10 Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Popular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019The kitchen is without a doubt one of the centerpieces of your home. If you are like me, you visit and use it several times a day. She is not only a key piece, but she is also the focal point of all gatherings. It is often around the islet that we exchange with relatives and friends and share delicious appetizers accompanied by a good glass of wine.

The idea of a new kitchen is very exciting for many people. Especially if it is due to be redone for some time now. The possibilities are almost limitless. Whether new features available on the latest models of appliances, choices of lighting and counters or the selection of stylized elements that reflect your elegance or your bohemian side, there are some all tastes and budgets. This piece is often an extension of yourself.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation soon, it is good to be on the lookout for the latest trends to get a better idea of what you want to find at home. In this publication, we explore the 10 most recent trends. The perfect way to get a taste of what’s popular in 2019!

The 10 most recent trends in kitchen design in 2019

1. The industrial lookPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

In response to the popularity of contemporary kitchens that stand out with their elegant and neat look, the industrial kitchen wants to be chic and functional at the same time. It continues to grow and end up in more and more designs. Inspired by the old New York loft-style apartments and old warehouses, it is distinguished by its design elements that beautifully integrate brick walls, wooden countertops and industrial materials, such as wrought iron, brass and copper for stools for example or accessories such as faucets.

Natural earthy colors are dominant to create a warm atmosphere in the room. The industrial aspect is often paired with rustic elements, such as untreated wood shelves and pretty plants arranged around the room to give the impression of cooking outdoors.

2. The return of blackPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Black is a classic color that brings, without a shadow of a doubt, sophistication and distinction to any décor. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to explore new avenues and think outside the box. Whether you opt for a kitchen with a total black look or combine it with beautiful wood species and a counter in an opposite shade, it dresses up wonderfully the kitchen. Do not be intimidated by its imposing presence, but rather explore the different design possibilities that know how to make a piece look stunning.

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It’s possible to create contrasts by integrating lighting with dark cabinets and countertops to create an elegant atmosphere and give a futuristic impression, such as a Blade Runner scene. Talk to your cook, he will be happy to suggest options that might surprise you.

3. Suspended lightingPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Although recessed lighting are part of the basic elements of all new kitchens built over the last decade and they are here to stay, we can not ignore the return of hanging lamps that quickly became a product sought by those looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design.

The installation is quite appropriate above the island or sink to bring a bright and warm atmosphere to the room. Several styles are offered to marry perfectly to your decor. They can easily become the center of attraction by adding a sense of expression and individuality.

4. Open shelvesPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Who does not want to have a kitchen with practical and organized storage? If you have beautiful dishes and are proud of them, why not break the monotony by placing it on open shelves integrated into the design of your cabinets, such as beautiful displays in stores. This trend is very popular in new kitchen designs. They have their place as much in a rustic kitchen as a contemporary kitchen.

This option is very suitable for dishes and glassware that is used frequently. Forget the idea of placing your cognac glasses, which are only used a few times a year. You would not want to have to rinse them before each use to dust them off.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance they provide, open shelves significantly reduce the cost of materials and installation. An advantage that is not to neglect for the respect of your budget. And as a bonus, you minimize the risk of banging your head on the corner of the open cabinet door!

The layout of a kitchen is essential to a successful renovation. Well before deco, we must think ergonomics. To know the important points to consider, read our article about setting up an optimal kitchen.

5. Matt household appliancesPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

We have seen the matte finish gain popularity in recent years in the automotive field as a choice of high-end paint. He invites himself today in the houses by bringing a completely different style to our appliances. The smooth, shiny surfaces that we are used to seeing from now on are now giving way to rougher, matte textures reminiscent of the elegance of modern super cars.

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The dark matte finish naturally hides finger marks, stains and dirt. It goes well with most materials and retains its beautiful appearance.

A great way to bring originality and personality to your room!

6. Indoor herbal gardenPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

If you like to cook and regularly add fresh herbs to your recipes, this trend is for you. The convenience of having them at hand is a small luxury easily accessible and inexpensive. All great chefs say it, no dried herb is worth the taste of fresh herbs to enhance a dish.

In addition to the practical side of this indoor horticulture, herbal plants add vivacity to your kitchen, a touch of natural greenery and perfume the air of exotic aromas. What to amaze all your guests!

Grow them in a range of pretty pots that you have ideally near a window and sink for easy watering or opt for a system like the AeroGarden that allows the hydroponics of up to 6 plants at the same time. time, such as herbs, small tomatoes, hot peppers, lettuce, etc. for gadget enthusiasts.

No need to have a green thumb, your mini garden requires only a little love every day!

7. Gold touchPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Apart from the colors selected for the cabinets, counters, walls and backsplash, gold has become the preferred choice to complement any décor. It integrates perfectly with the majority of noble materials. It is preferred for faucets, cabinet handles and suspended lighting. It allows you to integrate a touch of elegance and richness into any kitchen design. Pair it with marine cabinetry, pale marble countertops, backsplashes and white walls, and you end up with an unparalleled ambiance.

Often associated with the fashion accessories of affluent people with a larger wallet than style, gold is today seen as a wise and refined choice for design lovers. The gold finish is perfect for creating a classy vintage atmosphere in your room without having to break your pig.

To know the main mistakes to avoid during a kitchen renovation and help you plan your budget, visit our kitchen renovation page.

8. Spectacular hoodsPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Formerly installed primarily for functional purposes, kitchen hoods are now an integral part of the design elements of new kitchens. A vast selection of materials is offered for their manufacture, in order to create varied styles and styles that blend in both classic and contemporary cuisine.

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As they can easily serve as a centerpiece in the kitchen, it is important that the design choice is dictated by the style and décor of the rest of the room to avoid missteps.

Whether they are round in shape over an island for a modern look, or in an imposing copper format for a rustic decor, it is possible to obtain kitchen hoods made to measure by specialized craftsmen. Slip a word to your renovation consultant or kitchen designer, he will guide you.

9. The teal sensationPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

There is a little something of this color that is reminiscent of the retro lounge furniture of the 50s, but teal is indeed one of the trend colors that is a sensation in the kitchen of the hour. The different shades, ranging from the darkest for a wraparound universe to the paler for a small soothing side, blend perfectly with any other complementary color, which makes it easy to play the card of creativity and create an atmosphere unique.

For a magazine-style look and a timeless look, combine your teal cabinets with rich materials such as gold finishes, marble and wood. Have fun mixing two tones for a wow effect and fine tune your design with carefully selected decorative elements.

10. Navy blue in contrastPopular Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Say goodbye to the monotony by choosing a shade of dark blue as the accent color or to create a graphic effect by using it for example for the island. Paired with white or gray, the navy blue will certainly bring a touch of elegance and richness to your new kitchen. Add to all this metal accessories and you’re here with a chic and timeless decor that will not go unnoticed.

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