Bathroom Faience – How to Make the Best Choice Quality-Aesthetics-Utility

Bathroom FaienceA perfect choice for covering walls and floors, the bathroom faience promises to add style and refinement to the powder room. Resolutely contemporary and trendy, nothing like faience to design the bathroom dreams! The wide range of models and formats can give a new style to the bathroom or toilet. Do you need some help to make the best bathroom faience choice without any taste? sitazine will give you some valuable advice and will guide you in your choice.Faience Bathroom

You want to tile your bathroom? Succumb to the charm of contemporary bathroom faience to dress up your space with unparalleled elegance. Designed to bring a modern style to the bathroom and toilets, earthenware is ad infinitum to meet all the expectations and requirements in terms of style, format and colors. The tremendous variety allows everyone to make the best quality-price-aesthetic choice.Bathroom Faience

Easy to clean, undeniably aesthetic, durable in time and resistant, the faience is the answer to all your desires. An excellent alternative to any other type of flooring, earthenware tiles are offered in a wide range of materials, finishes and formats, to allow everyone to design their space in the style they want. Flagship element of the layout and decor, bathroom faience is marked by the influence of trends that are constantly renewed to stick to the desires of the moment. So there is nothing surprising to see appear concrete effect tile, natural stone, terracotta, metal, wood etc.Bathroom Faience

Apart from the style, the format and shape of the bathroom faience are also important criteria to take into account to make the best choice. Rectangles, squares, hexagonals, rhombuses – to each the preferred form. Resolutely modern, these tiles promise to bring a certain originality to the whole. The most daring can diversify the design by mixing shapes and styles. Choosing the format of bathroom faience is a question of aesthetics but also of functionality. According to the specialists, it is necessary to select the format taking as reference the dimensions of the bathroom. Thus, one can move towards XS tiles, standard or even XL.Bathroom Faience

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Without a doubt, the resistance of a faience bathroom is the most important criterion to respect. Since it is in the bathroom where the humidity is highest, the coating chosen must withstand moisture and chemicals. And as the passage in the bathroom is considered to be weak, the faience bathroom must not necessarily have a higher resistance to wear. One more detail of great importance – resistance to slipping barefoot. It is essential that earthenware has anti-slip properties. In addition, providing a waterproofing system under the tiles is an important safety issue that should not be underestimated.Bathroom Faience

The only drawback of bathroom faience is its low resistance to the weight of walking. However, highly appreciated for its aesthetic qualities and the wide range of colors and finishes it offers, the faience is one of the most used coatings in the bathroom.Bathroom Faience

With the faience bathroom we have the opportunity to join all its aesthetic desires to the usefulness of the material. And to enjoy the best possible waterproofness on the floor and walls, we do not hesitate to choose the tiles. And as the manufacturers follow the decorating trends, they always have something to surprise their customers, by offering them the latest tiling innovations of the moment.

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Tips from pros to choose your faience bathroomBathroom Faience

The many benefits that a faience bathroom offers, make it an excellent choice of flooring and wall and decorative element in the air. Yes, the tiles have all the qualities must to fit wonderfully well in the bathroom regardless of its style and size.Bathroom Faience

Whether bathroom faience has a classic and noble appeal or that it has a contemporary look and full of character, it allows all the daring about its association with other elements. Want a coherent and noble decor? You can bet on a faience wood effect, perfect to associate with a bathroom furniture in wood. To diversify the decor, we can privilege a faience stone effect that will gracefully complement a stone worktop for example.Bathroom Faience

Easy to live and super aesthetic, bathroom faience is a superb choice of coating that does not demerit. Nothing like the beautiful tiles to give extra style to the bathroom and emphasize the layout gently. Their many “faces” make it possible to change the atmosphere in the blink of an eye and to design the bathroom of dreams!

Natural stone hexagonal tile for tiling the floorBathroom Faience

Nice white subway tile to add contemporary style to the layoutBathroom Faience

White subway tile with black jointsBathroom Faience

Earthenware bathroom effect stone and modern golden faucetBathroom Faience

Original stone tile in the small bathroomBathroom Faience

Noble bathroom with elegant brown faienceBathroom Faience

Bathroom tile Moroccan style revisitedBathroom Faience

White subway tile and retro black and white tileBathroom Faience

Retro wall tile with square shape and cement floor tilesBathroom Faience

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