Open Dressing Room: 8 Reasons to Adopt It In 2019

Forget about closet doors, drawers and curtains to hide our clothes, now is the time for open dressings. Straight out of ready-to-wear shops, these storage spaces that have nothing to hide bring a hint of trend to our home. Pure cutouts and modular structures, open dressings compete ingenuity to stage our wardrobe as a decorative asset. If open dressings are refined, they do not lose their character or practicality. To their graceful silhouettes are added removable baskets, soft shelves, wardrobes … as many storage spaces as possible to store the clothes of the whole family.Open Dressing Room

Custom-made walk-in closet with Spaceo Home small particle board units, 29.90 euros per unit, Spaceo Home large particle board units, 73.90 euros per unit, Spaceo sliding expandable shoe rack , steel, 25.95 euros. Leroy Merlin.

In 2019, the dressing room will be open or will not be. A perforated structure that lets the light circulate, a light weight that does not weigh down the atmosphere and eclectic looks to satisfy the contemporary enthusiast as defenders of the old, the open dressing has many advantages. In a room entirely dedicated to its function, the open dressing room imposes its character with dark colors and raw materials. Instead, it prefers neutral hues and natural textures to blend in completely with the atmosphere of a bedroom or bathroom.. Placed against a wall, installed as a partition or suspended from the ceiling, the open dressing room has the advantage of being inserted everywhere. Only the corner of the children is to proscribe: devoid of doors, this type of storage does not support the least disorder; a challenge almost impossible to meet in a toddler room.

1. An open dressing room as a partition

In a master suite or a student studio, the open dressing room can combine storage and partition functions. The sleeping area then gains in privacy and the open dressing room creates a second space in the bedroom. If the room is dark, it is better to turn to a model without bottom of body which lets circulate the brightness.Open Dressing Room

Particleboard and oak decor paper dresser, price according to configuration, composition with 1 box, 2 shelves, 1 drawer, 1 box divider, 1 sliding coat rack and 1 Pratik shoe rack, from 199 euros. Castorama. 

2. An open dressing room can be multifunction

Wardrobe, TV stand, bookcase and dressing table, the open dressing room merges several pieces of furniture into one. As the drawers are installed at the base of the dressing room, its silhouette appears less massive than that of a classic wardrobe. In height, hanging rods and shelves lighten this storage block. In other words, the ideal compromise to furnish a small room with all the comforts of a large.

Open Dressing RoomDresser Elvarli white 2 sections, bamboo, from 455 euros. Ikea.

3. The open closet forces us to tidy up

Everything has its place. With an open dressing room, you can not hide the mess behind a door. Fold pants, winter sweaters and summer t-shirts, suspend dresses and shirts or even align shoes and accessories, the open dressing forces us to follow a strict line of conduct. A chore quickly forgotten as it saves us time every morning to get dressed.

Open Dressing RoomCustomizable No Limit walk-in closet, in particleboard, price according to configuration, combination with 2-door crate, 119,90 euros, one-door corner, 279,99 euros, one case, 89,99 euros, one 2-drawer unit, 86 , 95 euros. Conforama.

4. Choose an open dressing room to dress a white wall

The open dressing plays a central role in the scripting of the space. If it sports the same color as the wall of the room, the dressing gives the illusion of disappearing into the wall. It is forgotten and transforms at the same time our wardrobe in deco collection. The trick to enhance the mood? Organize the clothes according to a gradient of colors.

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Open Dressing RoomAlgot dressing room consisting of combinable and customizable elements, steel and polypropylene, price according to configuration, combination with rack, shelves and trouser rack from 158 euros. Ikea.

5. The open dressing room adapts to small spaces

The open dressing room is a great saving of space, able to fit into a narrow wall as to slip into a small corridor. Where imposing dressers and massive dressing doors can not find a place, the open dressing room is your best ally. And if you are looking for storage that combines fluidity and practicality, we recommend wall-mounted models.Open Dressing Room

  1. Dressing Optimiz configuration I, in melamine panels, custom fitting, composition type like the one presented from 1663 euros. Lapeyre.
  2. Dressing range String System, steel columns and shelves in steel and plastic, price according to configuration. String.

6. The open dressing room multiplies the storage modes

Custom-made clothes rails or wardrobes, wall shelves or soft suspensions, metal lockers or fabric boxes … the open dressing room offers a wide range of possibilities for storing a wardrobe. With their heights and varied materials, these storage systems create a dynamic on the walls of the room. What to wake up a immaculate room.Open Dressing Room

Dressing concept Open, particle board and pressed laminate, price according to configuration, composition as the one presented from 445.30 euros. Castorama.

7. The open dressing room brings a design note

With its airy profile and fine lines, the open dressing room is becoming the centerpiece of licked interiors. Chooses in a dark hue, between matte black and anthracite gray, the open dressing room then imposes its character. A storage spirit “boutique creator”, which brings a note resolutely design to the room or the bathroom.Open Dressing Room

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Brompton system, wall-mounted bookcase structure, aluminum shelves and uprights and bilamified shelves, price according to configuration. Boffi.

8. A touch of lightness thanks to the open dressing room

Restricted floor space, dark room or cluttered traffic, there are many reasons to adopt a hanging storage rather than a walk-in closet. A simple curtain rod can be enough to create an optimized open dressing room. A condition to complete these storage height with a small cabinet with drawers; the story of putting away delicate lingerie and small accessories.Open Dressing Room

Curtain rod white Räcka, steel, 10 euros. Tarva chest of 6 drawers, pine, 159 euros. Ikea.

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