15 Useful Smart Home Appliances with App Control for Your Home

smart home appliancesThe Smart Home has been predicted by generations of sci-fi writers and is finally becoming a reality. We have therefore compiled some of the best smart home appliances that meet the most demanding requirements. While many of these useful gadgets still remain in the luxury sector, others are quite affordable and can make your life easier.

Useful smart home devices – set iRoomba via app

smart home appliances iroombaAs one of the first devices in the age of Smarthome, the vacuum cleaner robot has grown to become an iconic device and every new model keeps pace with the latest trends. Thanks to the iAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual localization, Roomba 980 can move and clean the entire house. The intelligent vacuum robot runs for up to 120 minutes, then automatically recharges its battery and starts cleaning until all the work has been completed. The iRobot HOME app allows you to start cleaning, set the schedule, and make custom settings from your smartphone. The Aeroforce cleaning system with carpet boost provides perfect performance on carpets and carpets. Order here

Smart Home Appliances – Chamberlain garage door drive and MyQ technology

Smart Home Appliances - Chamberlain garage door driveWith this smart, ultra-quiet garage door operator, you would never again ask yourself whether you left the garage door open, because the operation and monitoring of the garage door is possible with a smartphone and tablet. Order here  To control your garage doors from anywhere in the world, you need the MyQ Starter Kit , gateway, which connects the garage door drive to the Internet via the router.

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With visitors chat about a WLAN door bell

WLAN door bellWith this WLAN bell, you can always and from anywhere see who is standing in front of your doorstep and even talk with him. Motion or ringing activates the app on your smartphone or tablet and you can accept or reject the action as you would with a call. Order here

Canary security system with HD camera

Canary security system with HD cameraCanary provides intelligent security for your home. Simply put Canary on a table or a shelf, close it to the power supply, connect to the Internet via the free app and that’s it. Canary will then send real-time notifications on your Smartphone if something unusual happens in your house. The system detects when you come home and changes the mode automatically. Canary also oversees the air quality, temperature and humidity. Order here

Tile – Bluetooth Tracker

Tile - Bluetooth TrackerTile is a small Bluetooth tracker that can quickly find your keys, mobile phone and other items that you do not want to lose with the help of a user-friendly app. You can attach Tile to Smartphone’s, Tablets, Laptops, Luggage, Handbags, Brieftaschen, Rücksäcke and many others and locate them quickly. Order here

Eve Thermo – radiator thermostat with Apple homekit support

Eve Thermo - radiator thermostat with Apple homekit supportImprove your comfort at home by always setting the perfect feel-good temperature by smart heating. So you can adapt your heating system to your daily routine and your needs. With Siri, you can change your temperature simply by voice and view all the data collected by Eve a month. Order here

Practical control by appPractical control by app

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GemPet Smart Feeder – automated feed dispenser

GemPet Smart Feeder - automated feed dispenserThis food dispenser is super-practical for those who often travel and unfortunately have to leave their pets longer. With it, you can control the feeding time and proper amount of food from your smartphone. Video calls with your pet as well as photos / videos in real time are also possible. Order here

Petcube – Game cubes with camera

Petcube - Game cubes with cameraPetcube is an interactive camera that can be connected to your smartphone. So you can watch your pets when you are not at home, talking to them, and even playing with them. The camera is equipped with an interactive laser, which you can move around the screen by finger wiping. The camera also allows you to capture and save photos in real-time. Order here

MiPow Playbulb LED candle light with color change

MiPow Playbulb LED candle light with color changeDive your home into a very special light. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth chip, these led candles can be controlled via an app of 20 meters in range and display up to 16 million different colors. There are also various effects such as flicker mode, dimming function, rainbow effect and much more. The brightness can be set with just one finger wipe. The playbulb can also be turned around and act like a lighted teal light holder. Order here

Smart LED light bulb with integrated Bluetooth speaker

Smart LED light bulb with integrated Bluetooth speakerThis smart led bulb is not only equipped with LED color changing, but also has Bluetooth speakers and can transfer music. This makes them a real multi-talent. The Bluetooth speaker supports a variety of audio files and has a range of up to 10 meters. The color change can also be controlled in the rhythm of the music. Order here

Digital photo frame for modern art from Electric Objects

Digital photo frame for modern art from Electric ObjectsDigital art is the latest trend in contemporary art and is in line with our era. With this picture frame you can control the artworks on your wall via app! The available art selection is huge, but you can also upload your own pictures to the cloud. Order here

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WLAN coffee machine with grinder

WLAN coffee machine with grinderNow you can start over Wi-Fi and still app from your bed, the coffee making facilities and the wifi coffee machine from Smarter will grind for you fresh beans. The degree of grinding of the beans, the strength of the coffee, the number of cups and the time can be set. Order here

Stainless steel kitchen mixer with touch

Stainless steel kitchen mixer with touchThis kitchen appliance can not be controlled by a smartphone, but is inspired by other innovative features. The water can be activated with the wrist, forearm or pressing and thus the fitting remains beautifully clean. Order here

Click & Grow Smart herb garden

Click & Grow Smart herb gardenWith the Smart Herbal Garden you can breed fresh herbs, fruits and flowers with zero effort. No green thumb is needed. The specially developed soil and built-in sensors ensure that the plants receive the optimal configuration of water, oxygen and nutrients. Comes with 3 additional cartridges for basil! Order here

WLAN scale provides complete body analysis

WLAN scale provides complete body analysisWithing patented Position Control ™ technology, Theing’s WLAN scales deliver precise body analyzes and automatically synchronize with the smartphone. It shows weight, body fat content, muscle and bone mass and water content. You can set goals and follow your development.

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