Modern kitchens 2018 – The Best Trends of Design and Decoration

The trends in the decoration of modern kitchens have taken a turn since before this space was only destined to cook and to eat, instead of at the moment it has become a place much more integrated into the daily life. It is not at all uncommon to find people watching TV, using a computer or studying, in addition to the activities for which kitchens have been designed. That is why, since the kitchen has become a multifunctional room, the decor increasingly plays a more important role and today at sitazine we will present some of the main trends in kitchens.modern kitchens 2018

If you are thinking of upgrading or renovating your kitchen now is the perfect time to start your research, as each year brings new design trends and products. A successful kitchen design should focus on its functionality, employ good ergonomics, durable finishes and incorporate good quality products.

Trends in modern kitchens 2018

Built-in kitchens

modern kitchens 2018Many kitchens today are becoming shared family spaces that also allow you to eat, work or rest within the same area. The kitchens are being designed to allow spaces to be shared and offer more versatility and design flexibility. Many new kitchens incorporate a dining table that in turn is used as a work table. This helps foster interaction within the home and create a social environment.

Also incorporated are kitchen islands, which usually have several purposes such as preparing food while interacting with other people around it. They may contain a small sink.

Color palettes

modern kitchens 2018Many interior designers have been specifying darker color palettes for the kitchen, experimenting with dark gray and black. It will also be used a lot in black and white. The overall look of elegance and refinement, however, has an air of natural simplicity and earthy exuberance.

The wall cupboard in a color that contrasts with the lower cabinets are a winning combo that we will continue to see throughout the year. For example, the combination of navy blue muted with gray, white or black. Another popular combination is gray and wood.

Navy blue will be one of the most used colors in the kitchen. Works well with brass fittings.


modern kitchens 2018The new designs use contrasting textures finishes. For example, dark porcelain or blackboard in 3D tiles, or super-matte black armoire combined with warm metallic copper sinks. These elegant finishes are balanced with natural organic elements such as wood details for the island bench or the floor of wide wooden planks.

The most popular finishes for the closet handles are matt black, satin nickel, tin and antique brass. What is common to all these finishes is that they are matte, not high-gloss finishes and therefore do not show fingerprints.


modern kitchens 2018The incorporation of intelligent storage solutions and the use of each centimeter of space in an efficient way are fundamental points. The cabinets feature deep drawers that allow items to be more easily accessible and come with automatic closed mechanisms.

Floating shelves exposed will still have their place. Open shelves offer a place to display elements that reflect the personality and create interest. They work best in a contrasting finish to the cabinets, as this helps to break the space and create a good mix of finishes.

Wall cabinets reach the ceiling to maximize storage space and minimize dust buildup.

Sinks and taps

modern kitchens 2018A trend in the market that has high demand are the granite sinks. Black and white sinks will be the color trends for 2018. Another more luxurious option is brass or copper metal sinks.

Floor and wall cladding

modern kitchens 2018The tile is returning to the trend in kitchens, mainly the textured or three-dimensional tiles. While marble will still have its place, colorful tiles will be more popular this year. Wooden tiles are also another trend.

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Larger-sized floor tiles, in grays or coals, will remain a trend.

Home appliances

modern kitchens 2018The trend of matt black continues and is now influencing both large and small appliances. We will begin to see an increase in matt black refrigerators, as well as dishwashers and ovens.

Refrigerators with French doors will be one of the preferred options, along with self-cleaning ovens that come with built-in steam.

Kitchen designs are becoming more minimalist and clean. When it comes to small appliances many people are opting to integrate these into cabinets and hide them, however, for those who prefer to leave them in sight, will be matte black.

Materials in modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018Two materials that are being used in kitchens are concrete and wood. Both materials combined, generate very sophisticated and ultra modern spaces.

As you can see in the photos we show you, the materials used are increasingly more diverse, and increasingly are mixed with each other; that is the case of wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone and metal, which merge into more original combinations and which can already be seen imposing trends in kitchens for next year.

If you prefer marble and wood floors to design the kitchen, we have bad news for you. The latest trend says that, for example, marble is expensive and unpredictable. It is prone to damage, and lately, it has ceased to be popular with interior designers.

