Bathroom Fixtures In 20 Ideas To Improve Its Blazon

Bathroom fixtures ideas to improve its blazonSuccessful bathroom design is an art that requires a number of things, including solid design knowledge and a pronounced taste for modern architecture. Small or large, contemporary or vintage, the bathroom is a real field of expression that allows many configurations. It can be embellished with a devilishly modern look or an incredibly glamorous appearance. It can be decorated with a Zen decoration, a collection of furniture, saving space, touches of color and handicrafts to better personalize it. In short, the bathroom design is a business that rhymes with meticulousness and know – how. Discover all our ideas on the layout of this piece of passage through our selection of 20 pieces of water unpublished.

The Golden Rules for Successful Bathroom Design

Rules for Successful Bathroom Design

The bathroom layout is a matter to take seriously. That is why we must first start by taking cognizance of the golden rules at the origin of a well-equipped piece of water. In order to shed light on this subject, our editor has consulted the opinions of some renowned interior architects. Whether you want to simply refresh the look of the bathroom or make a complete makeover, please take a look at the principles explained below.

Rules for Successful Bathroom Design

You would like to put yourself in the total redevelopment of your bathroom, but you do not know where to start? Change the fitting, wall cladding, shower enclosure or bathtub? So, before doing anything, we invite you to define your needs in terms of design and decoration. Once you have chosen a particular style, you must tackle the metamorphosis of each element of your interior.

Bathroom fittings: what do you need to know about faucets and washbasins / washbasins?

Bathroom fittings faucets and washbasins

Another point to emphasize with regard to the bathroom layout: whatever its surface area, always take into account its volume! Riquiqui or spacious, it’s not easy to find the right way to underline the architecture of the pond. It is up to you to exploit its volumes to highlight the different elements essential to the creation of the desired ambiance. By carefully choosing its furniture and coatings, you will be able to value each piece of furniture, decorative accessory and arty object. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you only have to focus on the central part of the room by fitting it with furniture appropriate to its size. On the other hand, small parts of water will be satisfied with a more refined arrangement, compact furniture and storage solutions saving space.

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Bathroom fittings faucets and washbasins 2

As soon as we speak of modern bathroom layout, we can not fail to mention two elements: the faucet and the washbasin. Choosing a washbasin / basin with an original faucet is definitely the first goal you need to fix yourself! With the range of models offered by major brands, you will no doubt be able to find your happiness. Indeed, the fittings are more like pieces of art than simple bathroom equipments. Elegant, sleek, art deco-inspired, gilded brass, with silver or copper finish, the faucets remake a beauty to pimper the look of contemporary water room.

Bathroom fittings faucets and washbasins 3

The modern bathroom layout has no secrets for us. Design coatings, noble materials, high-end furniture and unusual decorative objects come together to boost the glamorous atmosphere of this room which is more and more aesthetic. But what about the choice of sink? Are the washbasins suitable for conventional bathrooms? Whatever the established style, the choice of a beautiful washbowl or a sink aesthetic self imposes itself. It is up to you to find a model in harmony with the colors of the coatings and furniture. For a resolutely minimalist ambience, opt for an asymmetrical washbasin. If you want a more cozy atmosphere, do not hesitate to consider a more traditional model with a round or oval shape.

Bath or shower?

bath modern bathroom layout

Bath or shower? This is undeniably one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we start to relooker the piece of water. A real dilemma that causes so many other questions, since the bathroom layout is made according to its size, shape and exposure. Begin by identifying your needs and taking into account the requirements of all members of your family. If you are many wanting to bubble in a wellness cocoon, bet on a spa bath. For the gigantic bathroom, plan to install an island bathtub that will aim to create an impression of space inviting to relaxation.

bathtub small modern bathroom layout

What about the riquiqui bathroom layout? So if you do not have the option of a bathtub, because of the small size of your room, there is only one option: the installation of a shower cubicle. Certainly, the bathtub allows you to lie quietly to enjoy your bath, but the shower is not an alternative to be neglected. Practical, compact and easy to install, the walk-in shower is the ideal way to arrange the interior of the small bathroom. Moreover, it folds to all our decorative desires thanks to its glass walls which are sometimes zen designs, sometimes decorative art deco motifs.

