10 Tricks To Create Luxury Homes With Low Cost

Decorating to create luxurious homes can be difficult and we always think that we will need a high budget but, it does not always have to be this way. It is possible to make an elegant home without large disbursements. Who would not want to enjoy a home like the luxurious houses of celebrities ?Luxury home on a budget design

We want to show you some fundamental tricks, some simple ways of cheap decoration to make our home look high-end without actually being.

Luxury homes inside and out

In this article we will focus more on the interior design, although in the single-family homes the exterior decoration must go hand in hand with the decoration of the different rooms, today we want to look at the small, but important, details.Luxury living room home interior design

A clear and noticeable classic style decoration achieves a visual effect similar to the idea of a more expensive house. The details are everything, especially if we want to get luxurious homes, we will need to employ them. There are materials such as: gold, marble, noble woods and crystals or glares very characteristic of the elegant and expensive decoration of a dream house.

With the use of decorative accessories and accessories of these types the result can be the desired without having to buy furniture and adornments too expensive.Luxury home interior decor living room ideas

Therefore, the most practical way to look luxury homes is to use ornaments finished with this refined look.

For this we only need to place objects in strategic places that simulate a great economic value, such as: decorated ceramic vases, ornate frames to hang some pictures or mirrors, different points of light with appropriate design lamps, curtains made with the design and appropriate fabrics, some furniture representing seniority, etc.

Without these extra touches of decoration, the stays seem less important.

Although the usual thing is that we care much more the decoration of common areas than the private ones.

These tricks we can apply them in the interior design of all the rooms: decoration bedrooms, decoration kitchens, decoration living rooms, decoration bathrooms, decoration receivers and decoration lounges.Luxury traditional living room decorating ideas

Details for luxury and modern houses

Following some of the following tricks and decorating ideas guarantee our goal; Enjoy stays similar to those of the most prestigious luxury houses.

1. Frames to decorate luxurious houses for little money

Luxury classic bathroom mirror frameFortunately, the frames are quite cheap, especially if you opt for a good quality plastic and you can also paint. We can choose between many measures, but for greater impact it is better to opt for larger ones, if space allows, of course.

These ornamented in gilt frames or metallic colors are ideal to place as protagonists in the decoration of bathrooms, design foyers, dining rooms and lounges. These frames can be useful in mirrors and also in oils and paintings of any value (copies).

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To complete the work following the style of the frames, we will associate the baseboards, columns, rosettes, etc. The detail of the frames we will see clearly in the designs of bathrooms.

2. Color of walls for luxurious houses

Luxury small master bedroom colors ideasThe color of the wall is one of the most difficult decisions to make, however, there are some colors that add instant sumptuousness to a house. There are two options: dark and intense colors and soft and sober tones.

The choice may simply depend on our personality, there is no fixed rule, both options bring elegance to a room. And what brings a great elegance is the decoration walls with paper or walls enteladas.

An excellent option to make it look like a more expensive house, is to paint the interior doors in black. The feeling that is created is of lavishness and yet it is something that does not cause too much damage to the wallet. The black wall decoration can also be a great possibility.

If we opt for this strategy we must make sure to add some black accessories in the space, to link the doors to the general design of the decoration of environments.

3. Pillows, sign of comfort and elegance in luxurious houses

Purple pillows small luxury living room sofaThe pillows and cushions throughout the house serve two purposes. One, chosen correctly, can help create the elegance and glamor factor. The second, provide greater comfort.

Comfort and convenience are a luxury appearance, and for this you must choose large pillows. In the case of elegance, we will avoid small pillows and opt for cushions from 55 to 60 cm per side. Large cushions give a luxurious decor appearance, but they should be soft and soft.

4. Curtains, very important in luxurious houses

Luxury curtains large window decor ideasThe question is simple: a house without curtains on the windows has an unfinished and cheap appearance. Fortunately, the decoration of the windows we can do it also quite economically and we will add a great contribution of elegance to a home, as well as the privacy that is needed by using cheap curtains.

When we decide how to decorate a window, we have to make smart decisions and follow these tips. For example, curtain fabrics fragile and unlined seem terribly cheap, we should avoid materials that are very transparent. We will distinguish the curtains for room of the curtains of salon.

This does not mean that we have to spend a lot of money to decorate the windows; There are many chain stores that offer curtains and curtains made at a moderate price, but they really look elegant and expensive.

In addition, if we do not want to create environments too aristocratic it will be better to opt for noble materials such as natural silk, linen and cotton.

In fact, today there are many new synthetic materials that give a stylish look while they are relatively cheap and we can purchase modern and elegant curtains or combine the decoration with blinds, blinds or sumptuous Japanese panels.

5. Finishes of cheap furniture in the decoration of luxury houses

Cheap living room furniture luxury home designsThe luxurious furniture of high quality, well-worked or old may be out of our purchasing power and in addition to our personal tastes. But we can create a decoration of elegant and luxurious environments without spending a lot of money.

