Trends 2017 for Small Loft Interior Design

The interior design now has other quite distinct preferences with the idea of living a few years ago.

The latest and most modern decoration trends 2017 promote open spaces, functional and modern even though the scarcity of space is the biggest drawback.Low cost small loft interior design

In these cases, the décor with loft distribution may be the right solution; Maximize spaces by removing partitions and reusing them for different home activities.

Acquiring convertible furniture and posing an interior design with vertical decoration are the main features used by professional designers and the most prestigious interior design magazines to create beautiful and comfortable spaces.

Interior design project with small spaces

small space loft interior design ideasFirst, we must study interior design appropriate to the characteristics of our real space. Know and prioritize each and every one of the needs and make the most of the last available space.

A good decoration on small floors can give us everything we want if we know how to do it. And in these cases the design of loft or duplex interiors is advised.

Priorities in Small Interior Designs

In every home we must project different areas or rooms:

  • Bedroom or bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Living room

All of them with their storage cabinets and with a design and harmony to feel comfortable. Furniture dealers, architects and interior designers are creating a large number of variations on the furniture to enable us to achieve our goal.Small interior design for loft

Double beds, pull-out beds, bunk beds, sofas, tables or closets studied to fulfill their task in small and very small spaces.

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It is also obvious that we will need a free space for movement and a decoration of environments with a special atmosphere to create these areas that in some cases merge and confuse.

Examples of interior designs with double height

The vertical decoration taking advantage of the whole height of the rooms is a bet with great results. Placing the seating area in height allowing total mobility in its lower part to place the living room, dressing room, etc. is a great choice for decorating small spaces.Small loft interior decor design

We can define it as a mezzanine or loft of sufficient height to be able to place double or single beds. Place we really used to lie down and did not need more meters. They are often very frequent in the decoration of attics and old buildings.

This arrangement in the interior design adds romanticism and functionality to the decoration and saves a large space that is a main objective.

Decoration small loft interior design

Generally, there are no rules or rules for the establishment of different zones, so we must prioritize our tastes.

People who like to cook and make meals at home will have to provide more space for it and place more kitchen furniture with a breakfast bar or dining tables that can be useful for different activities.

Decoration loft small interior designOn the other hand, people who usually receive visits from friends or relatives will need a larger area that would act as a living room with living room furniture, sofas and armchairs.

In the small spaces, we can play with the murals and the decorative vinyls to bring depth, color, personality to the interior decoration.Small home interior decor ideas

People who work at home will need to set up a work zone or home office.

And that way, each of us will do the project after studying different interior designs and styles, such as rustic style, industrial style or minimalist style.

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At present we have very new and interesting tools that can help us a lot, like some good applications and programs of:

  • Online interior design
  • 3d interior design
  • Free interior design program
  • Interior design blog

In short, we can say that it is a great option to save space, very useful for first homes, homes for young couples, for people alone and also for those who like to live in the city center. They can be a fun and youthful project.

Cheap Interior Design

Cheap Interior Design Small Space LoftWhen talking about design we always think of large amounts of money but it does not have to be that way. In many occasions we can get attractive designs and low-cost interior decorations, we only have to acquire the requisite furniture and accessories in stores with economical prices like Ikea and docking things made by ourselves DIY or restored furniture.

Colors in small interior design

White paint colors small loft interior decoration ideasThe bright, neutral colors and without great contrasts are theoretically the best choice for decorating small spaces and really are a wise move but it is not the only alternative.

Anyway, we want to show that using the white color is a guarantee of spaciousness, elegance and freshness, so we show an apartment decoration in white, have also used the raised bedroom making the space below is a large dressing room.

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