The materials to choose to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation!

materials to choose to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation modern bathroom

Which materials are preferred to dress the inside of the bathroom? This question may give rise to many questions about the style and design of the contemporary water feature. Depending on the style chosen, the bathroom can be equipped with a mixture of sober materials or a combination of soft textures. Modern, classic, vintage or neo-baroque, remember that this piece of passage is above all an intimate place, synonymous with rest and serenity. So it is better to favor soft materials and warm colors that can transform the interior into a cozy nest.

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solid wood rustic bathroom fitting

Is solid wood the best choice for a successful bathroom fitting? Whether it’s a rustic-inspired piece of water, shabby chic or retro, wood is always in demand in an interior that is both cozy and welcoming. For a soothing atmosphere and a cocooning decor, it is advisable to bet on a mixture of warm materials and enveloping colors. It’s up to you to play with the softness of cedar wood, mahogany and pine, to create a more intimate atmosphere.

romantic colorful bathroom layout

What do decorators say about the colorful bathroom layout? Certainly the water room is a place that assumes an optimal relaxation of the senses and the mind, but that does not mean that one can not afford to wake up a little Zen atmosphere. With a few touches of bright colors, you could revitalize the sober interior by putting forward some of your furniture and decorative objects. Listen to your intuition and dare the screaming hues in small touches: pink candy, red tomato, ocher, cyan blue, solar yellow..

Functional bathroom layout, opt for space-saving furniture!

impeccable functional bathroom fitting layout

For an impeccable bathroom fitting, we choose with great care our storage cabinets. We try to ensure that nothing drags on the floor and we give a special place to each little decoration accessory. The goal? Obtain a tidy room where it will be nice to lounge at any time of the day. To do this, it is necessary to think about optimizing the surface of the walls with hanging cupboards, history to disencumber the space on the ground. So, you can enjoy the soil to boost the atmosphere by arranging here and there fragrant candles, small LED lights..

natural light ceiling lamp bathroom lighting

What is the place of lighting in the modern bathroom layout? Very important! Yes, the finest furniture, linens and decorative objects are worthless if they are not enhanced by an artificial light source. If you can not offer your bathroom sufficient natural light, you must multiply the light points at all costs. It is up to you to choose between an artistic ceiling lamp and integrable spots. Another option to add value to the elements and give them more character: here and there, spread out floor lamps, wall sconces and attach a magnificent backlit mirror to the wall.

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How to boost the retro atmosphere?

Minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian, industrial, retro, art deco or neo-baroque, the bathroom changes atmosphere as easily as any other room inside. She changes her clothes as often as she wants, to offer us a decor full of life and an atmosphere according to our tastes. You will be shown with this piece of water which adds a subway tile and a solid wood coating: an original combination to create an industrial atmosphere dotted with Scandinavian notes and a light scent with retro chic charm.

cement tiles, graphic wallpaper vintage bathroom layout

What do the specialists say about the vintage bathroom layout? The vintage style invests all the parts from the inside, including the piece of water. If you like the irresistible chic of the retro style, you must offer yourself a bathroom lined with colored cement tiles, graphic wallpaper and furniture.

Minimalist, futuristic contemporary bathroom layout

Want a decoration advice on the contemporary bathroom layout? Minimalist, futuristic or simply purified, the modern water room adores sober materials and neutral colors. We therefore play on innovative forms, austere lines and cold matters. Lacquered facades and glossy finishes are required on the furniture, while the coatings prefer to display a more discreet appearance.

Zen bathroom layout for exclusive moments of relaxation

soothing environment and a natural ambience Zen bathroom design

These are our trend inspirations for a successful Zen bathroom design. Above, a piece of water that combines the elegance of solid wood with the serenity of green and light gray. An original compromise between a minimalist interior of white dressed and a cozy piece that swears only by the warm colors. The ideal formula to create a soothing environment and a natural ambience.

acrylic bathtub extra solid wood furniture Zen bathroom layout

Still some tips on the Zen bathroom layout. If you are afraid to dare green in total look, you can apply it on only one part of your walls by mixing it with snow white for example. To further balance the decor, opt for an acrylic bathtub and add extra solid wood furniture.

Feminine bathroom layout, create a little paradise borrowing sweetness!

mosaic in pink glass paste, furniture with curves generous and a bath lion paw feminine bathroom layout

The feminine bathroom layout makes you dream, but you do not feel the courage to makeover your piece of water? No more hesitation! It is the time or never to concoct a feminine paradise thanks to a mosaic in pink glass paste, furniture with curves generous and a bath lion paw!

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