5 Wonderful Ideas on How to Decorate a Small Hallway

Today we are going to see some good options on how to decorate a small hallway. Because your lobby is the first thing visitors will see, make it something special!how to decorate a small hallway

Small receivers can be a problem when deciding the decoration so today we are going to see some of the best ideas to decorate your entrance and turn it into a special space that is both useful and practical. We must not forget that the hallway is the first thing that is seen in our house, so the first impression counts a lot! The lack of space should not make you give up turning it into a space that says much about you, personal and charming.

One of the usual problems that we find when decorating a space is its size. In the floors, many of the receivers are small which makes it difficult to choose the decoration to be functional but with personality. That is why today we will see some good options to decorate our lobby for as small as it is. Today we can find many solutions to give a space small utility and make it something special. Are we going to see him?

How to decorate a small hallway

1. A fulcrum

small hallway decorIt is always good to have some support point in the entrance area, to leave the keys, the letters,… For a little space that you have in your entrance of house sure that you can find at least one shelf, even if it is to measure, in The one that surely you will want to also place some vase or decorative element to welcome the newcomers. A good solution can also be a small shelf on the wall. And in the bottom of the shelf, you can use to put shoes or hangers for bags and backpacks, make the most of the space!

Another good option on how to decorate a small hallway can be a small console with thin legs that occupy little space but allow you to give a special touch to your entrance. If the legs are made of iron you will also get very light so the space will not become saturated or heavy. A mirror or pictures will finish creating the corner of the perfect entrance.

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If you have something more space you can use the multi-purpose shelves to have a support area and at the same time an area to store shoes, bags, backpacks… You can also put shelves up and down and in the middle a zone of hangers that will be very useful To leave things when entering the house. In this way you will get the most out of the available space. Which option do you like best?

2. Hanger

small hallway decorThere is always room for a wall hanger no matter how small the hallway is in your home. When entering the house feel like having a place to leave the jacket or the bag and where you can hang, so you will always know where you have them. Putting a hanger in the hallway can be a great option to decorate a small hallway that will also help you to have less clutter through. Another solution is to locate it just behind the front door to take advantage of even more space.

Hangers take up little space and are always useful. Choose a hanger with personality, so that when it is empty is also part of the decoration as a nice old wooden hanger or a metallic hanger with a lot of personalities that will sure like everyone. A small table or low chest of drawers where to store your shoes can be the perfect complement to the hanger and give a very special atmosphere to your hallway.

Pegboard or perforated panels are in fashion and can also be an ideal solution to decorate a small hallway, modern and at the same time very practical as you can change their configuration whenever you feel simple. It will adapt to your needs. But you can also choose loose hangers with lots of personality like these that do not need more to become the center of your hallway. And which one do you choose?

3. There is always room for a mirror

small hallway decorI confess that I am not much of a mirror, but without a doubt, if there is a classic place where a mirror is always going well, that is at the entrance of the house. Placing it in front of the door will help you widen your receiver as it will appear to expand with your reflection. The same for the end of a corridor where it will give depth or a narrow area where it will help to widen it visually. Mirrors have many advantages!

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In the area of the hallway above your console or small table, place a mirror will always be a success. Look for a special mirror that has something that makes it stand out and gives personality to the space and you will get a very special entrance area.

The round mirrors are full trends, the bigger the better. If you do not know how to decorate a small hallway and you have a little space, a large round mirror with a simple bench underneath can be the perfect hallway. But if you prefer to take advantage of the space better, bet on a smaller round mirror on the console or small table and you will get a receiver like this, do not you love it?

Another good option with mirrors is to make a combination with them for the lobby area. They will help you to enhance the light of space, to make it wider and at the same time to decorate it. You can join different mirrors with very different shapes or make a design with several small mirrors like those of the image of hexagonal shape, the result is certainly great.

4. Enjoy the space to the maximum

small hallway decorIf space is scarce, you have to get the most out of it, so every inch counts. An idea that can come in handy when decorating a small hallway is to put shelves on top. If we have a roof high enough, there we can store things we do not use daily but still need to find a space.

Shoemakers are another element that can be very useful at the entrance of the house. Being narrow furniture allows us to have storage space without taking up too much space visually so that in an inlet we can come very well. We can use them as a point of support and at the same time take advantage of its large storage capacity to have shoes handy but well kept. And if you are one of those who change their shoes when they enter the house, nothing better!

They are also a great solution for the entrances that are actually a hallway. Thus we can have an entrance area in which at the same time we will use the space to the maximum to have our shoes ordered. Above we can put some picture or hangers. The use of the space will be maximum and the problems to keep minimum shoes. Do not think about it!

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5. Give interest

small hallway decorWe have already said, the entrance of the house has to have personality and say something about us so add interest by means of pictures, drawings, clippings… everything that inspires you this may be the perfect place to expose and welcome the visits With warmth and love. Let it be noted that we have cared for the details and have chosen them one by one.

For this, we can also put in our entrance some message when it comes to welcoming the visitors to make the hallway feel welcome or give them an idea of where this house is going and the people who inhabit it. Signs of hello, home or welcome you can find them in lots of decoration shops but it will still be more personal if you give your own touch and you do it yourself. There are so many options that it will be difficult to choose one! For example cross stitch if you are addicted to it or with a drawing, the important thing is to give it our personality.

Another element that we can use to create a very special corner is the wallpaper. That way we will focus all our attention on our entrance and demonstrate that we have paid attention in creating a very special and unique space that defines our personality. Surely you find a wallpaper that you like and is perfect for that corner, there is so much variety that it will be difficult to decide on which one!

And so far, our 5 ideas on how to decorate a small hallway and create a unique space with personality. And you, as you decorate the hallway, do you bet on the shoemakers or are you more of a console? Do you like the idea of putting wallpaper in the entrance? Or do you prefer a more neutral tone for this area? I await your comments and ideas. Happy decor.

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