The Latest Trends in Kitchens 2018-2019

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen today we review some of the latest trends in kitchens 2018-2019. The designs evolve to turn our kitchen into a central part of our color

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen soon we will review some of the ideas and trends in kitchens 2018-2019 that we are seeing more. The designs evolve and change to turn our kitchen into a central part of our home. Because the kitchens are no longer hidden but open to the rest of the rooms and visits like the rest of shared spaces. Kitchens full of personality but at the same time functional and practical so that cooking becomes a real pleasure. In addition, we bring you a guide to trends in decoration 2018-2019.

For this, the kitchens are also filled with the latest ideas for decoration of our home from the most decorative extractor hoods to the new materials that come to make our lives easier in the kitchen. But they are also drenched in eclecticism or a taste for metals. Many ideas to turn our kitchens into very special spaces.

Trends in kitchens 2018-2019

1. Eclecticismeclectic kitchen

In the decoration of kitchens also imposes the eclectic style that causes a furor in the rest of home environments. Why choose a single style for each environment if you can mix the ones you like and get a kitchen full of life and a unique touch? For it nothing like the mixture of different materials that contrast between them and different prints in the complements of your kitchen. Risky? Yes, but you will certainly get a full kitchen with personality.

Wallpapers are mixed with geometric prints on curtains or floors of several different materials. Classic elements such as hydraulic tiles are combined with modern style furniture or minimalist lamps. Choose what you like most from each of these trends in kitchens 2018-2019 and put it in your kitchen to give you your own personality.

2. Furniture in dark colors: gray and blackgray kitchen

Two colors that take some time trying to enter our kitchens are going to remain one of the trends in kitchens 2018-2019, we talk about gray and black. Both are colors that can give much play, alone or combined with traditional colors like the woods or the white. The black color is certainly risky but also helps to create very personal environments, your kitchen will not need more to be up to the last. Combine it with other blank elements whether your style is more modern or more traditional and the result will charm you.

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The gray color for the furniture is a safe bet that brings elegance and modernity at the same time. Combining two-color furniture is also up-to-date, so if you do not dare put all your kitchen in gray, a good option may just use it in the bottom and in the above bet on the classic white. Or if you are more daring a totally gray kitchen combined with wood and a white countertop can be a total success. You’ll be on your toes!

Another classic that is part of the trends in kitchens 2018-2019 and for which to bet if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen is the combination of black and white. Whether combining it in your kitchen cabinets or betting by painting the wall of your kitchen in black to create contrast and feeling of greater depth. I love! A union that never fails.

3. Bet on new materialstempered glass kitchen

The tempered glass for both worktops and in the area of the dashboard is a trend. It is a durable material in addition to very beautiful and offers us an original and different color range. It is now used as a worktop thanks to its resistance to bumps and scratches. The result can not be more beautiful and colorful thanks to a wide range of colors. And with that special glitter of glass.

We continue with the trends in kitchens 2018-2019 with stainless steel, another material that is gaining more ground not only in industrial kitchens where it has been a classic for decades. A very resistant material of simple maintenance, very hygienic and elegant that is gradually getting into the home too. Its advancement will continue as it offers many advantages besides a great aesthetic result.

Concrete is also being introduced into the worktops of our kitchen as an element that brings many practical advantages. The concrete offers a high resistance to heat and scratching, which makes it a perfect material for cooking. Besides giving a very industrial and modern touch to the kitchen, do not you think?

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4. Kitchens open to the rest of the homeopen kitchen

In today’s homes, the kitchen open to the rest of the home is becoming a norm. This way of organizing space offers the advantage of improving social interaction even during the preparation of meals. Perhaps it is the American influence or that every day the ventilation systems in the kitchen are better but it is a fact that the open kitchens are gradually gaining ground in our home. They are no longer a rare avis.

In this kitchen concept, the islands become the center of space, being functional and accessible on all sides. We also see more and more kitchens where the dining table is part of the island of the kitchen, a very practical way of distributing space, since they are two zones, the preparation and consumption of food, which is inevitably linked. In addition to being an attractive and elegant layout is very practical. Having them together gives us many advantages when it comes to serving the food.

5. Bells that become more decorative or even disappearKitchen Range Hoods

In extractor hoods, we can see two diametrically opposite tendencies. On the one hand the proliferation of decorative bells with designs that look more like decorative lamps than the traditional kitchen bells of a lifetime. And every day we want more than our kitchen to become a design space and, especially if we have the cooking zone on an island, the trend is to install bells with an attractive and even artistic design that decorate the environment.

Or we go to the opposite, bells that are installed in the false ceiling and disappear off the view. Thanks to the improvement of the extractive capacity of the bells this option is viable if we have a ceiling of up to 2.5 meters of height. Or you can create a false ceiling over the cooking zone to install the hood if our roof is higher. If you do not like the extractor hood, this is your choice!

6. Metals also take center stage: gold, brass, copperbrass kitchen faucets

Gold is fashionable and we have spoken on other occasions and our kitchen or resists it. Whether in faucets or in all kinds of accessories, such as lamps or even in shooters, gold comes on hard to conquer our kitchen and become part of it. If you feel like giving just a subtle touch, the shooters can be a great option because you can change them when you get tired of them without a problem and without great cost.

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But not only gold, metals, in general are highly topical for home decor and the kitchen was not going to be less. Copper is still trending in all kinds of details including faucets or hood. We have been looking at it for some time but it does not seem to tire us yet. And to them is now joined the brass to decorate in your kitchen small details or even the whole front of an island. Which one do you prefer?

7. A classic, the marble returnsmarble countertop

Another trend in kitchens 2018-2019 is a classic that returns for the whole home and, of course, the kitchen could not be less. If it seemed recently that it was already totally obsolete, for some time now we are seeing a rebirth of its presence in our kitchens. Both in its classic white color and in all kinds of colors with striking streaks and very colorful. The marble is a safe bet for countertops and dashboard for its beauty but also for its hardness and resistance.

8. Dark steel appliancesdark kitchen appliance

Another novelty that comes with strength for our kitchens are the dark steel appliances. A classic that is renewed, appliances in stainless steel, to offer a new version of itself that we find very attractive and goes perfectly with the trend of gray and black colors in the kitchen that we talked later. And you, will you target the dark steel appliances? One more option when giving our kitchen a different and current point.

Many ideas to renovate our kitchen and turn it into the heart of our home with these trends in kitchens 2018-2019. If you want to see more ideas and options you can visit my Pinterest page where you will find many more ideas to update your kitchen. But which do you stay with? I love the idea of including the dining table on the kitchen island, in fact, it is one of the changes I have planned for home. But I also go to the dark steel appliances, they have totally conquered me. And you? I look forward to your ideas and comments. Happy week.

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