American Style Kitchen Gives Us The Obvious Proof That Conviviality Rhymes With Functionality

American Style KitchenThe kitchen is now a living room in its own right. She wants more and more friendly, functional and trendy so that we can cook without staying away from its guests. Obviously, it’s a lifestyle issue. If you dream of owning a kitchen that is not separate from other living rooms, know that the open concept is for you. Inviting reunions and family rituals, the cuisine is punctuated by everyday life, but also by special occasions. This is why its layout must be adapted to its functions. A hybrid room, the American style kitchen allows the whole family to get together and participate in the preparation of meals. Functional and friendly, it makes us want to meet.

The American style kitchen combines conviviality, design and functionality

American Style KitchenThe American style kitchen is a kitchen that fits into a larger room, usually a living room or dining room. In other words, this is a type of layout and layout that is not closed. It is thanks to this open concept that American cooking is becoming more convivial, as it allows family members to be together during the meal preparation.American Style Kitchen

Without doubt, the great advantage that an American style kitchen has is that it takes up little space. It is therefore an ideal solution for small spaces. Nevertheless, it finds its place as well in large volumes with a beautiful area in the living room. Whether it’s a modern I- shaped kitchen , an L-shaped kitchen or a central island, American-style kitchen design can take different forms. Depending on the available space, several arrangements are possible.American Style Kitchen

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If you dream of a convivial interior where the living room, the dining area and the kitchen are one, the American style kitchen is the answer to your requests. Indulge yourself with an American style kitchen that will sublimate your interior while being functional. It gives you the assurance of being able to cook in a friendly way and prepare the dishes of your dreams for the whole family.American Style Kitchen

Nothing like an American style kitchen to offer modernity and the pleasure of cooking in a room 100% friendly. Open to a second living room, the American style kitchen is usually arranged to give an impression of volume and brightness.American Style Kitchen

The principle of an American-style layout is to form a single room with the living room and the dining room. Thus, the person who cooks can share each moment with the other members of his family or stay close to his guests. American cuisine, more often called “open” is better adapted to our current lifestyles. Designed to maximize space while remaining user-friendly and stylish, American-style cuisine gracefully integrates with our contemporary surroundings.American Style Kitchen

The merits of an American style kitchen are not limited to its particularity of integrating with large volumes. On the contrary. The kitchen was initially kitchenette, designed to develop small urban apartments. It was only much later that she was able to win everywhere.American Style Kitchen

Today, we greatly appreciate the open concept of this type of kitchen. An open layout offers more space and more light. In addition to bringing conviviality to everyday life, opening the kitchen allows free and pleasant traffic. There is no need to go through doors, serving dishes and monitoring what is simmering is greatly facilitated.American Style Kitchen

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The American cuisine we know today has evolved over the trends of interior design and decoration. In this vein, she is influenced by the timeless and elegant nature of clean lines and discreet.American Style Kitchen

The open modern kitchen has simple furnishings, built-in features and concealed handles to ensure contemporary aesthetics and unparalleled functionality.American Style Kitchen

In an open concept, to delimit the location of the kitchen from the rest of the room, it is often used to install various storage elements. These serve as a bar counter, for example.American Style Kitchen

However, it is now a few years since the counter is replaced by an island. Depending on its layout, the element in question may serve as a dining area, worktop or hob.American Style Kitchen

Having an American style kitchen is the assurance of a character piece, modern and friendly. Opening it on a dining room allows to breathe a certain conviviality to it and to make it a warm and pleasant room to live. Installed at the multifunction island, one does not have the impression of being confined in an enclosed room.American Style Kitchen

By adopting the American style kitchen, we are ready to say “yes” to the layout of a new generation hybrid room. This modernizes the space by giving it an unprecedented friendly and functional appearance. In order to blend naturally into the atmosphere of the accommodation, it is appropriate to equip a kitchen of this type with furniture inspired by living room furniture.

Friendly interior where living room, dining area and kitchen are oneAmerican Style Kitchen

American style kitchen open to the living roomAmerican Style Kitchen

U-shaped kitchenette open to the rest of the living roomsAmerican Style Kitchen

Small open-plan kitchen open to the modern living roomAmerican Style Kitchen

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