Artificial Lighting Organizing Tips For Residence

Artificial Lighting Organizing Tips for Residence. For a residence, artificial lighting is important role in addition to making natural lighting. Because, basically, natural lighting will not be enough to illuminate all parts of your home, especially the parts in the house. Artificial lighting can be obtained from the lights that we put in the room, for more details you may have deeper discussions with the architecture or interior designer who is experienced. But as consideration and your knowledge, there is no harm in some of the following you consider in regulating artificial lighting in your home.artificial-lighting-interior-design-4

  1. Living Room

The living room can be a mirror of personality in the eyes of guest house owners. Therefore essential placement of artificial light in the living room in addition to natural light obtained from sunlight. Uniform illumination is required to support the activities of residents of the house and also when there are guests who come to visit. But when the living room is not in use we recommend using only local lighting to save expenses. So in the living room should be provided two pieces of information, namely uneven lighting and local lighting.

  1. Family Room

The activity carried out in the family room is very complex, to watch, read, talk or eat and drink. Nearly all daily activities with the family can be done at the venue, to the lighting needed for a family room would be more complex. Uneven lighting, lighting and direction of local lighting needed by a family room. The family room is a space in the core of a dwelling house, the family room is usually located in the middle of the house. Use of lights that illuminate the whole room is the main thing. The use of light in the same direction; e.g. for lighting decorations, paintings or family photographs will also add to the aesthetics. Plus placement table lamps, standing lamp and a wall lamp that matched the interior space will give the impression of depth to your living room.

  1. The Bedroom
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The main activities undertaken in this room is to rest, so the use of lamps for lighting in the room was not too focused on lighting evenly. With the unidirectional lighting and local lighting will make effective use of light in this room. Placement of the right lamp must be observed at specific points such as at the bedside using a table lamp, near wardrobes dressing using halogen lamps and wardrobe. Placement of the lights in this area will maximize the space within the scope as a resting place. The use of hidden lamp that is placed behind the ceiling trap, also interesting when the main light is turned off at bedtime.

  1. Kitchen

The lighting in this room must be considered carefully, this is because in the kitchen we did some activities relating to safety, such as the slicing of food, stove and others should be done with caution. Installation of the lights in the kitchen set is also worth noting the frequency. If using large watt certainly will feel the heat, especially mixed atmosphere of a kitchen that was hot. Installation of cables lamps for lighting in the kitchen must be extra careful, do not get sloppy or inappropriate placement, for the security of residents who do the cooking process so that the cable is not exposed to splash water or heat oil, which can damage the cable if it happens constantly ,

  1. Dining Room

Almost similar to the lighting in the kitchen, to the dining room also need some different lights, such as the local lighting and lighting evenly. To increase the aesthetic value, the use of pendant lamps, wall lamps or lamp can add stamp in this space.

  1. Bathroom
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Actually, the lighting for the bathroom is not so risky. Uniform illumination is sufficient for the bathroom, because the main activity in this room only a bath, washing and the like. The important thing to note here is simply the placement of lights and installation. Do not let the lights, wiring or fittings exposed to splashing water, because it can cause a surge in electricity. To get rid of the smell and distribute moisture, natural lighting and good ventilation is also very important for the shower.

  1. Space Circulation

Is a connecting space between spaces. It can be a lobby, hallways, or just part of the space that may have different levels, color, or pattern of the main floor. The function of circulation space is just as a liaison between the rooms in the house performance, so lighting is required is not too excessive. Lighting any model would be good for this circulation space.

  1. Spaces support

Support space such as terraces, balconies, garages, parks, warehouses and the like. Or use the space separate from the house. Lighting in these spaces simply adjust to the needs of its application only to be functional. As for the garden and yard, further highlight the aesthetic value rather than the actual lamp function.

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