7 Steps to Consider before Doing Home Renovation

Doing major renovations or minor home remodeling actually a relative thing. Categories major renovation or small depends on the assessment of each. The most important thing before doing renovations is set out put, define what you want the result of these changes, determine needs will be accommodated from the changes. Many people do get bored with home renovation because they often live in them or because they have more money to eat them doing renovations. Consequently the results of the home renovation just seem patchy and does not provide maximum results.

Source: http://www.susaresidentialconstruction.com

Source: http://www.susaresidentialconstruction.com

Steps to Consider for Home Renovation

Here are some tips that you can do before deciding to renovate your house:

  1. Create a list of needs renovation. Often when we are doing renovations to a part only, but it turned out to spread everywhere.

Therefore, before acting -what just list what needs to be renovated. Such as;

  • Perform renovations on the foundation, because the ground is ugly,
  • Foundation conditions decline, etc.,
  • Renovation of the air vents, since space in the middle of the house stuffy and no air circulation flowing perfectly, etc.
  • Perform electrical connections, for their stacking receptacle, since the electrical connections previously irregular and mixed.
  • Renovating the floors, ceilings, walls because it was cracked, the paint colors dull, moldy, etc.,
  • The bedroom was about to be expanded by hacking into the warehouse, etc. and many more things else you need to Make a list of things that need to be renovated according to your needs.
  1. Discuss with the entire family or household, involve them in the design process of the renovation. If they have supported you doing home renovations, then they will give full commitment and there will be no complaints against the GCC changes occur in the home you are remodeling.
  2. Planning renovation detailed as possible, make its list, cost analysis and stuff Swelling related to renovation costs. Create stages that also needs to be done in renovating, it is quite important because there are some things that, if done in accordance with the stages of effectiveness and should be more efficient, and can be prevent renovation into a lot of other things. It would be better if you involve other people who are more experienced in the field of home to help you do this analysis, so there are suggestions and cross check against things that escape from your thoughts.
  3. Using used materials, origin does not affect the strength of the structure and aesthetics. Many former wood is still good to use, smart we are processing. Neither the furniture or interior decoration, you can hunting knickknacks and unique interior to your liking at bargain prices when you can take advantage of the auction or the second interior is still worth taking. However, you need to be observant to select it.
  4. If you live in housing with rules governing certain, so it’s good consultation and communicate renovations will you do with the developer. There are some changes that should not normally be done in housing, such as the design of the facade and so on. If you live in Bali, there are some rules and regulations that bind to the building of the house. For example, a specific size for the border, so you do not build additional space and reduce border that has been determined. And there are many more rules and regulations would be nice if you learned before the renovation.
  5. Sometimes we wrong doing renovations. For example enlarge the window and opening the room but did not notice that the wind blowing around our homes direction towards home and if we have a large ventilation / width so the wind would blow the excessive entry into the room. Or suppose we do a connecting pipe is leaking, but it turned out to be fatal for the connection we did was not the right thing even cause new water seepage. Things like this should also note before renovate.
  6. Choose consultant architects and contractors that are professional and experienced. They will help you find and solve your problem properly and efficiently.
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