9 Ideas For Decoration With Clouds For Your Home

Today we tell you our favorite ideas of decoration with clouds, because autumn is here and it is about renovating our home, do you dare to include them in your house?Decoration With Clouds

The summer is over, the new school year has begun and autumn is knocking at our door. But not everything is going to be bad. Autumn also brings us good things and new ideas to decorate at home. One trend that we have been seeing and loving for some time is the decoration with clouds. An autumnal and fun touch for your home that can be an inspiration for a change of decoration or to try new things. There are many possibilities to include clouds in your home. From the walls to the coasters through cushions, lamps or doormats, give your home an autumnal point! Today we tell you our favorite ideas with clouds, do you dare to include them in your house?

Ideas For Decoration With Clouds

1. Mobiles for baby’s crib

A classic element of every baby room are the mobiles above the crib that serve to decorate but also to entertain them and keep them active. One option of decoration with clouds is to use mobile with clouds, some beautiful and decorative sea elements. There are designs to suit all tastes, so you’re sure to find one that suits you. Whether with branches, as in the first two examples, or with wood or how the latter with cloth and cardboard. If you liked the last one you are lucky because here you can see the DIY to include this nice mobile in the decoration of your baby.

Mobiles for baby's crib

There are so many options that it is difficult to choose because the decoration with clouds in children’s and juvenile rooms is trend. You can also create decorations for your wall with pompoms or stickers and some wadding and cloth, nothing simpler! If the cloud with pompoms has fallen in love, like me, do not miss how to get it step by step. Your baby will have the most beautiful room ever. Can you resist?

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Mobiles for baby's crib

2. A cloud at your feet

What better idea than a carpet or doormat in the form of a cloud? Well nothing simpler and fun in the decoration with clouds. You can find them already made but if not you can also customize them yourself and give that original touch and fun in the form of cloud that we like so much. If what interests you is a mullidita carpet for the fall days to come here we leave you a tutorial where they explain how to get to. Your feet will be delighted with life and you will surprise your visitors.

cloud at your feet

3. A very useful cork

To have everything at hand and never forget anything… a cork is ideal and more if it has a form as beautiful as this, cloud, which will be irresistible for all. Put it in the nursery on your desk or in any corner where you can inspire your little artists and sure to give much use. Or in your office area if you feel like giving a fun and informal touch and at the same time useful so you do not forget anything important.

very useful cork

If you like the idea of having your cork in the form of a cloud, here’s how to do it step by step to get a result like the one in the first photo. There is no excuse anymore! You can also make this other version blank if you follow these easy instructions. We love these types of useful and decorative crafts that do not require great mastery with diy or complicated tools. What are you waiting for to have your own cork-cloud?

very useful cork

4. Cushions

It is not an original idea of the decoration with clouds, since we have been watching it for a long time, but it continues to enchant us. Ideal for children’s and youth rooms you can also use them in other areas of the house to give a naïf touch and fun that is sure to not go unnoticed. If you are interested in the idea, do not forget to stop by this page to discover the tutorial of the first set of cushions. If you like the option of a cushion with legs we have also found how to do it step by step. The result well deserves the effort!


5. A cloud lamp

Another idea of cloud decoration that we love is to create a cloud-shaped lamp for any corner, especially for the nursery or playground. These two ideas that you can see below have fallen in love, and you? Would you encourage them to do them? If you liked the first idea here you have a diy of how you can get a lamp in the form of a cloud of this type. Another way to use the lights that we love and is fully current. And is that you have to let your imagination fly and more when it comes to decorating the room of the little ones from home.

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cloud lamp

6. Variable cloudiness on the walls

The wallpapers are still hot and every day we find more options and designs more fun and original. These include perfect clouds for children’s rooms. You can include the clouds in your wall decoration either using wallpaper with this design or even decorating your room with a cloud template. If you are handy here you can see how to do it yourself to get a result as beautiful as the photos. Your walls will be full of charm!

Variable cloudiness on the walls

Another option in the decoration with clouds are the decorative vinyl for walls that you just have to hook and that you can find in many different models and measures. There are also slate type, which can be very useful depends on where you want to place them, do not you think? Next to the fridge for example to not forget anything or the studio room. We can find a great variety of designs with clouds, surely you find yours! An idea that will transform your wall with little effort.

cloud wallpapaer

7. Cotton clouds to decorate any corner

From a special event to a bedroom or hallway these cotton clouds can be the perfect element that will turn that area into something very very special. Also you can see how it is done step by step and is not as complicated as it seems. Giving a bucolic and autumnal air to that birthday party or the bachelorette party will not be so difficult. The guests will want to take photos in that special area or you can even mount a photocall with them. And if you also put lights as in the second image, no one will be able to resist!

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Cotton clouds to decorate any corner

8. Cloudy coasters

So beautiful you can be your coasters, so much so that everyone will go the saint to heaven, or clouds, to see them. These elements of cloud decoration are made with felt or fabric, are very easy to make and will give a very chic touch to your snacks, breakfasts or tea time. If you dare to put it into practice you just have to follow these instructions to get the most fun and original coasters. Sure everyone loves!

Cloudy coasters

9. Decorate your walls

Finally we give you two ideas of decoration with very different clouds that you can make yourself and use to decorate any wall at home. The first is a simple cloud of wire and the second a cloud of abstract style full of color and strength that has fallen in love. Which one do you like the most? Whatever your choice here you can see how to make them yourself and give this point so cloudy to any space. The first one the wire you can see the instructions step by step here. While the second we can see your DIY on this page. You will tell us if you put them into practice.

Decorate your walls

And it is only necessary to blow a little imagination to create a special corner at home, whether in the nursery, the study room or the dining room. Clouds can be a good, different and original option that will help us to break with sobriety and boredom. And to you what do you think, Do you like the idea of decoration with clouds? Do you see it as a resource for the children’s room or do you dare with them in the rest of the house? I hope as always your comments and impressions on the article and if you are going to include the clouds in your decoration this fall. You can stop by my page of Pinterest to see more photos and ideas with clouds that surely you will enchant. Happy week.

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