocredit: LIGHT

The leather jacket under the kitchens – rough, with corners and edges, anything but perfect and still stylish. What used to be found in a warehouse soon becomes more salonable. With a well-made kitchen in industrial style, you feel like in a chic loft. A kitchen mix of wood, steel and welded elements is used in an industrial-looking kitchen. The color scheme is rather reserved with woodcolors, black and gray, but by no means gloomy or uncomfortable. Through warm wood tones and lots of air is provided for the necessary comfort in the kitchen. If you like a bit more playful, you can relax with clumped chairs and  plants in the kitchen.

Marble, stone and… concrete!

Kitchen Trends 2018

Mix of concrete and wood; Fotocredit: fabi architekten bda

Whether on the floor, on the walls or even in the kitchen – the trend material concrete is 2018 as kuchentrend through the whole living area. In the kitchen, fronts in Betonoptik are strongly on the rise. On the work surface and kitchen backboard , other types of rock are still popular. Natural stones such as marble or artificial acrylic stones give the kitchen a noble look. Bright surfaces or deliberately placed color accents provide for loosening.

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Metallic look

Kitchen Trends 2018

Regina kitchen with copper; Fotocredit: rational built-in kitchens

Yes – the speech is still from kitchens. We have by no means strayed into the jewelry department of a department store. Gold, copper and brass are entering the kitchens in 2018. The subtle variations are handles on kitchen furniture , fixtures or lamps in various metals. Experienced kitchen owners also dare to look at fronts or work surfaces in a metallic look. Through structured surfaces the whole thing looks very noble. The metallic look is certainly not everyone’s thing, but it definitely brings fresh wind and a unique look into the kitchen.

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The classic: the white kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2018

White kitchen with stainless steel worktop; Fotocredit: Hase & Kramer Dornbirn

To call the white kitchen a trend is actually an understatement – it would be better to miss her the label “Dauerbrenner”. White kitchens hold very long and will not disappear so quickly. The reason for this is simple: with a white kitchen, no one can actually go wrong. To mark them as boring would be a hasty misjudgment. In combination with different types of wood, colors, handles or unusual materials such as concrete, a white kitchen is also unique. Thus, in spite of the uniform color, a variety of styles can be realized when planning a new kitchen.

Newly interpreted: the country kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2018

Modern Regina kitchen in a country house style; Fotocredit: rational built-in kitchens

Anyone who has been too bored or romantic to find traditional country house kitchens will be delighted by the new interpretation. Dark color accents and elements in an industrial look lend the country kitchen a cooler look. The modern country kitchen creates a somewhat old-fashioned image and makes a perfect balancing act between rustic comfort and modern industrial chic.

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