6 Ideas for Decorating Kitchens with Bars

Nowadays, the kitchen and bathroom are taking on a new role inside the house, both of which are becoming places that are both habitable, welcoming and warm, where people hang out in addition to carrying out their own activities Spaces. Specifically in the kitchen, there is a greater variety of materials and furniture, which have turned the kitchen into an area of ​​creativity where harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality. Decorating kitchens with bars

In this sense, the kitchens with bars are a way of having an extra space in addition to allowing us to recover that living space to share breakfasts and activities in family life. It goes from being a space where we usually drink coffee in the morning to become a space where we read the newspaper, the mail, look at recipe books or we are accompanied and chatting, having a glass of wine and even where we see the child draw or do homework . In this post we will see some ideas of kitchen bars, latest fashion designs and trends to inspire you to decorate kitchens with bars.

6 ideas for decorating kitchens with bars

Stools: great diversity

Kitchen breakfast bar stoolsDespite the classic stools, there are new models that can give a different environment to our kitchen: the colorful stools creating cheerful, transparent environments, stools recycled following the industrial trend or the classic bronze and metal for give it a vintage feel.

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We must take into account the height of the bar and of the stools to be able to adapt them to the space that we have available, without forgetting, also, to choose comfortable stools.

Suspension Lamps: Prevailing Bronze Color

Bronze suspension lamps kitchen lightingThis option of placing hanging lamps is very present, especially large lamps that provide a very cozy lighting. They are usually of striking colors, like the bronze color that is one of the predominant ones.
This color every day is having more presence, from the small details like trays, vases, stools; until happening to become the main color in many kitchens. At present, we can even find appliances of this color.

Mobile bars for small kitchens

There are not only fixed bars, there are also tops that rise and collect easily. This option is most suitable for small kitchens.

Separate Coating: highlight bar

Separate Coating highlight bar for kitchenPlace a different coating on the kitchen bar a countertop stone, wood or brick, something breaking with the rest of the linings of stay. In this way, the bar becomes a predominant element and stands out. One recommendation, the brick wall provides an industrial air that favors the whole.

Bar fully open: comfort and design

Modern kitchen fully open barsIf we have a large kitchen, we can leave the bottom of the bar open, so we get more comfort and storage space if we decide to put a shelves. In addition, they can be converted into dining tables by simply placing appropriate chairs or stools.

Complements that differentiate the decoration of the bar

Finally, it is always a touch with accessories: vases with floral arrangements, trays, plants … Closing this environment with a different painting or the small details of decoration makes the bar differ from the Rest of kitchen space.

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If we decide to paint the bar, it is better to use the colors that go more with nature, such as green, brown, reds, oranges, and, on the other hand, I invite you to highlight with colors on objects such as tablecloth, Curtains, tablecloths, flowers, etc.

As you can see, you can find different options to decorate the bar. If you plan to make a change in your kitchen by introducing or designing a bar, keep in mind these ideas that can give a very different touch to your stay and if you can, take some photos and share them with us in our Projects section.

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