10 Reasons Why Clean House Improves Your Life Radically

Some turn to amulets, others to visualizations and others to the famous “clean” when it comes to clearing the house to give a better energy to the environment. But sometimes not only that is necessary, in fact, perhaps the solution to clean the house, is simply to take things out of it and make a clean in the house of things you do not need, that no longer have a meaning, occupy only space Gathering earth, bugs and memories of the past. Often our home is full of things that make visual, mental and energetic noise, without realizing it.clean house

Why Clean House Improves Your Life Radically

In Home Living we have talked about other ways in which our home can be filled with good energy and worth exploring more to find out the positive effects it can bring to your life and health, and here are those 10 reasons to clean the house.

1. A messy home can seriously affect your health

Let’s start by looking at the other side of the coin – why it’s bad to have a messy home. It turns out that the negative effects of the disorder can be much more serious than you might think. Too much can have an impact on your mental and physical well-being. Among other things, it can cause anxiety, affect your sleep, reduce your focus and increase your oxidative stress. That is an unpleasant combination of things you want to avoid.

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2. Make a clean in the house, clean your mind

If your house is hectic, it probably reflects the chaos in your subconscious mind, which impairs your ability to stay focused. Clutter also limits your ability to process information. Cleansing your physical space can help you clear your mind. This often results in a cleansing experience, where you feel lighter and have more room to breathe.

As you begin to separate yourself from material possessions and put more importance on people and experiences, you will feel a sense of freedom.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Living in a messy space may be draining you mentally because it is almost impossible to ignore the tasks that remain unfinished. This creates a constant level of stress, which can deplete our energy, generate feelings of being overwhelmed, and even damage our immune system.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a number of things, and cleaning the house is not the only thing you must do to fight these problems. But even if it helps a little, it’s definitely something to consider.

4. Cleaning the house improves the functioning of your digestive system

The organization of your space can result in the disappearance of symptoms such as swelling, reflux, poor digestion, and inflammation. This can be attributed to the gut-brain connection: As your stress level decreases and your mind becomes less crowded, your body has more energy and less oxidative stress.

Your detoxification processes work well, and your microflora is in balance; in addition, all those lovely nutrients you are putting into your body are absorbed and delivered to the right place. Your antioxidant protection will also improve.

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5. Help get rid of the harmful pathogens in your home

Cluttered homes also allow for the accumulation of dust, dirt, pet hair and mold. The pathogens and toxins contained in these things can be a disaster for our health, causing allergies, respiratory conditions, inflammation, oxidative stress and eventually chronic diseases. You may not even realize that you are suffering from the effects of these allergens until you clean your environment.

6. You will have more time

One study calculated that the average person in the city spent a year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. So a little literal cleaning could bring you back to life. Another study estimated that getting rid of so many things that are also messy, can eliminate up to 40% of household chores.

7. Can strengthen friendships

One survey indicated that half the owners would not invite their friends to their homes because they were embarrassed by the amount of clutter they had. The same survey showed that 16% of mothers with at least three children were not allowed to invite friends because their homes were full of garbage. That’s a lot of meaningful lost time with friends, all because people find it too daunting to clean their homes.

8. You can improve your sex life

Hard to believe, but apparently true. One study found that when relationships become tense due to arguments about things such as cluttered spaces, disorganization ends up affecting their lives more than they should. Conflicts of this type can have an adverse effect on your sex life.

9. Clutter can make you feel permanently tired

A study by the Institute of Neurosciences at Princeton University found that people with a disorderly home experienced increased exhaustion as a result of the expansion of mental energy in stress caused by a disordered environment. In addition, as clutter makes it more difficult to focus and process information, you have to work harder and spend more energy to do daily tasks.

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10. Disorder negatively affects your decision making

That same study from Princeton University explains that the awareness and annoyance of the existing disorder will wear out your mental state. This can make you more likely to be frustrated, and you can make decisions differently than when you have a clear head.

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