8 Tips to Put the Television Well

If you do not belong to the small group of people who have given up having a television at home, you are interested in reading these tips to put your TV. Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable place for us to provide moments of relaxation and tranquility. The main aspects to take into account when it comes to your location are, natural and artificial light, distance, space with which accounts, connection points. Take a look at the following 8 tips to properly position your television.Tips to put living room television

8 tips to put the television well

  1. Light: Do not place the television in front of a window, as it will reflect the light coming through the window preventing a good view of it. If this is not possible because of the distribution of your living room, you can always use blinds or curtains opaque using them when you are ready to watch your favorite movie or show. The light of the lamps can also annoy with reflections on the TV, avoid placing a light on it, it is better to have an auxiliary light that does not affect the television.
  2. Distance: It is very uncomfortable to be in front of an excessively large TV and a very short distance, and in the same way placing a TV too far away is not convenient for obvious reasons. Follow the advice of the expert staff when buying your television and adjust the inches with the distance you know you have from the sofa. As a guideline if you place a 32-inch television, you should leave a minimum distance of 1.80 meters.
  3. Height and location: Do not place the television in a high traffic area, as you will experience uncomfortable interference when you are in front of it. Also take into account the height at which you place it, it should be slightly above the line of your eyes.
  4. Points of antenna and cables: Do not forget, when planning the location of the television, antenna points and how to camouflage those unsightly cables that are visible. A simple solution is to hide the cables with a gutter.
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Now I will also explain the different ways of placing the television depending on the space you have.

  1. Television on a piece of furniture: It is the most habitual and classic way of placing, on a furniture more or less large that we have chosen we have the TV.
  2. Hanging on the wall: It is a very modern way of locating the television, the biggest advantage of hanging the television is the space saving. If you have wallboard plasterboard walls sure you are interested in this post how to hang the TV on a wall of plasterboard.
  3. Recessed into a wall: Make a hole in the wall of plasterboard partitions or the type of wall you have to camouflage the television inside. In this way you will integrate easily with the decoration of your home, you will save space and when you use it will go unnoticed, preventing television from becoming the queen and center of attention of your living room.
  4. On a foot or base: If you do not have a piece of furniture or a wall, or because you simply like it, placing the television on a foot or pedestal is also an effective solution.

An issue that you should not forget is security, if we have small children at home, television on a stand or on a piece of furniture without anchoring the wall, can cause us more of a displeasure as the curiosity of a child can lead to overturn Or to fall on top of it. As the responsible parent you must ensure child safety at home by creating a safe environment.

If you did not find the way to correctly position your television and finally found the solution, I invite you to share it in the Projects section, you can also check your doubts in the comment where we will be happy to help you.

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