Wall Hooks In Small Hallway – Space Saving Replacement For The Wardrobe

wall hooks small hallway blue wallsIf the hallway is quite narrow or small, it is not a good idea to complete it with furniture. This will make the room even narrower and will be anything but comfortable. Space-saving measures are in demand here and we would like to introduce you to this article. Instead of a wardrobe that takes up a lot of space, simply hang wall hooks on the wall. These leave enough room for movement free, but they nevertheless fulfill their benefit. We will show you some creative ideas for wall hooks in the small hallway, which you can use as inspiration when you set up your entrance area.

Wall hooks in the small hallway for a simple decor

Wall hooks in the small hallway for a simple decorOf course, this idea for wall hooks in the small hallway is not only suitable for this type of corridor. If you are looking for simple designs, you can also use wall and clothes hooks in a larger hallway and get a stylish interior. The main thing is that you ultimately have a facility that suits your taste or at least represents a good compromise.

Ideas for wall hooks in the small corridor

Ideas for wall hooks in the small corridorWall hooks are anything but boring nowadays. The shapes and colors are diverse and also combinations for patchwork designs are no problem at all, but quickly turn into true eye-catchers. If you are looking for a suitable model, you can also mount such wall hooks in the small hallway. The drop shape loosens the atmosphere in some way.

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Wooden wall hook

wooden wall hookWall hooks can of course be made by themselves. For DIY wall hooks, a wide variety of materials and items are available, such as door knobs, clothes clamps and even pipes. Above you see a simple example for which wooden dowels were used. Their visible end was also spiced up with some color.

Practical and creative wall hooks idea for shelves

Practical and creative wall hooks idea for shelvesAn equally smart idea for the use of wooden anchors is this. They serve not only as wall hooks in the small corridor, but can also hold boards at the same time in order to serve as practical shelves. For this purpose, simply attach the anchors at regular intervals. The shelves can be changed at any time. Change the height or use larger, respectively, smaller boards whenever you want.

Eye-catching wall hooks from clothes clips

Eye-catching wall hooks from clothes clipsClothespins are another way to make clothes hooks for the corridor itself. Here, you can attach the brackets as they are to the wall and use them to hold the jackets, or you can add additional hooks, as in this example for wall hooks in the small corridor. Then you can use the brackets to hold photos, letters and other things.

Wall hook instead of cloakroom

Wall hook instead of cloakroomWith wall hooks in the small corridor, you will certainly save a lot of space and you will also get an interesting decoration for the wall. The so-called dots are very popular. These are round designs that remind of door knobs. At the same time, they act decently and decoratively on the bare wall. Very pretty we find this combination of wood and metal.

Classic clothes hooks for the wall

Classic clothes hooks for the wallAnyone who is familiar with traditional furniture styles will find this variant for wall hooks in the small hallway. In this example, however, they are not in the corridor but directly in the living room into which the entrance leads. This does not matter, because the clothes hooks are one way or another a sympathetic thing. There is even a small stool for comfortable dressing of the shoes.

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Idea of Wall Hooks from IKEA

IKEA wall hooksHere you see an original idea of IKEA for wall hooks in the small corridor. However, you can also imitate them yourself. Use an old door or some other kind of board. The lighter the material used, the better. On the wall you attach a mirror, which you can equip with a door stopper. On the inside of the board, you paint the plaque, while the outer side serves to attach the clothes hooks.

Use wall hooks for a mini wardrobe

wall hooks for a mini wardrobeDots are also well suited to build such a small wardrobe from wall hooks in the small hallway. It has a small table and a mirror, while the dots serve to hang the clothes. This is a good alternative, if single hooks are too simple for you. Let yourself be reminded. The important thing is to save space.

Kitchen reel for the corridor

Kitchen reel for the corridorA great idea for wall hooks in the small hallway is also the kitchen reel to the hooks. These are available in different lengths, so you can choose the perfect variant for your corridor. The railing looks modern as well and presents an interesting accent in the hallway, which is also modern and stylish.

Classic clothes hooks

Classic clothes hooksThis design for wall hooks in the small hallway has been used for centuries to hang up the jackets. Several hooks are fastened next to each other. The disadvantage is that you can not choose the distance yourself, unless you build the system yourself. One advantage of any kind of wall hook is that you have still room for a small piece of furniture.

Wall hook in wall niche

Wall hook in wall nicheIf your hallway has an irregular shape, wall hooks are also a useful variant. A wall niche, as it is in this corridor, can sometimes be impractical and not enough space for wardrobes and other furniture, especially if the corridor is quite small. An alternative are wall hooks in the small corridor.

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Wall hook Dots

wall hook dotsHere you can see the sympathetic dots. They are made of wood and have a different size. In this way they provide texture on the wall. Bring the dots or other wall hooks in the small corridor horizontally or vertically and combine with any other decorations to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Space-saving furniture in the corridor

Space-saving furniture in the corridorNo matter what kind of wall hook in the small hallway you choose, consider how many se will need. This depends on how many people live in the household and if you only want to hang clothes or bags on the wall. The hooks are even suitable for keys.

Wall hook without drilling

Wall hook without drillingThe wall hooks in the small hallway are also a great way to paint on a white wall, without having to paint the whole wall at the same time. Combine several colors or leave it at one. Then find more matching decorations to create a homely overall picture and to get a stylish decor.

Wall paneling

Wall paneling hooksIf you do not want to drill the wall hooks into the wall in the small hallway, you can also fix them to the wall paneling, if one is available. Wood as a wall cladding is also a good design idea for the corridor. This should however be bright, so that the corridor is more spacious.

DIY idea with wooden board

DIY idea with wooden boardEven with such a variant you will save yourself drilling many holes in the wall. The wall hooks in the small hallway are simply attached to any board. Another variant are, of course, hooks that are glued to the wall. However, you should bear in mind that these cannot withstand a high weight.

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