8 Trending Ideas for Decorating Stylish Bathrooms

If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom do not miss this article where we tell you the 8 trending ideas for decorating bathrooms with style. What colors, finishes and complements tend to get a bath that will cause a sensation but at the same time will help you relax and rest after a long day. Shall we begin?Decorating Stylish Bathrooms

The bathrooms are updated with new ideas and trends that come from all fronts. From the use of elements more typical of the industrial style to the recovery of classic finishes such as subway or hydraulic tiles, the return to pure white or the use of original barn-type doors. Let’s take a walk through the 8 ideas that we have seen the most and I like to get a very special bathroom.

Ideas to decorate bathrooms: Everything to white… and to black

black and white bathroomThe white again imposes its domain and now you will let your bathroom turn completely white. Combine it with neutral tones and with natural touches like wood or stone. The natural style is a rising trend and leaves your bathroom to conquer her. A timeless and harmonious style that is difficult to resist, right?

And if all white bathroom you find it boring, give it a black touch to the bathroom. White / black contrasts are back to last and give a much more sophisticated and air current to your bathroom. Do not you love it?

One wall in black can radically change your bathroom, either with paint or tiles, in contrast to the rest blank and some touch wood. The second photo seems like a great for decorating a small bathroom and give it a plus topical notion, a small wall in black. So simple, a 10 bath!

Or if like me you do not like too tiled walls… you have the original choice to paint a wall with chalkboard paint and let your imagination of the whole family in decorating your bathroom.  An idea that would save many dislikes and kilos of paint to the owners of bars of half a planet, do not you think?

Or we can use white walls and touches of black in the bathtub or furniture. Especially the appeal of a black bathtub can be the perfect shot. But with what choice are you? Do you like the idea of black and white in the bath or do you prefer to continue betting on the target?

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Ideas to decorate bathrooms: Classics return

classic bathroomWe took a while but seeing the classics back to dress our floors and walls: the subway tiles and tile hydraulic reign again in our bathroom. The tiles or subway tile type date back to 1904 with the opening of NY Metro and have continued being used for its simplicity and elegance. Now back strongly to decorate our bathrooms perhaps influence the Nordic decoration where they seem like much perhaps because of its simplicity.

Another classic that returns are the hydraulic tiles. We’ve been seeing them back at home as their patterns and colors make them perfect for decorating any part time from home. They also return to our bathrooms and conquer us because they look this good.

But you can also use them to decorate a bathroom wall, a more original option and that will surely love the results. Thanks to its colorful and geometric designs combined you get a special wall that will be the center of the room. To me, it is one of the ideas that I like the most.classic bathroom

And if you want to risk more… mix hydraulic and subway tiles in one bathroom can give a truly original and charming result as in these examples. What do you think, you like the result? To me, although at first, it seemed to me that it could not turn out well, the truth is that I love it.

Also out in force hexagonal tiles in white or combining colors as in the second photo that I think is spectacular. Combined with type guby round mirrors the mirror are a safe bet.

They can be used in floors or walls or both simultaneously combining colors as in the following examples. What is your favorite option? Mine that of combining the smooth grays on the wall with a floor with the same drawing but in color, very original!

Of these three options, what is your favorite? Or do you bet on mixing? If you want to see more examples you can visit my Pinterest page. There as always you will find many more ideas and photos.

Ideas to decorate bathrooms: Let yourself be seduced by gold

gold bathroomAlready discussed in the ideas to update your master bedroom, gold is fashionable for lamps and accessories… and also on the faucet in your bathroom. An original and glamorous touch for very modern bathrooms. You dare? In white bathrooms, the gold will acquire all the protagonism and will fill them of luxury and sophistication.

But if the faucet is too much for you, another option is to put a mirror with gold finish. So when you get tired there will be no problem in changing it, but do we put the two mirrors the same or round for her and square for him? To me, this second option has enchanted me. Very funny.

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Give her a gold bath to your bath or shower and get to create a unique and unexpected atmosphere. Or even more, if you give all the protagonism to a gold wall in contrast to a completely white bathroom. Too much? The effect is nice but I do not see him putting it at home, and you?

Ideas to decorate bathrooms: the industrial touch

industrial bathroomThe industrial style is still fashionable in the bathroom. Add metallic touches to the bathroom in the windows, shower doors or bathroom furniture attached to wood in floors or ceilings. The faucet is left in sight and the subway style tiles are used or straight and simple lines or the cement finishes so characteristic.

In this style where decoration is minimized, the materials take center stage and thus the separating partitions in industrial style grid become the center of the room. To me it is an idea that I love, we have seen it for some time and I confess that it has me totally in love. And what do you think?

Ideas for decorating bathrooms: barn-style sliding doors

We saw some examples of this type of doors in the article on how to decorate doors at home. Sliding doors help us make the most of the space and are very practical. Now also they installed at the entrance to the bathroom to give a different air to this space Would not you love it?

Ideas for decorating bathrooms: Let the lights hang

hanging bathroom lightingNow the bathroom is filled with hanging lights. We saw in the article on bedroom lights hanging from the ceiling and the bathroom was not to be outdone take. Now in this space we also let ourselves be seduced by this type of lighting.

Single bulbs or more elaborate models, you choose. White, black or gray, there are options for all tastes and budgets so you have no excuse not to renew your bathroom with a ceiling if only one bulb in a corner that does not need a very strong light.

Do you stick to this trend? Or in the bathroom do you prefer to prioritize the quality of light over aesthetics? I confess I am of the latter so this idea I like for the bathroom area always appreciates a soft light or a corner that does not require too much light.

Another idea that seems to prevail in bathroom lighting is to incorporate light in the mirror. The effect is nice although I’m not convinced by the same reason as before, the intensity of light does not seem sufficient. And what do you think? Would you wear this type of mirror with the lighting included?

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Ideas for decorating bathrooms: green that I love you green

green bathroom plantsFill your bath or if you prefer plants of terrariums and mini-gardens are the latest trend in plants and tell you how to blog. The plants will bring color and freshness to your bathroom while decorating. Let them hang from the ceiling or take advantage of shelves with pots or a set of glass jars. A winning bet.

Another trend that we are seeing sometimes vertical gardens, now uses the wall over the tub to create your own hanging garden. A solution that will give a plus of topicality and originality to your bathroom. Or do the same in the mirror area. Let the plants cover your walls!

Ideas for decorating bathrooms: recycles and creates unique pieces

recycled bathroomRecycling is not just a fashion is a way of life and a way to let our creativity show up so in the bathroom also lets your imagination fly and creates unique spaces that will leave everyone with their mouths open. An old bicycle or an old machine can be the basis for a new bathroom.

Every time we see more in bars and restaurants. At home recycles old wooden stairs as towel racks or shelves for a bathroom of natural or rustic style. You’ll be the last time and you give a second life to an old wooden staircase. Great!

What do you think of these ideas to give a new air to your bathroom? Do you still prefer white for bathing or betting on color? To me I have always liked more colorful but over time the white bathroom has conquered me and if I had to renew think I would choose a more natural and relaxed style as that of the first photos. And where would not miss the green in plants and terrariums. The idea that I would like to use is the barn door because I love it and I think to the very practical. And which idea did you like the most?geometric bathroom tiles

If you are thinking of renovating the bathroom, why the trend is stylish? I hope your comments and ideas.  Do not neglect to see my Pinterest page where you will find many more pictures if you are thinking about making a change in your bathroom. And if you want more tips and ideas for turning your bathroom into a real spa do not miss other article.

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