2018 Wallpaper Trends: Special Selection of the Most Beautiful Models

Wallpaper trends 2018What is the trend of wallpaper in 2018? Check out our special selection of 20 ultra-modern motif wallpaper template ideas.

Wallpaper trends 2018: selection of the most beautiful modelsWallpaper trends 2018

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to beautify your home easily and quickly. On the market there is a wide variety of patterns, colors and styles to suit all tastes. There are trendy wallpaper models at very affordable prices. To succeed in decorating an interior, the essential is the balanced mix of all the elements present and the privilege of simplicity and functionality. The wallpaper has the ability to bring a lot of character to a room. One of the great benefits of wallpaper is that it can easily be exchanged with another pattern or color. This gives a lot of freedom for the decoration of a room afterwards. You can experiment with various patterns whenever you want.

What is the trend of wallpaper in 2018 and what are our favorite colors and patterns, find out in the following lines. Choose the pattern that attracts you the most and decorate your room. This year geometry, pastel and metallic shades, tropical and retro chic motifs adorn the walls.

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Wallpaper trends 2018: tropical patternsWallpaper trends 2018

Wallpaper trends 2018: pastel shades

If you are gentle in nature and want to create an atmosphere of serenity and sweetness in your room, opt for wallpaper pastel shades. Pastel shades give life back without being daring like bright colors, for example. They adapt easily to Scandinavian or minimalist style interiors. They are always combined with a fresh vegetal decoration.Wallpaper trends 2018

Trends for wallpaper 2018: the motifs inspired by art

A trend that is really taking over is to merge real artwork into wallpaper. The art-inspired wallpaper has become the new craze for many homeowners because of the way it interconnects visual art with the colors of the water. In fact, many art-inspired wallpapers have been painted by real painters who wish to give a different visual form to their works.Wallpaper trends 2018

Wallpaper trends 2018: geometric patterns

You know that interior design geometric elements are very fashionable. We love them for their sophisticated, mysterious and ultra modern side. In 2018, one dresses its walls with geometric wallpaper (most often in black and white).Wallpaper trends 2018

Trend for wallpaper 2018: vintage patterns and back in the 50s

It is often said that fashion is what goes out of fashion. The vintage first invaded the hearts of stylists to finally settle on the walls of contemporary interiors. Retro wallpaper patterns have recently become very trendy. They bring a vintage atmosphere to the space while being fun and daring. The retro patterns are revealed in different colors and become a true unique decorative accent in the room.

The only problem you may have is having too many choices! We personally love the idea of combining one or more retro wallpaper designs in order to create a super chic space. Also add some furniture and vintage decorative objects.Wallpaper trends 2018

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You can even dress the walls of your bathroom with retro wallpaper. It’s super chic! We advise you to favor neutral and clear shades such as white, gray and beige.Wallpaper trends 2018

Wallpaper trend: floral patterns for a feminine interiorWallpaper trends 2018

Floral prints are always associated with the spring and summer months. Right now, they are the best favorite for many homeowners. There is something very vintage about having a wallpaper with floral print in one of the rooms in your house. It can be seen in the bedroom, the girl’s room, the bathroom, or the hallway.Wallpaper trends 2018

The floral motifs make the atmosphere feminine and soft.Wallpaper trends 2018

Wallpaper with metallic keys

The wallpaper with metallic keys allows to add depth to the walls in a bold way. It is also a unique way to integrate a metallic color in the house without the need to add other decorative pieces. Combine the metallic wallpaper with wooden furniture to warm the mood.Wallpaper trends 2018

The wallpaper with metallic touch has something very sophisticated. To keep its pure appearance, it is avoided to combine it with bright colors. A piece that marry your metallic and pink may appear too kitschy. Stay in clear and neutral shades. Wood and green decor are a must if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in your room.Wallpaper trends 2018

Repetitive patterns with retro chic touch

Repetitive patterns with retro chic touches are an excellent way to accentuate your walls and harmonize your entire room. By drawing attention to the wall, we visually expand the space and give life back to the room. Repetitive patterns work best when they are in a neutral tone like gray, black, white and beige. This allows you to have fun working with many different colors when it comes to decorating the space.Wallpaper trends 2018

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The imitation brick wallpaper

Brick always associates with industrial style interiors. Having a real brick wall is mission impossible for some apartment owners. Here’s why, imitation brick wallpaper is a real trend in recent years. It allows to take advantage of beautiful aesthetic aspect of the brick and to bring the desired industrial touch with ease. The textured walls are very fashionable in recent years. They are appreciated for their captivating 3D side.Wallpaper trends 2018

And the inevitable and always very fashionable: stripes!

Oh, scratches! They are still as trendy in interior design and fashion. Modern and vintage at the same time, they are invited this time in the form of wallpaper. Wallpapers with vertical stripes visually expand the space. You can combine the wallpaper with another decor item that has the same pattern.Wallpaper trends 2018

Important tip: be moderate with the stripes. If you have too many in one room, you risk creating a somewhat too dynamic atmosphere. Too many stripes, it makes you dizzy!Wallpaper trends 2018

The universe of wallpaper is very rich in patterns, colors and styles. Which to choose depends mainly on your personal preferences, but also furniture and decor already present in your room.

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