Advantages and Techniques the Use of Wooden Fence

Fences is part of a building which has a vital role to create a better security system. Besides fences are also often used as boundaries of land ownership. And no less important element also can be ornate exterior and make an appearance as well as the architectural style of the building look more pleasing to the eye.

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At the moment when you’re going somewhere residential complex, especially in the cities, in general, the fence is made of ferrous metal or walls. Now it is rare to find there is a fence made of wood. In fact, if made designs with more creative ways, wood fences can actually make the house building behind it look more attractive.

And not only that, the use of a wooden fence also has some advantages as well. Among others, are cheaper when compared with a fence made of iron or a wall. Besides the manufacturing process is also faster so they can save time. If you use the services of carpenters, then the money should be spent can be efficient and economical.

The design and shape of the wooden fence also has a more beautiful, especially for those who love the natural look. What is important, though often applied in home-style ethnic or traditional, wooden fence also can be used on buildings applying modern and minimalist style that is still the trend.

The other advantage, fences of wood can create an impression that is more lenient. In contrast to fence off the wall which looks look stiff and haughty especially when made with a higher size. Although a measure of high, wooden fence will not create an impression like this. Even if it wanted to create a more unique design variations and attractive, wooden fence more easily applied.

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In order to work perfectly, there are several techniques use a wooden fence <>that should be applied. For example, for the type of wood, should choose a good quality because it is outside the room. Scorching sunshine and rain that could fall quickly make wood rot and loss if the quality is not good. The most suitable type of wood used to make the fence is teak, merbau, camphor, ironwood, or resin sea.

Keep the wooden fence that could be protected so that the effects of sunlight and rain water can be reduced. The trick can give plants or trees are quite large and heavy around the fence so that the heat from sun will not directly hit. Rain falling number can also be restricted. This will make the wooden fence more durable and long lasting.

Despite the use of wood quality is good, but if the fence construction installing directly in the ground, the risk of loss remains large. Because the land was used to create this fence must always be cultivated in dry condition. Before the timber can be mounted anti porous layer or wear binarang oil used oil that termites do not enter and stay in it.

The other way that can be applied to avoid the occurrence of loss is wearing a metal frame in stainless or cast concrete. So wood is only used in the main part alone. Then, when it would be given paint color, select a special wood paint used outdoors. But for home use traditional or ethnic style, wooden fences should not have to be colored. When you want to create a better system of protection, choose the type of color that is natural for instance chocolate.

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