17 Great Ideas for Modern Dining Rooms 2017

Modern dining rooms do not necessarily have to be just the space to place the dining table where to sit down to eat, they can and should be much more than that. It can be installed in a room of her own for dining but the most common are to have space within the modern rooms designed to place the furniture necessary; Tables and chairs, a sideboard, a cabinet, shelves, cupboards…White furniture open space modern small living dining room combo design

The dining room decor we can create it with different styles like in the rest of the room or of other types. The modern dining rooms offer us countless options to find ours.

At other times, when the kitchen has adequate dimensions we can place some practical modern dining rooms for daily use; the demanded kitchens with the office. They can be classic of Nordic type, contemporaries of style vintage, of touch rustic, retro, a little eclectic creating your own style or perhaps minimalist dining rooms.

Popular styles of modern dining rooms 2017

We can get modern warm and comfortable dining rooms using various styles of decoration, and surely, some of them will adapt to our personality:

Perhaps starting with the choice of colors for dining rooms can be a fundamental step, because we must select tones that invite us to rest but at the same time have to be cheerful to create a space in which we are motivated to chat and share time of meals with our family.

1. Decoration small modern dining rooms

small modern dining roomsBlue and orange is a common color scheme for kitchens and perfect for this adjoining area, but a little variety can bring this scheme to life. In this corner, orange leather chairs and bold cushions contrast with pale yellow walls and the blue accents of window blinds bring a burst of energy into space. The design of the glass dining table with the angular base also adds dynamism to the space. The color can contribute with the option of painting dining walls.

2. Modern low cost dining rooms with live accents

Cheap modern small dining room ideasA bright and bold color like green of the upholstered dining chairs can bring a cheerful atmosphere in a neutral space with white as a base. This room has only needed a small and economical renovation; The placement of the carpet and the blinds in raffia to apply a brushstroke of warmth. But in this dining room the life and protagonism is offered by updated chairs, upholstered in a colorful floral print and painted in a lively and lively green color. The decor of cheap modern dining rooms does not have to be unpleasant.

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3. Change of style from classic dining rooms to modern dining rooms

Modern-classic small dining room designThis is a perfect corner with great natural light, it has substantially changed the decor, by placing modern chairs in transparent acrylic and chandelier bronze solidifies traditional lines of this room. While on the other hand, colorful cushions mark the play and modern dining design. The round dining table and bench perfectly match; providing a uniform and broken style that when mixed it affirms the personalized style and even pushes to use modern dining rooms in glass or transparent.

4. Modern dining rooms with old tiles

Small modern dining rooms with old tiles ideasThe current is wood and carpets for a modern dining room, but taking a souvenir of Spanish and Italian houses and villas, where the tiled floors prevail, we show this bet with the glossy finish of black arabesque tiles that reflect the light, preventing the room from looking too dark. The wooden dining table and chairs give a warm touch to the room, and the white walls, wooden bench and lamp provide a modern touch. The modern and elegant dining rooms are appreciated in the final photographs.

5. Put on a bench to get breadth in the dining room decoration

Bench and chairs dining room furniture setsAdding a bench to a dining table, instead of chairs, provides additional space for a larger group. Perfect for homes where large gatherings are often held, a bench allows more people to sit together at the table and is especially ideal for children. The scheme of colors eaters of neutral tones and wood emphasize the simplicity and the design of the room. The large carpet in a single color reinforces the intimacy of the area. The different types of modern dining rooms, photos and details are shown carefully.

6. Comfort and intimacy in the darkness of this modern dining room

Comfortable dining room furnitureThis time, against the usual light and light, we point to the dark and cozy. The layout of this dining room is dark and solid. The stone walls, the floor and the wooden ceiling give a dark tone to the space. Dining chairs lined with upholstery in gray and blue off and sofa with different textures get the cozy effect on the interior decoration and offer a feeling of comfort and intimacy. The game in modern dining rooms can be infinite depending on your creativity.

7. Glamorous dining rooms mixing styles

Glamorous dining rooms mixing stylesThis is another way of mixing and combining modern and light dining elements with solid and classic silhouette elements. The large decorated windows fill this dining room with an abundance of natural light, giving it a light and open touch. The white walls and ceiling along with the length of the curtains in soft blue accentuate the light and make the room look bigger. The chairs room light and modern in light gray gives a unique reflection of light and contributes to the airy tone in the room. The dark wood dining table and its base of curves contrast strongly and the Louis XV style upholstered wooden chairs at the head of the table give the classic and traditional touch.

