30 Unique Ideas of Space Separators for the House

Space dividers or room dividers in our home are the perfect way to maximize a small space, and they are also excellent as a focal point of decoration. They offer privacy, limit and aesthetic elements all without altering the structural components of a space.Wooden room divider images

30 ideas of space separators for the house

A space separator can create intimacy in a small space or define new areas in a large, open space. The beauty of the room divider, as opposed to a wall, is its transience. Dividing environments with special separators maintains the flexibility to change a space utility with relative ease.

They can be slidable, foldable and can also be hung to suit the needs of the moment. They can be opaque, allowing light to penetrate and circulate the air. A bookcase or curtains make some of the fastest room separators, but you can make one yourself with almost nothing, with a rope or even old vinyl records.

With a little creativity, you can find a solution that fits your budget needs, design style and lifestyle. Take a look at these ideas of space separators or home environments all over the web.

classic divider of space between ladder and room

This is a very classic divider of space between ladder and room or another environment. It consists of a panel of wood that goes with floor to ceiling. In it, you can place figures, vases or whatever you like in the decoration of that space.

Stones curtain divider

This type of space separator is very discreet, although it allows you to see absolutely everything on the other side, this kind of stone curtain gives you the note, “here it comes”. In addition, it gives your space a chic touch, between modern and romantic.

small room divider

In space separators there are many styles, this separator, although it lets light pass, does not allow you to see the side that you want to keep private, is a type of divider that today comes with various materials and colors.

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Screen rustic divider

The separate screen of environments very rustic and practical to change to another space if you fancy. This color, in particular, gives much light to this space that seeks to be more private.

sheer curtain room divider

This is a dividing curtain of spaces, consists of bangs that go to the floor and you can run if you want to give a semi-private touch to a particular space.

Wood sliding doors kitchen dining room

This separator is more a sliding door but at the end separator. It consists of a sliding door that perfectly divides two rooms.

Modern room dividers

Another dividing wall of modern spaces that does not occupy much space, besides is movable. It consists of a thin cancellation that today you can get at various materials, designs, and prices to decorate a modernist area.

three panels folding screen room divider

This is a classic room divider that consists of a wooden screen that you can put in any place that you want to keep more private momentary or indefinitely.


Kitchen glass room dividerHere we see a separator that acts as an internal crystal window. It fulfills a very effective function of separating a space from another having the advantage of not losing at all the sensation of open space with illumination.


Wooden separators for kitchen and dining roomThis wooden divider separates dining kitchen. It is a separator that fits very well in any space, provides air and light thanks to its design.


Modern bookshelf room dividerCute and classic room divider that fits nicely with modernist design. They are a series of shelves out of phase with each other with a functional characteristic. Painted white integrating with the color of the wall, in general, makes it see the space less limited.


Bookcase room dividerThis is one of the separators of more basic and functional areas: in the form of a bookseller, this space divider beside perfectly fulfilling the function of separating environments in your home fulfills the function of a bookseller. Looks balanced and decorative next to a Persian rug.

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White bookshelf room divider

Room dividers on stairs are always decorative and very functional. This especially adorns with hanging flower pots that give it a fresh and natural touch.

Home office wood separators

Nice room divider on stairs. This wood design in this separator gives height to space in addition to protection and privacy.

Wood panels room dividers

Simple and prominent is this separator that can be the core of the space you want to separate from another. It consists of solid wood panels, thick, with several decorative elements that make two environments separate perfectly.

Reuse plastic drawers room divider

If you like the extravagant and novel, this is the perfect example. This divider consists of only plastic drawers, which may well be the result of a reuse, or else an idea to divide spaces, which does not sound so crazy especially for the functional.

Wooden wall partition

It seems that it is a classic wall that is dividing living room and dining room, but a wooden partition is the one that is playing that role to perfection, as it lets in light and visibility in both spaces.

Blanket small room divider

Do you like it? Choose a typical fabric blanket or light silk to separate your most private space. A very romantic and classic touch.

Modern artistic glass room dividers

This space separator is very decorative. It looks like a sculpture or object of art that looks very modern in any space you put it. It gives light, and visibility, so it is a good choice for those who like the most artistic.

Beautiful simple small room divider

Space separators like this are the most basic that exist, and they look beautiful in any small space in your home.

Wooden bookshelf room divider picture

As the separator above, but in a larger area and full of figures and decorative objects. Classic and beautiful.

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DIY pallet space divider panel

Pallet space divider panel. Ideal for private rustic spaces like the bedroom, worse can be also in any environment where you want informality. Functional to place the tv and to act as a coat rack.

Solid wood cubicles bookcase room divider

Another room divider very classic and effective for the uses of separating and as a decorative element. Made of solid wood this space separator beautifully decorates the space.


Unique circle wooden round room dividerThis is one of the newest space separators for space. And it is novel because it looks like an art object inside the home. Very functional because it looks like a sculpture with panels and looks great.

Modern folding wood divider

This is a folding divider of wood of beautiful design that decorates very well a space modernist or contemporary. It is simple and its shape contrasts with space in a balanced way.

Hanging plant pots room divider

And why not an environment separator made with pots? This example can give you very good ideas to separate your space in the home.

Wooden divider for bathroom

The bathroom is one of the spaces in our home that sometimes looks for that small division between the toilet and the sink. Space separators in this area are always functional if you can do them well. And this is how this example can tell you how nice and useful a small separator in your bathroom.

Glass room divider

A separator which is, in turn, an interior window. This glass divider separates kitchen room letting the two areas merge but discreetly without touching the sense of light and spaciousness.

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