Owners are preferring synthetic materials, which are durable and provide a good design. Some of the most popular brands for countertops offer many colors and various options of thickness and shapes.

Furniture of modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018As for the furniture that will be carried in the kitchens, shelves and storage furniture that are fully integrated with the wall will predominate, seeming to be part of it.

Metal, wood, and glass are the modern materials that most impose trends for shelves and kitchen shelves, which gives a more spacious and luminous appearance to spaces.

Closed and top cabinets are also being pushed aside, giving way to glass cabinets with open shelves, from floor to ceiling.

Also outstanding are the open and well-organized spaces, free of obstacles and well ventilated, in which furniture of corners both rounded and geometric are adopted.

Colors in modern kitchens

Contemporary white kitchens

modern kitchens 2018One of the classic colors for kitchens is white. This color brings a lot of light and also gives an appearance of impeccable hygiene. The color white can be combined with woods of natural color, granite or concrete.

One of the classic colors for kitchens is white. This color brings a lot of light and also gives an appearance of impeccable hygiene. The color white can be combined with woods of natural color, granite or concrete.

With little touches of black color, you can also look fabulous white kitchens.

Black and Dark Gray

modern kitchens 2018The colors most seen in kitchens in recent times are dark gray and black, which combine with woods and metals, creating an extremely contemporary and luxurious look.


modern kitchens 2018The neutral colors also gain ground, more and more kitchens are seen in colors such as white, gray and beige.

Contemporary colored kitchens

modern kitchens 2018As you will also see the photos presented, we can choose from multiple styles of decoration, many of which emphasize the incorporation of strong colors through tiles, furniture or different decorative accessories.

The strong and vibrant colors impose style also in modern style kitchens, with green and lilac being some of the most used tones, which are even more favored when combined with good lighting.

Modern kitchens with island

modern kitchens 2018Kitchen islands serve several purposes. In addition to being a focal point in space, it also helps increase the functionality and efficiency of the room.

According to some surveys, more than 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of them, 50% consider it essential. Since it is clear that the addition of an island is a good investment, you should consider this possibility if you plan a reform in your house.

Think about what type of design (whether custom or prefabricated) will provide you with the most utility. If the kitchen has a few closets, you will want storage. If you do not have a space for the dining room, additional seating could be a priority.

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You should also keep in mind the available space you have. A good rule is to place it in the center of the room. That way it is equally accessible from all sides and will not be an obstacle. However, a perimeter island, for example, could work better in a large open space. The size and shape are also determined by the design of the room.

Contemporary kitchen lighting

modern kitchens 2018Another key to modern decoration is the implementation of decorative techniques that increase the feeling of space, such as good lighting and a poor incorporation of furniture.

Walls and floors in modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018As we mentioned earlier, concrete and wood have gained ground in recent years, coating both walls, floors and even countertops.

As well as the rustic walls, whether of brick or stone.

The tiles on both floors and walls can also be seen giving life to multiple kitchens, and are also excellent allies for those who seek to give life through the use of patterns and prints.

A few years ago, the dark wood floor was used a lot. But now many people are realizing that with a clear wood can be “disguised” scratches and indelible blemishes.

White oak is the most popular of the woods because it is like a clear canvas that can have any color.

Modern minimalist kitchens

modern kitchens 2018As you will see more and more these spaces benefit from the aesthetics and neatness that the minimalist style offers. It is bet on furniture and minimal decorative elements, by neutral or cheerful colors but added discreetly and by the substitution of tables by bars or countertops, which can be of various materials; although it clearly dominates the granite, steel or concrete in the same.

On the other hand, modern appliances in silver, black, white or metallic copper, come to give the spaces a much more elegant style.

Glass walls in modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018In modern architecture, the kitchen every day takes on a growing notoriety, for the fact that it is a functional, working space, but for many of enjoyment and relaxation. It serves to practice the hobby of the kitchen, or the cocktail, to have a talk with friends on the island or a breakfast in the mornings. Faced with this, it has sought to give more vitality to this space, through glass walls.

The idea has been to place the kitchens facing the garden, so that the glass wall that is applied generates the feeling of being in both places at the same time, since, while cooking, you can enjoy the beautiful day that he does outside, without feeling that he is losing it.

