5 Keys for Designing a Kitchen Bar

In the design of a modern kitchen, more and more priority is given both to the work space and to the area where you can eat or drink with family and friends. That is why, more and more people are inclined to put a bar in the kitchen. What function are you going to give him? How much space do you have? What are you going to prioritize? In this post we give you  five keys to design a kitchen bar.Kitchen bar design

5 Keys to Designing a Kitchen Bar

Large cooking areaLarge cooking area

If you want to have more surface to prepare food, you can lengthen the island’s countertop and have a wider place to work. It is a good option if you want to enjoy the cuisine, either alone or with family and friends. In turn, if you add some stools, it can become an area where guests can have a snack or where your children can do their homework while cooking.

Dedicate space to eatSmall modern kitchen bar design

If you like to eat in the kitchen, whether to have everything much more at hand, to stain less or to have the children close while doing tasks in the kitchen, to reserve a place to be able to put a bar, even if small, will be one Great solution. If you prefer comfort, I advise you to plan to put chairs instead of stools, not everything should be high bars!

Hides the radiator

Small kitchen design ideasHaving radiators in the kitchen is much more common than it may seem, so putting a bar is a good excuse to disguise them. It will be enough to put it slightly on top of them and, thus, they will go completely unnoticed. It is important to take into account how much they stand out from the wall, and how much you want the bar, so that they do not interfere when passing or at the moment of sitting at the bar. In order to make a good distribution, you can expand the information with this post about the work triangle in the kitchen.

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Extend an island’s countertopSmall cottage kitchen bar

If you have space, extending the worktop behind the island is a good way to expand the work area or the place to eat. If you want to have enough space to sit, you will need about 30 or 40cm of cantilever. It must be taken into account that, according to the material of which it is made, you will have to install brackets or reinforcements to support the weight of the bar, one or several legs, so that the piece does not break or, in the case of Wood, so that it does not bend.

Give it a natural finish

Natural finish kitchen countertopIf you want to give a more natural or organic touch, you can decide for a natural stone bar with vintage finish, which combines very well with both classic and modern models.

The kitchen bars are suitable for almost all kitchens, but it is important that you plan well, as not at all fit or not comfortable for the space available. Almost any kitchen has the option to put a bar in one way or another, so let us ask your questions in the comment box below and we will be happy to help you. If you decide to carry out your project, we hope to enjoy it when you upload it to our Projects section.

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