7 Complements To Renovate Your Home In 2017

Today we are going to see 7 complements to renovate your home in 2017. Discover how to redecorate of simple and effective with the complements to change the style of your house without investing too much. You sign up?Compements to renovate home

The complements are the finishing touch to a decoration and can help us to totally change the style of an environment if we know to choose them and to combine them with success. That is why today we are going to see what the latest additions are, in order to incorporate them at home and to renew the spaces in a simple and without much complication. Some sure that you have already seen them but others may not know them yet and from now on you will look at them and no longer resist. You sign up?

How to renovate your home?

1. Hands up

Hands up home decorAt the last fair we saw it clear, hands are fashionable. Whether in drawings, photos or in ceramic or wood, it includes some hands in the decoration of your living room or bedroom and you will be to the last. Those wooden hands we have seen a lot lately in Nordic-style environments and even in the form of a lamp, do you dare include them in your decoration? I’ll keep the wooden ones, and you?

2. A rainbow of stripes in your home

rainbow of stripes bed linenStripes are trendy trend for the new season and could not be less at home. Inspired by the collections of Chloe or Sonia Rykiel home designers have set out to fill our home with stripes of all types: wide, thin or combined. A way to give a dose of vitamin and color to any corner of the house with a combination of colors very optimistic and full of joy that will give fun and color to any corner. I love it, I’m looking forward to it!

In the new collection of Zara Home we can see towels, sheets, Nordic, carpets… in many different color combinations, with wider or narrower stripes, so you can choose without any problem the option you like to renovate your home. And is that if you are thinking of renovating the household clothes this spring, you can not ignore the stripes. They come to stay a long season. And I can only say, that I delighted to open the doors of houses, and you?

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3. Mirrors full of personality

Mirrors for decorating and renovating homeThe mirrors have gradually returned to gain ground in our houses. It looked like it was a slightly old-fashioned object but is coming back to see it more and more, not just in the bathroom or the entrance of the house. Now also as decoration for walls. If you are considering using them to decorate your wall do not miss this article where we told you some great ideas to renovate your home. One of my favorites is the Gubi Mirror that you can try to make yourself thanks to a belt, the result well worth the effort. You will give a cool touch to that rather bland corner.

And if you are thinking of renovating the bathroom mirror this spring bet on gold. But above all, bet on an unconventional mirror that adds a different point to your bathroom. With an original and different shape, a strange color, framed differently…. Will focus the attention of your visitors. Because the mirrors want to return to being protagonists in our home. So nothing of the typical bathroom mirror, if you want to renovate your home and give a change look for other options more risky and sure you hit. There is something for everyone!

4. The velvet on canvas

Velvet of canvasWe already told you in the article about tendencies for bedroom but in case you do not know yet… the velvet comes to raze in the cushions and in general in fabrics and tapestries for home. So you can already have some cushion to decorate the sofa, the bedroom or give a touch of color to the armchair in the relaxation area. Any excuse is good to include velvet in your decor! It can be smooth velvet or we also find engravings which gives them a very special and sophisticated touch. In colors, the blues are certainly fashionable, bet on them.Blue and green colorful living room sofa

But also if you are thinking of retapizing an armchair or sofa to renovate your home velvet may be the perfect choice. Or for the head of the bed, especially if it is the type capitoné with which the velvet looks great. Besides being very resistant and pleasant to the touch it offers a wide variety of colors and attractive to which it is difficult to resist. The Egyptian pharaohs used a fabric very similar to the current velvet and even today it is considered a sophisticated and luxurious fabric that brings a dose of glamor to any corner. So make a space in your home and you will not regret it.

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5. Animal Mania

The passion for animals continues. It began with the decorative heads in all kinds of materials, so Nordic style, followed the cushions with the whole zoo and now we can find them in all kinds of home accessories. From shower curtains or ceramic towels, sheets to decorate our walls, bedding or even bedside tables and lamps. The animal mania continues with intensity, do not let it pass by! Open your doors to a very special zoo to enter your home. A surprising touch!Animal accessories home decor

Many of these ideas are great for a children’s room or youth or to give a fun touch to your bathroom or living room. If you have not already done with some cushions you are still on time, in HYM you will also find towels and shower curtains, for example. Besides this year is the year of the monkey in china so, if you are thinking of celebrating it, include this animal in your decoration, like this table so “cute” designed by Jaime Hayon and I have loved it. Surely you find some perfect option to renovate your home.

And if you do not want to complicate your life too much, get yourself some sheets of animals to decorate your entrance or some chest of drawers or living room wall and sure you will hit.

6. Put metal structure to life

Metal furnitureMetal is fashionable. If you want to join your influence do it using metal structures in your home. Armchairs or sofas with metal structure are topical but also all kinds of shelves and shelves with metallic structure that in addition to being very decorative will come from pearls to store your books, magazines,…. So if you need a shelf you think of making a metal because they also have the advantage of being lighter visually, do not load so much space, and are very resistant to the weight of books.

We have also talked about metal chairs like the Tolix or Bertoia Diamonds, all are trend and will help give the metallic touch to your kitchen table or dining room. But my favorite option, undoubtedly, are the metal structures for your pots, so you will give them more prominence and raise them to become the protagonist of the space. A perfect union: metal + plants.

7. Perforated panels

perforated panels or pegboardAnother idea that we are seeing a lot lately is to use perforated panels or pegboard to organize some area of ​​home. This idea began with the areas of crafts and sewing as these types of panels, metal or wood, are a good option to have everything in order and in sight. We will find it quickly when we need it! The more handyman began to install them in their work areas at home and the result has liked… and now we find all kinds of versions in both metal and wood.

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It seems that the idea has liked and we have begun to see them more and more at home for kitchens, bathrooms or for the entrance replacing the classic coat racks. In these two examples below has been used to organize a kitchen, in this case in light wood, or for a coffee shop, metal and white. In both cases the result is great and also very practical so that you can go hanging everything you need or change the configuration shelves at a time when you need it. A great idea to renovate your home, do not you think?small kitchen organizer

And if you like the idea but you have no budget for renovations…. You can do it yourself and create an organizer for the entrance of the house or for the kitchen area. In this DIY we are told how to make the pegboard of the second image step by step in a simple way. So you will have no excuse for not having organized your home! I like wood especially, but what do you think, metal or wood? Everyone has their point, right?

And so far my selection of novelties in terms of complements to give your home a touch to the last. And which one do you like best to renovate your home? If you want to see more ideas you can visit my Pinterest page  where you will find more ideas and examples. Why are you going to decide this spring that we have it here? The difficult thing is to choose only one. Well you know how to mix different ideas and colors and create a unique and very personal space. For something the eclectic style triumphs, it seems that we are leaving behind the domain of minimalism, and opens a new era full of contrast, color… and surprises. And I can only say that I love to see houses full of personality that convey joy and desire to live and courage when mixing fabrics, colors and prints without complexes. And does it happen to you alike?

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