New Color Trends for Couple Bedroom Designs 2018-1019

Couple Bedroom Designs We show you some ideas and photos for the decoration of modern-style couple bedrooms, in what refers to the color schemes, which is where we often fail, and other ideas, such as furniture and accessories.

The bedroom is the most private place in our house, a personal space where you can find some peace and tranquility. It is a personal and sensual room, and the design approach should be taken in that angle.

Furniture in couple bedroomsCouple Bedroom Designs

The space of the bed is the one that is determined in the first place, before other elements such as the wardrobe or the dresser. The bed, headboard and its position will influence the style and location of the rest of the bedroom furniture. The ideal thing for a bedroom is to have the bed, two bedside tables that can be integrated in the headboard, a chest of drawers and a large mirror.

The choice of mattress is very important, as it will allow us a good rest and has to adapt to your needs, firmness, thickness, density and material.

To create a comfortable bedroom, in addition to buying good pillows and quilts, you can also improve with aromatic candles, adding oil-essences and some soft music.

The closet has to allow us to organize the garments, which are visible and we can get things out easily. Take advantage of the shape of the room to adapt all the furniture, taking into account the windows and doors, which should have a space access and circulation comfortable and without obstacles.

As for the styles, you can be inspired by an ethnic, romantic or your own style, adding small details of different eras and styles of decoration. Using candles, incense, for moments of reading and meditation, you will get more than a bedroom, a place to relax after your daily stress.

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Of course, our bedrooms as well as all our rest furniture must be practical, we must integrate all the elements that we need so that we can access in a simple way everything we need in our day to day and to keep it organized without much effort.

When the family grows, we must figure out how to include the baby’s crib without losing the style of our room, to get pleasant moments with your baby and a place to breastfeed, nice and cozy.

2019 Trend colors in couple bedroomsCouple Bedroom Designs

The most popular colors for the bedrooms are neutral, such as earth tones, beige, gray, white, which evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. But this will suit everyone, as it is very personal. Keep in mind that light colors give a sense of spaciousness and distance while dark colors will give you more closeness and a sense of smallness.

Neutral bedroom colorsCouple Bedroom Designs

It is always important the environment in which we rest, the colors, the details …, everything is part of your rest and can bring peace and tranquility or simply be a place to sleep without resting your soul.

The white colors bring peace and the pastel tones warmth. The cushions, blankets, quilts, everything must be chosen to create a suitable environment to rest and relax. The tones used are important to achieve a state of relaxation that helps us fall asleep and have a pleasant rest.

If the color of the bed and bedding is neutral, you can make the room more attractive by painting the wall in gray with black furniture.

In this case black furniture and predominantly gray bedding, with the wall in white.

A rustic decoration for the bedroom can be achieved with very simple elements: an iron bed, wooden floors, a rustic rug and an old trunk.

Blue bedroom color trendsCouple Bedroom Designs

A room can be decorated mostly by neutral colors, as in this case white and cream. However, it is important to add touches of color in accessories or bedding so that it does not look very boring. Here blue has been used.

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A bedroom decorated in nautical style. The white walls contrast happily with the blue of the bedspreads and the carpet.

In this case the walls are the main decoration of this room. A mixture of navy blue and black paint has achieved the color of a night sky. The clouds and shadows are achieved with a brush, and then stars have been painted in metallic paint in gold and silver. The headboard has been manufactured with an old garden door.

The walls in greenish blue combine with the chocolate brown bed and a sideboard and wooden staircase.

Purple, red and orange bedroomCouple Bedroom Designs

Pastel greens or olivesCouple Bedroom Designs

The wooden floors combine elegantly with shades of green and brown. This set of tones remind nature.

A sophisticated and elegant decoration, achieved with very pale green walls, a black bed and a French style chair.

This is the best option for the most select. A French style.

Yellow bedroom colorsCouple Bedroom Designs

The walls in a yellow sun and a lush green and white bed animate this small space.

A yellow background can be the backdrop for decoration achieved based on furniture and decoration elements old world style. The shades of blue contrast with the yellow and illuminate this room.

Popular color for black bedroomCouple Bedroom Designs

The black color is bold and dangerous, however, a bedroom is one of the places in the house where you can see well. During the day, it may seem depressing, but at night, it will make the room look intimate, cozy and very sexy.

This is a bedroom decorated in black but combined with a lot of whites and pale and luminous tones. To give more light and space to the bedroom, a mirror at the head is an excellent idea.

This bedroom also has a mirror at the head, its color scheme is very dark, so a mirror is essential to give brightness.

This is a modern, contrasts bedroom, very elegant and stylish. That combines the colors so that they stand out mutually.

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Bed and table of low level light, give an oriental touch to the room. The combination of colors between them, together with the floor, the wall and the pictures, give the room a chic touch.

This decoration scheme is very easy to achieve. The wall behind the headboard painted matte black, and everything else in the white room. A black quality painting is the key to success.

Contrast the woodCouple Bedroom Designs

The honey tones of the wood are comforting, cozy and pleasing to the eye, but you can add a touch of lilac and eggplant to add a little contrast.

If the furniture is completely natural wood color, painting the walls in a contrasting color can be a good option, in this case a steel gray. This type of combination wood – gray is very fashionable and it looks very interesting.

Contrast bedroom colorsCouple Bedroom Designs

An always successful decoration is the one that has to do with the contrasts of colors and textures. The orange color brings warmth to a sophisticated and masculine room, dominated by grays and wood tones.

Tips for couple bedroom ideas

  • Include bright colors on cushions and bedding to give an ethnic touch, or toasted and raw colors if you want a more rustic atmosphere.
  • The wallpaper can be combined with painted walls, or you can use adhesive vinyl or handmade compositions.
  • Use wooden furniture and give them your own style painting, always be clear what you want to get before you start, to get the desired result.
  • Playing with fabrics and textures will give you a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Do not look for standards, feel identified with your surroundings and look for your own style.

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