10 Fantastic Ideas for Decorating Cozy Homes

We are already in autumn and it starts to get cold so arriving home and finding it warm and welcoming is one of the few advantages these days. But what are the keys to getting the decoration of cozy homes in the eyes of own and strangers?Decorating Cozy Homes

How can we make your home decor cozy? It is not as difficult as it may seem, you just need to pay attention to the details. That is why today we propose some ideas that will help you to give a more welcoming air to your home, so that you are wishing to arrive at it or not to go out all the weekend and the visits either.

1. Heats the environment with colorDecorating Cozy Homes

Warm colors always help create a climate in which to feel more comfortable and relaxed. So if you are thinking about painting, perhaps it is best to look for some tone within the wide range of warm tones. White is a fantastic color but can be very cold, just like blue, so instead choose a bone or ivory tone that will bring more warmth. And if you are more daring, you have the ranges of yellow, orange, red, pink and brown all ideal to bring warmth to your decor of cozy houses. You can also take advantage to include them in your add-ons, you will not regret it! And you can change them when the summer season arrives and you feel like refreshing the atmosphere.

2. Carpets in the decoration of cozy housesDecorating Cozy Homes

Carpets are the perfect way to give warmth to space, place them in each room and gain in comfort. Choose thick, thick, long-pile or looped rugs for a greater sense of comfort. In winter there is nothing like getting up and feel a very soft rug under your feet, do not you think? And we have so many options to choose from that you will surely find one that is perfect for your space. Put a rug at your feet!

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And if you like to experiment it takes to put different layers of carpets, one on another. It is a good way to add color and texture to your floors. Plus the extra layer ensures your feet will avoid the cold soil in the coldest months of the year. You just have to make sure that the bottom carpet is larger and look below to create a nice layering effect. Do you like the idea? To us yes!

3. Give importance to the lightDecorating Cozy Homes

Light is another key element when it comes to creating the best decorations for cozy houses and more if we think that in winter is when less light we receive natural, so it enhances natural light through curtains and blinds. In winter the feeling of recollection must be greater so you can bet on heavier curtains that create a warm barrier in front of the outside especially at night They will make you feel wrapped!

In artificial lighting, it avoids the too white lights and opts for those of warmer and wraparound tones that will help you to create a more relaxed and welcoming climate. It also bets on different types of indirect lights such as lamps with fabric screen that are decorative and create a more homey atmosphere or garlands of lights that create a nice effect. The candles are also a great option as they will bring a warm and intimate atmosphere to any evening.

4. Comfortable and fluffy sofaIdeas for Decorating Cozy Homes

The sofa is one of the most important parts of a home, so you have to dedicate time and effort. It is one of the pieces in which it is worth investing something more because you will give much use and feel at ease in it is vital. The rounded shapes give a greater sense of comfort. But above all the important thing is that you feel comfortable in it so give it a try before deciding on one. It is also important to evaluate what kind of upholstery to put on, the skin in winter can be cold while the fabrics will be more pleasing. It will be a key decision in your home decor! It may also be a good idea to create a reading area with a wingchair, in winter it will be the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing reading a book or doing your favorite crafts.

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5. Blankets and cushionsDecorating Cozy Homes

Fill your sofa with blankets and cushions but also the rest of your home, such as bedrooms, chairs, armchairs …. Textile complements are a perfect element to bring warmth to your home decor, as they envelop us and make us feel at home. taste. Choose fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, linen, velvet, etc. That bring an extra warmth and softness to any corner. These elements will also add color so we must take care of them in detail to verify that they go well with the rest of the decoration but at the same time are elements in which we can risk a little more because they are easy to replace if they go out of style.

6. Natural wood and fibersDecorating Cozy Homes

Wood is the natural choice when we want to give our home more warmth and we will always find some ideal piece whatever our style and taste. All shades of wood are adequate. The decorative elements in wood and natural fibers are also another way to bring warmth and are also very fashionable so you know wicker, raffia, wood logs … you have a multitude of options when looking for furniture and accessories that create a cozy set In which you feel at ease.

7. Give your home a little greenDecorating Cozy Homes

Plants and flowers are another good way to give your home decor a more homely and rustic look. Give your rooms some green with some strategically located plants that provide ambiance. Also fresh or dried flowers can be a great choice. But if you are the one to take care of plants you always forget, you can opt for cacti or cacti that require much less care and are very fashionable. Other solution? Terrariums that besides being original and different also need minimal care. You have no excuse! Well as you see there are options for all levels.

8. Paper on wallsDecorating Cozy Homes

We have already commented on the importance of the textures when it comes to creating home and feeling of comfort. Mixing different textures will help create a more welcoming feel. The wallpaper is a good way to add texture to our walls since there is a multitude of options of greater and smaller thickness and with all kinds of finishes. The drawings and patterns also help to bring interest to our walls and turn them into the center of any room.

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9. Elements with home flavorDecorating Cozy Homes

Surround yourself with the things you love and make you feel good is key to decorating cozy homes because you will be able to turn a soulless house into a home with personality and history. Make your home look more homely and full of love by placing family photos, travel memories inherited objects, show your hobbies and hobbies …. It is important that the houses feel like living spaces and where a family lives, so do not be afraid to show off all those elements that make you unique and at the same time make you feel at home. You will fill your home with memories and you will feel more at ease and happy!

10. Golden or copper accentDecorating Cozy Homes

If you like metals you are in luck because the gold and copper are full of trend and are also two nuances that can help you warm the atmosphere of your home decor. Forget the silver tones or darker like iron and bet on these tones warmer when it comes to decorating the house. Gold, copper, bronze, old gold …. Warm colors and full of life. From chandeliers to knobs or picks and your house will win in warmth.

Do not hesitate to take the time to do these tricks to get your home decor cozy so that this winter you feel even warmer and comfortable in your home. Surely, you will spend much more hours in your home than in summer and it is worth spending a little time to adapt your home to make it more welcoming. And you, do you put any of these ideas into practice when winter comes? I hope as always your comments and ideas, and I leave my Pinterest page where you can see more photos to inspire you on how to decorate your house this winter to make it cozier Happy week!

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