Living Room Walls Ideas: Modern Painting Design Trends 2019

Living Room Walls IdeasWhen it comes to decoration, the living room is the most important room in the house. There, guests are entertained and sat together with the family, so the room must express the taste of the homeowner and even speak for his personality. The living room walls ideas are numerous and one should not limit oneself only with the choice of a suitable color. Look at these examples of modern wall design and you’ll see for yourself.

Living room walls ideas – wall design with colorLiving Room Walls Ideas

The wall color is decisive for the sense of space. And because colors can create different moods, you need to be aware of their effects. Choose two different shades of a color, for example cream and chocolate brown and combine them in a uniform color scheme. A painted in a contrasting color wall is an excellent way to bring your furniture and home accessories to advantage. The aubergine accent wall, as you can see in the example, stands in a strong, yet visually appealing contrast to the white sofa, side table, wall shelf and planter.

Living room walls ideas with wallpapersLiving Room Walls Ideas

Wallpapers are always a great way to hide wall defects, add color and texture, and harmoniously combine elements in your living room. However, the trends in wallpapers have changed a lot over the years. Better focus on subtle colors and simple designs. The photo wallpapers with individually selected motifs are gaining more and more popularity and appear very modern. If you want a particularly modern wall design for your living room, then 3D wall panels, wood wall coverings and facing stones in natural stone look are a very original idea.

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Original wall panels made of woodLiving Room Walls Ideas

Wall panels are a quick and interesting solution when it comes to decorating the walls. They are not only made of different materials, but are also available in any color and a variety of patterns. With panels, bumps on walls can be perfectly hidden, which in the worst case could even be highlighted with a wall paint or wallpaper.

Olive green wall paintLiving Room Walls Ideas

The accent wall is subtle but very beautiful, for which a light olive green was chosen. Apart from the curtains, it is the only color accent in this room. Furniture, flooring and accessories, as well as decorations all have a neutral color tone, such as white, beige or gray. The furniture in combination with the green wall paint is harmonious and cozy.

Interesting wall design with floral ornamentsLiving Room Walls Ideas

A real eye-catcher is this wall design, which consists of ornament-rich floral motifs. The lavish design replaces a living room wall and at the same time serves as an effective decoration. It fits perfectly with the brown color of the remaining walls. The fact that the TV was placed on this wall and the seating area is directed there, you can always enjoy the wall design.

Black and white photo wallpaper “Stadtlichter”Living Room Walls Ideas

Of course you can also highlight the area behind the sofa. For this purpose, photo wallpapers are chosen with which one can design a specific theme. Photos of big cities are modern and therefore wonderfully suited for the modern style of furnishing. A black and white photo wallpaper also looks very elegant.

Colorful wall stripesLiving Room Walls Ideas

The wall design with stripes in different colors adds a touch of dynamism to this small living room. The rest of the room is kept in white. Incidentally, the simplest way to create a striped look is to use wallpaper that can be easily hung on the wall. So you can save yourself time-consuming and costly painting work.

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Strappy bricksLiving Room Walls Ideas

Riemchen veneers are very popular these days both inside and out. They are very easy to glue together and can be found in very different colors and designs. The beautiful structure of the straps can be additionally emphasized by downwardly directed spotlights.

Oblique stripes in 3 colorsLiving Room Walls Ideas

If you want to give your four walls a personal touch, there are several options to choose from. Geometric patterns look particularly effective. By the way, two-colored and three-colored walls are not only suitable for the colorful children’s room.

Taupe wall paint and purple glossy cabinetsLiving Room Walls Ideas

With the color taupe you can create a noble backdrop for furniture and accessories. Taupe is actually a shade of gray that tends to brown and looks very comfortable. The trendy color can be combined particularly well with all shades of brown, dark reds like Bordeaux as well as with old rose and fuchsia. A little more freshness comes into play when taupe is combined with ecru or off-white.

Wood wall covering in a mid-toneLiving Room Walls Ideas

If you want to put on the decor on colorful home accessories, should rather keep the wall and floor design discreet. Decorations in bright colors – such as sofa cushions and curtains – can unfold their charm without the room being over laden.

Brick-facing bricksLiving Room Walls Ideas

An open living area is not for everyone. With some planning, however, the space can gain in width and size. The lighting concept plays a decisive role. As a rule, a harmonious interplay of several small light sources is to be created, which are distributed over the room.

Bright natural stone and dark woodLiving Room Walls Ideas

Bright, cream-colored natural stone also fits perfectly with the modern interior design style. Different colors make just the charm of this material. In combination with dark wood – walnut or wenge – the bright natural stone comes into its own.Living Room Walls Ideas

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Open loft apartments are now considered to be particularly chic. Typical for the interior design are high ceilings, brick walls and huge window fronts. The rafters are deliberately made visible. The high ceiling not only allows furniture with high cabinets, but also the installation of several luminaires at different heights. Especially large and extravagant chandeliers are ideal for high ceilings.Living Room Walls Ideas

To visually split large rooms, you can use different color palettes. Shades of gray dominate the living area, while creamy shades and natural materials such as wood and rattan create a relaxed atmosphere in the dining area. The materials for the wall cladding are in contrast to each other: modern against near-natural.Living Room Walls Ideas

Porcelain stoneware tiles are also ideal as a wall covering for the living room. Whether marble, stone or wood effect – there are many other factors that determine the effect of the wall tiles in the room. Tile manufacturers are also picking up on the contemporary trend and offering more and more tiles in cement look.Living Room Walls Ideas

Natural stone has been used as a fireplace cladding for centuries. This emphasizes the original power of the fireplace. Also from a thermal point of view, this building material is recommended. This idea for wall cladding can also be reinterpreted for modern fireplace inserts. The bricks, tiles and flagstones should only be heat resistant.Living Room Walls Ideas

Not only the freestanding stove is an eye-catcher in this living room. The wall behind it has become a real design element. The firewood is stacked and stored on elegant black steel wall brackets. So the logs are always at hand and serve at the same time a decorative purpose.Living Room Walls Ideas

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