In the same way, if you make meals with friends, you can open the windows, connecting the kitchen with the patio, without the need for the one who has to cook, miss half the meeting because they are not in the same space.

Many others, lovers born in the kitchen, have preferred to focus on terraces from the kitchen windows, so when they meet friends, have a few drinks and eat pizzas on the island of the kitchen, can enjoy the view, as well also, to enjoy a wider space.

Out of all these things, there is no more reason than to let more natural light pass, generating more luminosity and therefore a better vibration.

Out of all these things, there is no more reason than to let more natural light pass, generating more luminosity and therefore a better vibration.

Open shelves in modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018Not all things in decoration follow a rule, and shelves are no exception, since not necessarily to be good and in line with space, they must be closed. The format of open shelves is increasingly used and gives the impression that they are floating, thus inserting a new model of storage in the house, modern and that can be a plus for the decoration, to generate a sensation of space.

Color is the first thing that comes to mind. When you do not want to paint the entire wall, you can paint a few shelves of some color that contrast and match the cabinets under the counter.

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If you lean over transparent shelves, such as glass, you can opt for lighting to highlight what is on the shelves.

Something that is increasingly being incorporated into modern homes is the dark, open wooden shelves, in which each shelf has a specific use. Those that incorporate sliding doors is an interesting possibility. These can serve to cover specific areas of the shelf, but at the same time can be run, as well as serve as protection for when one is working on the worktop.

Already when you need shelves, but you do not have space, you can resort to putting it on the sink, so that you can store what is necessary, and at the same time, drain glasses and dishes.

Contemporary modular kitchens

modern kitchens 2018The modular kitchen system is a modern trend that looks a lot like prefab housing; are designed to be sold by modules, and thus are fully customizable. The advantage of choosing this kitchen system is that, according to the available space, the most convenient modules can be used, at cheaper prices.

Another advantage is that there is a huge variety of styles, materials, and colors available in the market. These modular kitchens we see here, are from Ikea.

Kitchens open to the living room or dining room

modern kitchens 2018Maybe your kitchen feels disconnected from the rest of the home. If you want it to look more modern, consider the possibility of pulling down some wall, to integrate it with the dining room or the living room. Modern kitchens converge with the main living space of the house. Little by little, they are becoming a space where everyday life develops.

This inclusion can be done in a very harmonious way using cooking islands, for example. In these photos, we see that the kitchen integrates the dining room or the living room, turning these spaces into a great environment, comfortable and functional.

Modern kitchens with curved designs

modern kitchens 2018This is another trend we have seen growth in recent years and will surely continue to grow in 2018: kitchens with organic shapes and curves.

Small modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018For most people, cooking is at the heart of family life. It is the place where everyone gathers in the morning when they are starting their day and the place where they meet in the evening while the dinner is cooking. However, not all families have a great kitchen to enjoy.

Just because you do not have much space to work does not mean that you can not have a lovely kitchen. With the right design tips and tricks, you can turn a small kitchen into a cheerful and functional space in the home. From the creative uses of space to bright colors that give the illusion of a larger area, there are plenty of clever ways to give a small kitchen, much comfort, and character.

Italian modern kitchens

modern kitchens 2018Modern Italian kitchens are synonymous with elegance and efficiency, regardless of their design. It is common to associate all the Italian with the luxury and the desire to enjoy “La Dolce Vita”. These photos show all the good about the design of Italian kitchens.

A predilection for clean forms is shared in each of these designs. Soft, clear surfaces, shapes and colors combine to create a great working and entertaining environment in this space of the home. Italians love to cook, eat and entertain. This is reflected in these distinctive and sumptuous environments, which illustrate how Italy has evolved to become an important global pioneer in kitchen design.

Delicate organic shapes can be introduced into furniture, lighting and clean geometry. The textures are used in a decorative way to add tactile and visual emotion to the composition. Natural carved materials, wood and stone are used in an innovative way to contrast with polished steel.

Monochrome color schemes are sophisticated and tasteful, sometimes lifted by isolated touches of saturated colors. These are kitchens that reflect refinement and good taste.

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