30 Ideas For Modern Bedroom Design With Slatted Walls

modern bedroom design with slatted wallsWooden slats conquer the facades of modern family homes and offer the perfect sun protection inside and out. The wooden elements are also used in the modern living room and in the bedroom. Today we show you a few ideas for modern bedroom design with wooden slatted wall, which is a great alternative to traditional wooden wall cladding.

Modern bedroom design with wooden slats

Modern bedroom design with wooden slatsThe slat wall is particularly popular in the warm wood decor. The light natural wood optics bring a lot of light into the room, while dark wood tones in combination with light, light wall paints have a particularly noble effect. Bright wood tones, on the other hand, unfold their full effect with bright and colorful colors.

Modern bedroom design with wooden slats as a subtle accent

Modern bedroom design wooden slatsThe slat wall is mounted directly on the wall and placed as required. The wooden slats can be combined with wall panels made of different materials and in any popular color.

Wood and concrete in contrast

Modern bedroom vertical slats concrete wallsThe combination of wood and concrete, for example, looks very modern, without the room losing comfort and warmth. The concrete optics can be easily achieved with plaster, panels or wallpaper.

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Indirect ceiling lighting emphasizes the beauty of the wood

wooden slats modern bedroom wallsWooden slats offer a clean and comfortable surface and are a view in every room. They look warm and lively and appreciate the living ambience. Only when using different types of wood in a room should not be exaggerated.

Slat wall and flooring in the same wood tone

bedroom slat wall and flooring in the same wood toneDark wood decorations such as walnut and black details are a particularly dramatic combination. The wall color between the wooden slats should be bright.

Cremones and wood for harmonious overall appearance

accent slat wall modern bedroom designWith wooden slats many wishes can be realized. You can dress the entire wall or use the wooden slats as an accent. The slat walls convinces with its high flexibility and adaptability.

Wooden slats extend from the wall across the ceiling

Wooden slats extend from the wall across the ceilingThe wooden slats in this example are mounted on both sides of the bed and extend over the ceiling and the entire length of the room. In the middle of the wall, the brown wall panels form a dark background for light wall decorations.

Idea for modern bedroom design – semi-high slat wall

Idea for modern bedroom design - semi-high slats wallsSemi-high wall paneling with wooden cassettes in the bedroom is adequate! Open wooden slats look more modern and make the wall color translucent. These constructions resemble the structure of the sprouted walls, do not you think?

The lighting concept in the bedroom

lighting concept bedroom slatsIn order to make the bedroom even more cozy, more and more indirect lighting is used as an enrichment for the lighting concept. With LED strips almost all lighting situations can be created and implemented.

Indirect light from below

Modern bedroom slat wall Indirect light from belowFor example, LED strips can be installed in front of the slat wall as a reflective surface at the top or at the bottom in order to illuminate the wall. Their task is to scatter the light homogeneously and underline the wood surface.

Installation Pots

slats walls for modern bedroomIf you are looking for a more attractive and focused lighting, then installation bulbs offer the perfect light. They are discreet and minimalist in design and fit seamlessly into the ceiling. Adjustable mounting points can easily change their direction and offer additional flexibility.

Several light sources in the room

Natural lights slatted wall modern bedroomA moody ambience is created by distributing several light sources in the room. Place on a floor lamp, night lights, built-in radiators and led strips in the ceiling. This is the perfect lighting for your bedroom.

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Lighted wall niche

Dark slatted walls modern bedroomNot to be underestimated is the importance of light color. The lower the color temperature, the warmer the light. Cold white light is used for working and activates.

Interior door disappears

Slat walls flush doors modern bedroomThe interior door with a natural wooden surface, which repeats the design of the wall design, disappears optically in the wall and thus has a particularly straight-lined effect. The flat screen TV is also let into the wall.

Natural and black wooden slats alternating

Natural and black wooden slats modern bedroomAn interesting variation in the space creates wooden panels in two different colors. Black pairs well with light wood and taupe. The room does not look bleak either.

Wood slats

wood slats modern bedroom designsIf the wall cladding of vertical wooden boards is too straightforward for your taste, you can lend it an individual touch by color. Whether triangles, circles or rhombuses, geometric patterns and shapes are currently in full swing.

Modern bedroom design according to Feng Shui

Modern bedroom design with slat walls according to Feng ShuiIn the bedroom design you can also follow the Feng Shui teaching to create a positive room ambience. According to one of the Feng Shui rules, your bed should not be placed exactly between a door and a window that is exactly opposite to each other, because there is a kind of “Qi passage” in this area. This can adversely affect your sleep.

Idea for modern bedroom design with sloping roof

Idea for modern bedroom design with sloping roofIn a small bedroom with sloping ceiling, the slatted wall is a good possibility, if you want to do without the massive bed headboard. The rectilinear wall decoration is combined with bed linen in striped look.

Mirror elements and black wooden slats

Mirror elements and black wooden slatsWith glass or mirror elements, you can bring more light into a dark bedroom and create a refined atmosphere. They run parallel to the wooden panels and allow the room to look optically higher.

Smoke glass and dark wood

Smoke glass and dark wood modern bedroomGray smoke glass looks very classy and contemporary urban. Sliding doors with smoke glass fillings transform niches and corners into a walk-in wardrobe.

In combination with stone

slat wall and stone walls bedroom decor designsThere are no limits to creativity when using wood and stone. Gray lacquered wooden panels, white artificial stone panels in brick optics, wall mirrors and glossy chrome lamps create a particularly classy bedroom design. The white orchids on the side tables make the decoration complete.

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Idea for small bedroom

Slat walls for small modern bedroomThanks to their elegant slatr structure, the wooden slats also serve as a presentation and storage area. Brackets, shelves, baskets and support surfaces can be mounted in any desired way into the louvred walls, which allows a high degree of flexibility.

Bicycle wall bracket

Bicycle wall bracketWooden slats on the bed headboard can successfully replace the bedside table and provide a good solution for small rooms. In this case, the slats are best to be laid horizontally for optical harmony. A great idea for youth rooms is to mount a bicycle wall mount.

High-gloss surfaces

High-gloss surfacesA stylish and elegant bedroom design achieves slats in white or black optics. In combination with black high-gloss wall panels, excellent design elements can be created, since the color black stands for depth.

Wooden slats as a wall decoration in the bedroom

Wooden slats as a wall decoration in the bedroomA special highlight is this decoration made of wooden plates. The white wall panels in a pixel look create the perfect background for the abstract pattern that forms the wood pieces.

Bed headboard with storage area

Bed headboard with storage areaThe large headboard provides additional storage space for vases and books, which are enhanced by the dark wall design. It is especially comfortable with the hidden light sources.

Slats arrange differently

Modern bedroom design slat walls decor ideasWood slats are usually laid vertically. Thus the space appears higher than it actually is. If, however, you wish to expand a narrow space optically, it would be better if the slats are horizontal.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring modern bedroomThis cozy bedroom creates a contrast between straight and broken zigzag lines, namely the vertical wooden slats and the parquet floor in herringbone pattern.

Lay the wall opposite the bed with wood

Lay the wall opposite the bed with woodThe accent wall should not always be this behind the bed. If a flat-screen TV is attached to the wall opposite the bed, it can attract attention. The wooden slatted wall offers a beautiful backdrop. Note, however, that behind the TV, an opaque wall panel should be installed to hide all cables.

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