Tips For Building Miniature Stone Houses To Decorate Fairy Garden

Building a home is not an easy task. Those who have gone through it know very well all the efforts they have gone through to finally enjoy the peace and the desired comfort within it. That said, today you are going to acquire some ideas to build something that is a little more accessible to do, ie how to build a miniature stone house to decorate the garden.

Miniature stone house fairy garden decor

You can make miniature houses made of river stones as raw material is becoming more popular for all kinds of small DIY projects. It is easily available and most important, it is free. The other materials for this project, such as adhesives or pieces of wood or plastic for the roof do not cost a fortune either, you can reuse them, and for this project you will not need a significant amount of them. So just take a look at the selection of the pictures then choose your favorite miniature house and gather the materials needed to start your project to decorate your garden today.

Miniature stone houses to decorate the garden

An example to make a stone miniature house may be the following, just go taking note of what is required to based on this, determine your own ideas to make your project according to your tastes.

This is a quick and easy way to get that little stone house doing it yourself.

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You will need to:

  • Glue
  • Ziplock bag
  • One way – bird house, butter container, plastic pot, pumpkin or other item
  • Some small stones
  • Tweezers
  • Lacquer or urethane rubber
  • All the decorative elements you require in your project, artificial moss, natural plants, soil, etc.

Step 1 Get the stones

If you live near a lake, river or beach where you can get this type of stone small, round and flat, you have much of what you need on your side. If you do not have access to this stone easily, you can buy it in bags in places where they sell building materials. Smaller packages of stones can sometimes be found in craft or craft stores. Any stone will work if it is small and has a flat surface. You can glue it in this way more easily to wood, glass and even pumpkin. This time we will experiment with a bottle of plastic juice and a plastic salad bowl.

The plastic boat we will use is very useful for sifting the smallest of the stones and some of the sand. Remove stones that are larger than 1/4 “and set aside. Then put the rest in a mesh laundry bag and shake it out of the house. This will get rid of most of the sand and the rest will disappear when you give the stones a rinse while still in the bag.

Step 2 Make your stone tapestry

First squeeze some wood glue into the Ziploc plastic bag and extend to make several small square areas as small as 4 square inches. Then take some stones and place them in the glue. The tweezers are useful to add the smallest of the stones to fill the spaces.

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Wait about half an hour and check your pictures. The glue will dry around the stones much faster than the one on the plastic. Try to lift the stone from the corner. When you are ready you will be able to lift the entire square of stone, without separating the stones. The trick is that you need to lift the square while the glue is still sticky on the underside and the square is still flexible. This allows you to apply in rounded areas. If it dries completely, do not worry. You will still be able to lift it from the plastic and you can add some glue to the back.

Step 3 Shape your stone house to decorate the garden

Now you can apply the stone in any way you have chosen for your project. Cut the windows or doors you want before applying the stone. You can remove individual stones if your square overlaps the cut out areas. The wood glue works well to stick stone by stone, as well as to make walls in the gardens, arches and anything else you can imagine. However, the completed project may be fragile, so it adds a couple of layers of varnish to help make it more stable and useful for the exterior.

For around doors and windows and on the roof of this project you can glue stones one by one according to the shape. On the ceiling you can see some “flowers”. Stone mosaics, if you have the patience give a nice touch. Finally, after the varnishing add a pinch of artificial moss, here and there to give your project a more real aspect.

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Examples of miniature stone houses to decorate the garden

Miniature stone houses

This miniature stone house to decorate the garden already requires a bit more reinforcement than you can do using a more fixed material and placing poles inside.

small miniature stone house

This little house of pidra can be directly raised in its walls with stone also adding, directly, a small green roof made of earth and moss.

dream stone house

A dream stone house is this one that contains many elements that enhance the design of the house, giving it a more magical and realistic touch.

Miniature stone house design

A beautiful project is this where the roof of that little stone house is enhanced.

Miniature stone house ideas

This miniature stone house can also be raised from its stone walls. You can play with a variety of materials in the garden to give it texture and color.

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