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Certainly buying luxury furniture is very expensive, but we can add only one or two pieces of high quality in the decoration of common rooms or rooms mixed with our usual furniture to bring greater value to the environment.

Or, visit second hand furniture stores, flea markets and furniture auctions to find that quality piece that we like and that has an affordable price.

In addition, the same furniture can change its appearance completely if we apply treatments, accessories or finishes that make it unique.

For example, it is proven that we can enter a store and be in front of an entire wall of knobs and drawers for drawers and low-cost cabinets. And usually, these accessories are also too standardized but, if we look with patience we can find pieces that provide an elegant finish to our cheap furniture and thereby customize the decor of our home.

Another option is total restoration. It is possible to get real beauties in furniture treated with very economical materials but with good techniques in furniture restoration.

6. Lighting, make the difference in luxurious houses

Luxury chandeliers gren kitchen lightingSome designer lamps will add more elegance to our interior decorations. Obviously, we all know that design lamps are quite expensive but fortunately we have the possibility in markets or antique dealers to find them and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get some luxurious and elegant antique lamps.

We can also transform them by adding some sophisticated details like crystals or metals. In some cases they may require restoration of lamps with a polished or a new coat of paint and the end result is a chandelier that will look a thousand times more expensive than it was before his speech.

For a luxurious feel we must make sure to place several light sources in a room, including all kinds of lamps, table and ceiling lights throughout the house, to increase the feeling of elegance. A good resource is the candlesticks.

7. The timeless and timeless parquet flooring for luxurious homes

Open space living dining room layout wooden flooring luxury home interiorNothing looks more elegant than noble wood parquet. But it is not essential to invest in soils only of this type, you can also find at an affordable price good quality imitations that are placed above the existing floor, laminated floor 2017.

Buying a wooden floor for your home is certainly an investment and is also a smart work. The parquet floors last a long time and provide an excellent value added to the price of the house if in the future you want to sell.

If we do not want to spend that much money, another option is the laminate flooring, but you have to make sure it is of good quality so as not to miss the “high end” effect that we are trying to create. If we are safe in the change or we do not want to make reforms of the home we can opt for the decoration with carpets.

In fact, when choosing laminate or carpet, in terms of the feeling of elegance, some interior designers opt for a good carpet.

We will consider choosing dark colored carpets for a more luxurious look. Do not forget to combine and tie the colors of carpets with other accessories or decorative accessories, to achieve a good interior of the room.

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8. Cheap accessories in decoration for luxurious houses

Cheap accessories luxury home decor ideasWhen we have a big budget to buy the pieces of ornament and the decorative complements of our house, we only need to have good taste when buying to achieve an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in our house.

But, we do not necessarily need large sums of money. There are many relatively inexpensive ways to customize the interior decoration of a home within a reduced budget; Place objects similar to those acquired for the mansions and the real luxurious houses.

For example, gold is associated with wealth and wealth can instantly create a sense of elegance, as long as there is not too much excess that can cause the opposite effect. So if we can, we will add some golden decorative object, like frames, frames or we will restore applying this color.

9. Complement the luxurious decoration with cheap auxiliary furniture

Blue wall colors cheap luxury home living room furnitureIt is a good idea to buy some auxiliary furniture from classic lines in poor condition, repair them with the great techniques of restoration  and combine them with our modern and contemporary decoration, this will help us create a luxurious effect and we do not have to spend too much.

They are perfect the sideboards, chairs or armchairs, sofas, side tables… In these restorations is a great success using upholstery or materials that look luxurious.

To help us achieve a comfortable and elegant visual effect there are very appropriate complements such as fireplaces.

Whenever we have possibility, the installation of a decorative fireplace will bring the touch of glamor and elegance sought. It can even be a modern, classic decorative fireplace and also a fake fireplace.

And in the bedrooms are a strong point the choice of a four-poster bed, side tables or style dressers, bedroom curtains… Another idea is the use of upholstery and bright materials.

10. Order and cleaning always in decoration

Canopy bed luxury classic master bedroom designRegardless of the style of decoration chosen, the type of room and the cost invested in each case, if we want to obtain a good result, it is essential and obliged to maintain proper order and cleaning.

Let’s do a test: We imagine a house located in a privileged place with rooms and rooms created by the most prestigious professionals, interior decorators, furnished with exclusive and unique pieces, imported from all corners of the world; With all the conditions of amplitude, light and situation appropriate, so that they provide everything necessary to achieve ” enviable magazine decoration ” and… we found dust, stains, dirt, things in the middle and bad smell… what would be the sensation ?

Now imagine the opposite effect; we find it in a humble house with low cost decoration, good taste, personalized style where it keeps order and cleaning.

Surprisingly, we will choose the second option, as the best atmosphere pleasant, comfortable and elegant.

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