Back to Nature with Building Environmentally Friendly Homes

Building an environmentally friendly house is a demand for the current world population, because of the environmental crisis is getting worse lately has caused natural disasters everywhere. Eco friendly house concept that can be used as a solution as the starting gate understanding of the environment as a whole.



The process undertaken since designing, finishing, to home care is a unity that cannot be separated from the principles of environmentally friendly homes. The principles are integrated to each family member. They will use household energy sparingly and use other items that are easy to be recycled back so as not to pollute the environment.

At the core concept of eco-friendly homes, or eco friendly it has a strong commitment to not depend 100% on electronic items home stairs. For example saving use of electricity and air-conditioning in the room of the house. The impact on household budgets will not swell because electricity budget can be suppressed. Broadly speaking eco friendly house always take into account the effective and efficient use of each energy. As at the development stage, choose an environmentally friendly material such as wood. In addition, in the process of building it does not cause a lot of pollution and noise so it will interfere the health and peace of others.

Additionally important to be calculated is the measure of all equipment in the environmentally friendly house in order not to waste to energy. As well also consider the use of electronic tools aplenty take up electrical energy. Or use electronic goods that use batteries as a television remote. If you are not smart use of these items will actually lead to a buildup of waste batteries in your home.

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When you’re going to build a home-based eco friendly then you should consult with the architecture. Because they will be more aware of materials and goods for building environmentally friendly homes. There are some recommendations that could used reference for you to determine the material in building environmentally friendly homes. Starting from the floor, you can choose from wood floors that are designed in ways that minimize the same smoothness with which using marble flooring or ceramic. Apart from the wooden floor of the house can also use eco friendly materials from natural stone and stone.

Furthermore, instead of things that are not your home may not be painted. By utilizing the natural color of the bricks and arranged neatly will not diminish the aesthetic impression of your home. As well as using wood instead carved a ventilation hole in the window and the door will be more soothing space either at night or during the day, because the air will still be changed through the cracks carved designs. To save electricity in using an electric heater, or other electronic equipment recommended using solar panels.

The most important aspect of the home more environmentally friendly waste management and waste that must be managed properly. The way to start the sorting of waste, the wet waste and dry waste, or organic and inorganic waste. The sorting can be done with the recycling of waste into items that can be reused through unique creativity. Above all, it must be supported by the use of building materials that are not financially wasteful and environmentally friendly. Since the beginning of this material home eco friendly stand on a vision to preserve nature and the environment by taking into account the aspect of sustainability.

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As environmentally friendly home has a strong consistency to nature (back to nature) the land to build a house must be left to a green open space around home, for example planting flowers or fruit trees preferences. Because of the urgency of this tree is to supply oxygen for humans, so every morning you can breathe in the fresh air and pollution free. If homes are built not on large grounds, it can be circumvented by planting in flower pots. Or if your home is in the middle of urban areas that do not allow their extensive gardens, the roof of the house could be an alternative for growing beautiful flowers. As has been done by the houses in the countries of Europe and America.

Many other ideas and creativity to build a house is eco friendly. Environmentally friendly home is not the home that anti-technology and electronics, but an environmentally friendly home blends modern technology with the concept of nature. Thus supporting the smooth operation of technology in the home is still used by framed by the concept of efficient and effective as a home that has been overshadowed by environmentally friendly development. Thus use architectural services in planning development, through those years that have been tested, they can provide advice on the construction of environmentally friendly homes, energy conservation and other innovative ideas for the home eco friendly.

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