18 Cool and Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Modern Living Room Wallpaper IdeasToday we continue the topic about living room wallpaper ideas. Yesterday we admired the romantic floral and baroque patterns, but today we will be dealing with more simple, geometric, striped and brightly colored retro patterns. Each collection of “70s wallpapers” is unique and fantastic. You just have to find your favorite and write down the model. Get new ideas and revive your boring walls with new, modern designs.

Geometric living room wallpaper ideasModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

If you like abstract forms and figures, you will find the perfect choice for yourself among the geometric wallpapers. These patterned wallpaper create breathtaking, optical illusions that bring dynamics into the room. The geometric patterns are very lively, change through the perspective and look almost surreal. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose between intense or subtle colors. Make sure that intense coloring can sometimes have an irritating effect on the senses.

Striped living room wallpaper ideasModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

The stripe wallpapers are very useful if you want to visually reduce or enlarge a room. They also have the ability to lend depth. Depending on the wallpaper pattern, you can choose horizontal or vertical stripes and create a fresh design. The striped patterns can instantly attract the eye, especially when the colors are well combined. Colorful or subtle colors, in a shade or brightly colored – in striped wallpaper almost everything is allowed. Although the striped wallpaper is one of the universal classics, they can be used in a variety of ways. If you want an elegant wall design in your living room, you can use wallpaper to create a subdivision of the wall.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Make a stripe wallpaper section and one from plain wallpaper. If you want to cover the transition between both types of wallpaper, you can use a trim or border. Due to the vertical stripes, the room immediately appears higher and looks particularly decorative due to the combination. If you want to create an inviting and vibrant room effect with striped wallpaper, the combination of longitudinally and transversely mounted webs of the same striped wallpaper might be a great design idea. A more eye-catching type of striped wallpaper are the so-called block stripes wallpaper, which create a special atmosphere in the living room with extra-wide stripes. Create an elegant and stylish wall design, for example, with stripe wallpaper in black and white.

Textile imitationModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

The trendy wallpaper collections will definitely chase boredom out of your rooms, as they offer more and more interesting and unusual designs. Wallpaper imitates various surfaces such as wood, metal and fabric, but is smooth and gentle to the touch. A 3D pattern or tactile relief is also perfect for a modern living room design. The three-dimensional design of the wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and lets the room immediately shine in a new look. The wallpapers create a great optical illusion and expand every room perspective. With an attractive 3D pattern, you can also put beautiful pieces of furniture in scene.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

The great room design is a successful combination of chic furniture and a charming wall design. The exciting living room wallpaper ideas include, for example, such three-dimensional motifs that increase the room proportions. Whether you choose a wallpaper with abstract patterns and lights, or create futuristic images an exciting, modern and unique interior design, depends first on your personal taste. The possibilities are almost endless.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

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When choosing a wallpaper, you must also consider the room conditions. With the appropriate wallpaper patterns you can also change the room proportions. If your living room is small, it is recommended to choose small-sized patterns. For example, opt for patterns with a strong perspective depth. This immediately gives the impression of a larger living room. Bright colors and pastel colors are also an advantage for small rooms. Make narrow spaces look wider by making the side walls brighter than the front wall. Your living area also looks bigger when you decorate the ceiling with striped wallpaper. Long stripes on the ceiling are also a visual highlight.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

In large rooms, on the other hand, large patterns stand out very well and, depending on the desired effect, you can also experiment with a variety of patterned wallpaper to your heart’s content. With bold colors, you can make the large living room appear smaller. Patterned wallpaper with slanted patterns have the same spatial effect. If you want to make the room look a little lower, do not bring the wallpaper up to the ceiling.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Meanwhile, there are a large variety of living room wallpaper ideas and you can fulfill virtually all your wishes regarding wallpaper motifs. From the classic patterns, over fancy designs to wallpapers, which can be printed with a favorite motif or a self-made pattern, you will find in the meantime everything you can imagine. If, for example, you want to give your living room a warm and natural touch, the wallpapers in wood look are a great design option. These wallpapers are a cost effective alternative to the real wood paneling, but look great. Wood wallpapers are available in many shades, which makes it easier to adapt to the rest of the furnishings. You will also find wallpaper with different wood structures such as birch.Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Stone wallpapers undoubtedly belong to the original living room wallpaper ideas. Who wants to give the room a natural and elegant charm, can decorate their own four walls with wallpaper in stone look. Gladly you can attach them only on a wall in the room and thus set great accents. The stone look fits both the modern style of furnishing, as well as the rustic and Mediterranean. Stone-decor wallpapers are available in light and dark colors, in a cozy shabby chic look and with different types of stone.

Golden nuances and shiny surfaceModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Pattern wallpaper instead of bookshelfModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Another variant with more colorModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Wooden floorboards in a rustic lookModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Abstract pattern in gold and blackModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Create three-dimensional effectsModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Subtle color and interesting patternModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Noble, gray figures on the wallModern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

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