2018 Kitchen Colors – What Are The Trends For The Coming Year?

2018 kitchen colorsIt is very clear; it is thanks to the colors that we give the tone to a decor. When planning to decorate or renovate a room, the same approach is followed. It is a matter of choosing either a painting on which the decoration will be based, or a neutral color as a backdrop for other more colorful elements. The key is color. The same principles apply to the decoration of all rooms, including the kitchen. But what is the most trendy kitchen color? If you are interested in this question, do not hesitate to learn more about this subject by strolling through our image gallery.

What kitchen colors will we see everywhere in 2018?2018 kitchen colors

When talking about trends, designers surprise and enchant us with a wealth of ideas. Ditto for the colors. We do not speak of a single trend color but a palette of tones that can be appropriated as we see fit. As you probably already know, Pantone’s color of the year changes every year, giving the trend of what will be everywhere throughout the coming year. By 2018, the most fashionable colors that will adorn the entire interior will be brighter and more contrasting. But, does this apply to cooking?

The kitchen colors of the coming year captures the spirit of the times2018 kitchen colors

In the palette of shades of the coming year, we discover a new concept of time. In a world in perpetual change, we dream of a kind of reference that captures the tune of time. Thus, the color 2018 kitchen puts on a pedestal the search for authenticity, simplicity and stability.2018 kitchen colors

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In the contemporary context, the decor and the design are reinvented by relying on the feeling of authenticity, quality and ancestral know-how. So it’s no surprise that the 2018 kitchen color palette plays on a subtle combination of timeless and classic colors. We can also say that it carries a touch of nostalgia in itself.2018 kitchen colors

The shades of blue, beige, gray, green and red that make up the palette in question are marked by a superb softness and a certain refinement. Neutral and sustained, these shades are the guarantee of an atmosphere marked by comfort and stability.2018 kitchen colors

Gray pastels, soft and warm tones – that’s exactly where the charm of the new palettes that will mark the year to come comes from. Tones that allow the eyes to escape the pressures of everyday life and find balance in a reassuring softness.2018 kitchen colors

To succeed in bringing the atmosphere of calm and balance to the kitchen, you can choose either a basic paint color or a duo / trio of pale colors assorted. Thus, in addition to implementing creativity, we will end up with a unique and resolutely original rendering.2018 kitchen colors

As already mentioned, the bright colors, those that give a smile to anyone, will be very present in interior design in 2018. These are also invited in the kitchen where they are already a little softened. Get out of the frame and invent your own codes by focusing on a stronger and more intense range but tempered by more neutral tones for balance. Always present, blues, greens and grays make up a palette that is enlarged with certain shades of yellow, orange and beige.2018 kitchen colors

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Among the more daring paint colors, in 2018 we can adopt a superb shade of red “Caliente”. Flamboyant and temperate at the same time, this shade promises to bring good humor to the kitchen and infuse a touch of teasing vitamin to the decor.2018 kitchen colors

The big trend for the 2018 kitchen color is undoubtedly the connection with nature. In palettes, the quest for authenticity and spirituality is felt. There is also a need to relax by drawing inspiration from nature.2018 kitchen colors

Those who find peace of mind in the colors coming from nature, can bet on some dark tones. Calming green, hunter green, khaki, dull orange, brown earth or sand etc. A touch of blue reminiscent of starry nights is also an excellent choice of accent.2018 kitchen colors

In the trendy kitchen, gray is a safe bet of timeless painting. So, if you have already made the choice to choose gray as the basic kitchen colors, you are not mistaken. Of course, one gray is not the other.2018 kitchen colors

It is therefore possible to choose from several tones either soft or intense to bring the desired atmosphere to the kitchen. If you prefer to avoid the total look, you have the freedom to invigorate the monochrome decor with a touch of color here and there.2018 kitchen colors

Whatever your choice of kitchen colors, be aware that a well chosen painting creates a friendly and warm atmosphere. In addition, depending on the preferred tones, you can strongly influence the style of the room and its temperament.2018 kitchen colors

Elegant, noble and timeless, the 2018 color palette offers a wide range of tonalities under the sign of authenticity and simplicity that adapts wonderfully to the contemporary context.2018 kitchen colors

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