New Kitchen Trends 2018 – Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Ideas

New Kitchen Trends 2018The world of fashion does not stop, the emergence of new trends in the design of living spaces is endless ideas from designers around the world.

Constantly, the freshest and hottest novelties are presented to create the most comfortable, practical and modern interiors. In our article today we are going to discuss the trendiest 2018 kitchen designs.

Designs of trendy kitchens in contemporary styleNew Kitchen Trends 2018

Design is a big business in which many are working to offer us the best materials, designs and most modern and technologically advanced appliances for our kitchen spaces.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Things that can not help but inspire us to continue with our tips to help them turn their kitchen into the favorite place in the house. But the best of all modern trends is the intention to create an interior that offers us the personal comfort we deserve.New Kitchen Trends 2018

For several seasons the main intention is to create a modern design with the help of the use of materials respectful with the environment, the search for the simplest and most concise solutions and a harmonious symbiosis of practicality and comfort.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Keeping up with trends and kitchen designs can help us increase the resale value of a home or simply inspire us for a next renovation.

Kitchen designs with dark colored cabinetsNew Kitchen Trends 2018

To have a modern kitchen this and next season we recommend opting for colorful cabinets. Although we are many lovers of white kitchens with them we are not going anywhere, according to the trends of this year it is better to choose color cabinets.New Kitchen Trends 2018

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We can not deny that it is increasingly common to see color kitchen cabinets, green blue gray or one of the palette of cream colors. A good idea is to choose dark colors such as blue for the lower cabinets and islands to contrast with the lighter neutrals on the top.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Another modern color besides blue is gray that will be one of the popular options for cabinets. Do not worry when choosing some of these colors because these tones are here to stay for a while. If you think the contrast is high, there are subtle soothing combinations that you can opt for.New Kitchen Trends 2018

We can not forget that the personalized decorative elements will also serve to add color to the modern kitchen. Homeowners can incorporate the colors, patterns and décor that they like in their kitchens, which means that kitchen spaces will be more personalized.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Although white is still popular, it is not personalized, so our advice is to personalize the kitchen through the use of color and trendy materials. Colors range from pink and black tones to gold and silver so popular in recent years, while materials will emphasize geometry and texture.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Also add to the design of your kitchen items such as carpets to add even more customization to a kitchen. Elegant and sophisticated tones such as ruby red, gold, turquoise and emerald can be used when choosing the color of the dashboard, of the fabrics for the kitchen curtains or of the carpet.

Designs of kitchens open to the living roomNew Kitchen Trends 2018

Do not be surprised to see kitchens in which these tones appear because who does not like jewelry with interesting shapes. We hope you find a better way to represent them in your kitchen.New Kitchen Trends 2018

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For cabinet doors better to choose a flat panel because this style is currently the most fashionable when we talk about cabinets doors, but be careful with the panel designs.New Kitchen Trends 2018

These simple designs without details will increase in popularity during the next year. And we will see more and more cabinetry options with doors based on texture, although you can always choose some detail to create visual intrigue.New Kitchen Trends 2018

But if you are not a fan of modern door styles there is still a place for traditionalists to take full advantage of the details. We are talking about the small nuances in the design details of the door, the rails, the thickness of the panels and the details of the door itself.New Kitchen Trends 2018

You must also play with the textures. We are always touching the kitchen surfaces because of this when it comes to kitchen surfaces the elements of design will play with our sense of touch. Offering shiny surfaces, textured and because not rough is a good choice.New Kitchen Trends 2018

In a contemporary kitchen we find a style of multifaceted decoration, but at the same time laconic. Contemporary interiors combine stylistic directions such as minimalism, loft style, high technology and industrial style.New Kitchen Trends 2018

But this also does not mean that we should escape from the cozy style capable of integrating in its concept the modern style and ecological style, the Scandinavian and Mediterranean motifs that can be combined in the general design scheme of the kitchen space.New Kitchen Trends 2018

The kitchen of 2018 as we all well know is a spacious and bright room with a rational design, simple furniture solutions in which you try to make the most convenient use of all the elements.New Kitchen Trends 2018

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Obviously, for the realities in which we live, the design according to the latest trends is often an impossible thing because of the modest size of the kitchens. That is why the unification of the space of the kitchen with the living room not only has not lost its popularity, but has become the most common thing.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Letting the kitchen and living room share the same space allows us not only to expand the possibilities of space, but also to create a multifunctional interior that can satisfy the comfort needs of all members of the household.New Kitchen Trends 2018

Another important feature of the combination of functional segments within a single room is the natural lighting level of the space. The bigger your windows, the better. Now we leave you to revisit our kitchen designs and be inspired.New Kitchen Trends 2018

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