What Should The Guest Room Have?

Learn how to decorate the guest room so that nothing is lacking and there is comfort and good care. Your home will look like a luxury hotel!guest room

What should the Guest Room have?

How to Decorate a Guest Room

Today we want to tell you some ideas that will help you know what you should have in the guest room so that your guests feel really well taken care of. It is about creating a small space of intimacy and comfort, in which those who spend the night (or several) in your house feel as if they were in a luxury hotel, in a display of kindness towards those people with whom you share home.

7 Essential Things for a Guest Room

It is essential that in the guest room there is certain furniture and elements of everyday use. If there is a possibility, it is a good idea to install a separate bathroom. Either way, make sure your guest room has:

Learn how to decorate the guest room so your visitors feel cared for as if they were in a luxury hotel.

“Something fundamental that the guest room must have is a vanity table, with a mirror and located in an illuminated place. If possible, it also places a full-length mirror.”

  1. A double bed, comfortable and in good condition, with clean sheets, fluffy pillows, and sufficient shelter if the weather is cold. Put carpets on both sides of the bed: they are very cozy.
  2. If there is not, improvise a night table (or two) with a drawer and a night table.
  3. Some air conditioning system that makes the stay more comfortable: stove, heater, air conditioning, split air / heat or fan, in each case.
  4. At least one dressing table, with a mirror and located in a bright place. If possible, also have a full body mirror.
  5. A clean set of towels for each guest. Also personal hygiene products, if there is an individual toilet in the room, including paper, small towels, new toothbrushes, toothpaste (thread and rinse as well), shampoo, conditioner and a cream of hands or body, just in case .
  6. Some visibility blocks in the window (curtains and/or blinds) to ensure the privacy of your guests from the outside.
  7. At least one grab or a double sofa, where they can relax when they arrive, or when they want, and that help them – for example – to put on their shoes without balancing.
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Complements for the guest room

To complete the experience, think of all those things you would like to have in a nice hotel room when you travel and put them in your guest room. It adapts the elements to the climate and the activities to be carried out, for example:

“To complete the experience, think of all those things you would like to have in a nice hotel room when you travel and put them in your guest room.”

  • Slippers and robes for every visitor.
  • Sunscreen and post-sun cream (or warm clothing, scarves and hats).
  • A small emergency kit, including disinfectant, dressings and painkillers. You can include antihistamines or others, depending on the case.
  • A small sewing machine, or at least a pair of scissors, some needles, threads and hook pins, in case they had drawbacks to the clothes.
  • A small bag with nail care items, hair clippers or other items that may be needed.
  • An extra blanket for the foot of the bed.
  • Books, magazines or DVDs with a TV and a player for videos and for music, as entertainment.
  • Elements of feminine hygiene. Includes wipes or tampons, daily protectors, analgesics for PMS or others.
  • It is a good idea to leave in the guest room a hair dryer, a flat iron, a curling iron, combs, brushes and others for combing. Complement with hair clips, hair bands, etc. In the case of men, an electric razor can be well appreciated.
  • Put in the guest room a multiple electric outlet (shoe), and offers chargers for mobiles or others that were necessary.
  • Leave in the chest a card with the name and password of your Netflix account or TV on-demand , and also for Wi-Fi.
  • Have space in the closet of the guest room, including in the storage room to leave your bags there.
  • Just before you receive your guests, put in your room a tray with clean glasses and a jug with a cool drink. If the weather is cold, place a small electric coffee maker or a water heater and tea bags along with some cups, sweeteners or others. A bed table with folding legs will be very welcome.
  • Fresh flowers are a simple way to warm your guest room.
  • And when you finish, be sure to prepare a basket with cold drinks and some snacks for the trip, and enjoy the comfort you have given your visitors with these tips on what a guest room should be, so that your stay at home is simply phenomenal.
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