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8. Modern and elegant dining rooms

Modern and elegant small dining roomsGood lighting is essential in a dining room because it sets the mood. The design of these dining furniture, table and chairs, is simple and sober. The main protagonist of this relaxed atmosphere is the antique chandelier-type ceiling lamp with tubular wire that stands out and draws attention to this interior decoration. Palettes of colors in grays give us a decoration of modern look. Modern dining rooms for small spaces can be a challenge that we consider but simple to solve.

9. Your old dining furniture gives a very personal touch

old dining furniture ideasLet your dining room decorate the memories of the meals you have shared with the people you love and incorporate relics and family treasures. It can be a collection of photos, a treasured set or even a single piece of furniture, such as an inherited Windsor chair that can go perfectly in line with a group of armchairs like these. Personality and own style come into play in this warm and cozy dining room. The different types of chairs give the room an unexpected blow of variety and contribute to the unique and original feel of the room. The neutral tones and wood with the details in greens offer the space an endearing atmosphere.

10. Different shades with decorative vinyl

Decorative vinyl yellow cushions dining chairs ideasThis dining room decor plays with the force of all its details. This dining room uses color, texture, pattern and architecture to create a decorative style in all its splendor. The white cladding of the baseboard and ceiling give importance to the scheme of neutral colors that contrast with the black frames of the window for an elegant design. The yellow cushion on the chairs adds a subtle touch of color and makes the room more pleasant. The mural vinyl branch on the wall and the sophisticated chandelier are a unique accent that adds a sweet touch and gives character to the space.

11. Small dining room decoration, space of sophistication

Blue and yellow color scheme modern dining room chairsEven if we need to decorate small dining rooms in a kitchen space, do not be afraid to give it a chic style. In this dining room the sobriety of the classic dining furniture and above all the colors distinguish the space against the simple white kitchen. The yellow upholstery at the back of the chairs contrasts with the marine cushions and is a burst of color with dark wood flooring and white walls. It complements the atmosphere with the carpet and lamp.

12. Emphasis on colors for dining rooms 2017

Modern small dining room colorsModern dining rooms can offer us an exclusive color emphasis with a few details. In one the decoration of rooms where the bases are monochromatic colors in neutral tones, (using the same tone in the walls and floors), we include the surprise with the strength of one or two strong colors. For example, this beige sand dining room is fortified with blue cushions and table accessories as well as box with rainbow shades. Combining warm and cold colors with natural light gives this dining room a unique vibe and exclusive emphasis.

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13. Modern dining rooms with vibrant pop style

Modern small dining rooms with vibrant pop styleIn this corner with limited wall space and plenty of windows to dress, dare and apply a vibrant color to the walls, the orange melon, gives rhythm to the windows with white frames. The blue valances with an orange print of the modern blinds offer a fresh sense. The chairs with the backrest of wire and orange seats give a modern touch and contrast with the solid wood dining table with black foot. The modern dining room is very young and cool.

14. Mix colors in modern dining rooms

Color mixed small modern dining room furniture ideasDo not be afraid to create a varied mix in your dining design. From black to white, tanned gray, tiles and carpets, this dining room is made up of different shades and materials that come together to create a consistent look. The wooden chairs next to a gray slate sofa provide different seating options: one a more traditional and practical option; the other is a more comfortable and modern option. The curtains like white curtains, add a sense of light and freedom to the room.

15. Modern dining room in white fresh and clean

White furniture small modern dining room imageInstead of an infusion of colors, we advise to opt for white as a refreshing option to use in modern dining rooms. Like white kitchens decor, this bright dining room design gives it a fresh and clean look with a white outline and accents in pale greens. The white walls, ceiling, windows and lamp, together to give the room a bright, crisp function. The white covers of the chairs can easily be removed and washed. The beams on the ceiling create shadows that add depth to the space. And we break with the green accents of the carpet to bring energy to the interior of the room without losing the feeling to fresh and clean.

16. Simplicity equivalence to modern functional dining rooms

Modern functional small dining room design ideasIn modern dining rooms we can look for functionality for easy cleaning, give up the traditional rug under the dining room table leaving the wood floors glistening. This approach gives the feeling of continuity and a wide and open visual effect. The result is a room decor simple and functional where the star is centerpieces carry a clear glass bottles that amplify the effect.

17. Modern dining rooms in romantic style

Romantic style small modern dining room decor furnitureThis dining room decorated mainly in white gets a romantic atmosphere and style with a carpet dotted with flowers on a large scale that also does its part to make the small dining table look large. A large screen like dark metal lamp perfectly matched to the locked foot of the table, chair cushions and dresser chandeliers. Complement the romantic style in this dining room the bouquet of natural flowers.

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