Wall Decoration Trends 2017: Bet on Walls in Black

If you want to be the latest sign up for the wall decoration in black, a color with personality and strength that will give life to any space. Do you dare use it in your home?wall color trends

The black color rises to the car of the trends of 2017 and every day we see it in more examples of homes. Gray has been fashionable for some time now, we told you about it a long time ago. But now it seems that the tonality rises and the black becomes the protagonist of more and more spaces. From the kitchen to the children’s bedrooms all the rooms in the home are suitable for receiving this bathroom of glamor, elegance, and personality that will bring us the black. All our home can be updated with a touch of black, do you dare? Well, today we are going to give you some good reasons to encourage you to paint the walls in black.

Living rooms with personality

black living roomBlack becomes a full-color color that can serve to decorate any space, but especially the larger spaces (mainly the halls) are an ideal place to bet on it. If you do not dare all the walls in black, you can start with one that you want to give special prominence and make it the focal point of your decoration. Surely you will not regret it! And any object you put in it will stand out and have a life of its own, that easy!

For the most daring a whole black room can be a good solution. Yes, maybe it will be darker so we will have to strengthen the lighting very well and be careful that we do not fall on the walls, but who does not risk does not win and with the black, we will gain a theatrical and full of personality that certainly Will leave no one indifferent. Another good option may be to combine black with gray for a less dramatic effect and with that, you surely will not fail. Which one do you like the most? In addition, the wooden furniture will stand out in contrast and will be so beautiful.

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Make your photos stand out

black living room decorUsing the walls in black as background you will get to highlight what there put, for example, your favorite photos, pictures, and pictures that in contrast will highlight and attract all eyes. It’s a good way to give personality to a wall that would otherwise go unnoticed, do not you think? In this way, we make sure that the glances will fall on it and our treasures will be duly admired by all visitors. You can fill it with elements or place one just to give it prominence.

Different children’s rooms

teenage roomThe black seems a color appropriate for children’s rooms, as happens with the gray that nevertheless, we saw that offers us many possibilities. And here it is the same, without abuse, black can become our ally in children’s rooms and help us turn it into a unique and magical kingdom that make the children of the house will fall in love. Do you dare to try it? In low doses, of course, not to provoke an oppressive environment. Black and white with touches of color is always a safe bet for a modern and current children’s room. We love them!

And if that black wall also becomes a blackboard and the little ones can draw on it and let your imagination fly even better! Hours of fun assured.

Let’s not forget the slate effect

Already some time ago we talked about the slate effect as a trend in the home. An idea that takes time between us and that continues of full relevance. And that can also be very useful in children’s rooms as well as in the kitchen or study area. In addition to a wall full of personality that we can redecorate every time we want, we will have the advantage of being able to use it when we need it to remember the shopping cart or to help us study or not forget important things. An idea that we are very fans on the blog!

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Bathrooms in black

bathroom in blackAnother option that is very fashionable and that we love are bathrooms with walls in total black, risky but certainly full of strength and personality. Whether you are painting the walls or using the great variety of tiles and finishes that we have for bathrooms, black is one of the colors that comes treading strongly whether combined with white or in total black. The black and white bathroom is a classic that is not out of fashion but now is updated thanks to new materials and possibilities that will turn your bathroom into a special and unique space.

Turn your dining room into the focal point

black dining roomThe idea of ​​turning the dining room into a central point of our home also we like much, more if we do it by walls in black making our dining room stands out in all its splendor. It does not matter if you have a lot or little space, you only need a black wall and the result can not be more beautiful. Do not you think? A good idea if you feel like renovating your dining room without a big investment and that works whether you like the industrial style, like the Nordic or the eclectic. Your dining room will overflow personality!

Walls in black in your kitchen

We could not forget the kitchens that we talked about recently in an article that we told you that black furniture is fully current, as well as decorate your kitchen in black and white. But also the new appliances come to dress in anthracite gray with what the dark colors call our kitchen with force to give a more sophisticated air that we fall in love. And is that in 2017 can not miss the black touch in your kitchen.

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Bedrooms with black background

black bedroomFinally, we review an idea that we have been seeing for a long time but that continues to fall in love because we believe that it brings a different point to a bedroom, perhaps more in the industrial line or more youthful. With just one wall and the rest in white or in light and warm tones we will create a different space in which to feel at ease and relax after a long day, do you like the idea? A choice with a personality that will transform our bedroom.

And you, do you dare to put black walls in your decoration? A color that is considered difficult but that can certainly give us very good results if we know how to use them well and we have adequate lighting so that the spaces are not reduced or even oppressive. On my Pinterest page, you will find more images and ideas to inspire you if you are thinking of introducing it to your wall decoration. Happy week!

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