Bathroom Tiles: Some Trendy Ideas for Walls and Floors

Bathroom TilesAre you looking for creative ideas for bathroom design? In the following article you will find a lot of inspiration on the subject. Create the place of your dreams, with the following ideas for modern bathroom tile.

Bathroom tiles – aesthetics and benefits

Bathroom TilesThe tiles in the modern bathroom are the most common coating and it is not by chance. Tiling is functional. Its practical advantages are numerous: it is resistant to moisture and possible shocks, it is easy to install and maintain and, having a smooth surface, it is very hygienic. On the other hand, it lends itself to every taste: the sizes, colors, materials and designs on the market are so numerous that it is impossible not to find the right design for you that fits all your requirements. If you can not decide on the model, we have compiled a collection of photos to serve as inspiration and to facilitate your choice. Of course, it will combine the different materials and styles to create a particular effect or simply to express your creativity.

Bathroom tiles: extravagant ideas

Bathroom TilesThere are several decorative models that are extraordinary, even avant-garde. You can use them simply to put accents here and there. Or, if you are passionate about classic style, you can do without these products and opt for pure and simple models.

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Beige pastel and dark brown for this beautiful bathroom tiles!

Bathroom TilesIn the bathroom, where you start and finish the day, it is very important to create a comfortable and natural atmosphere, so that every member of the family is at ease. The contemporary multipurpose materials for bathroom tile fulfill the increased criteria of modern, knowledgeable people. The trendy porcelain stoneware tiles are characterized by their durability, easy maintenance and aesthetic appearance of major impact.

Bathroom tiles in snow white and sky blue

Bathroom TilesHow to tile your pond to get a seaside spirit? It’s easy to opt for the blue-white duo and you’re done. We prove it with this bathroom which is dressed with a wall tile decided in snow white and dark blue. The idea to stitch? Spread the whole wall with a series of decorative accessories that will transport you to the coveted maritime world. Decorative boats, frames and paintings with marine theme, shells .. the list is not complete.

Bet on a taupe gray bathroom tile to create a zen atmosphere!

Bathroom TilesLight gray, solid wood and touches of greenery: that’s what you have to grab to create a bathroom with a Zen atmosphere. Here, the light gray translates to a marble floor tiles while the wood intervenes by small touches on the furniture and the elements of decoration. And so that the frame is most idyllic, it does not hesitate to sprinkle here and there keys of green. The goal is to confer a resolutely vegetal atmosphere.

Bathroom tiles with marble look

Bathroom TilesYour interior exudes the elegance of old mansions? As much to create a piece of water which mixes elegance, modernity and chic of formerly. It’s up to you to choose between high-quality tiles and marble or onyx cladding. Admittedly, the noble materials risk drilling a hole in your budget, but nothing can match their exceptional properties.

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Bathroom tiles with round patterns

Bathroom TilesFor those who do not want to spend a fortune on marble flooring, be aware that there are plenty of alternatives available. These are, of course, much more affordable in terms of price. Above, a bathroom in light tones, which is adorned with mosaic tiles and a free-standing bath.

Natural looking wall tiles

Bathroom TilesHere is a bathroom that seduces above all with its wall tiles imitation beige marble. Contrasting with the immaculate white floor tiles, this wall covering is suitable for both narrow rooms and XXL bathrooms.

Washbasin in Asian style and teal

Bathroom TilesWhen choosing the color and patterns of the bathroom tile, you should ask if they will please you in a few years. Ditto for the colors that you intend to use to dress the interior of the pond.

Bathroom tile in elegant porcelain stoneware

Bathroom TilesCeramic tiles with an extremely smooth enamelled surface, which combines well with the chrome elements in the bathroom, can bring luxury and brilliance into the bathroom. To enhance this effect, add a piece of furniture or accessories in vibrant colors.

Modern interior and bathroom tile in pearl gray

Bathroom TilesWhich bathroom tile to choose to create a minimalist atmosphere? Since we speak of minimalist style, we also speak of clean lines and subdued colors. We must therefore avoid patterned coatings and colors that may stifle the atmosphere. On the other hand, the monochrome hues are to be favored, just like the tiling with silvery reflections. Be careful not to abuse bling-bling reflections that may overload the space!

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Cement tile floor and wall effect of mosaic

Bathroom TilesIf you dream of a glamorous atmosphere but do not want to get into kitsch, opt for a bathroom tile similar to this one. Cement tiles with graphic patterns could very well animate the floor of your water feature, while a beautiful tiled glass mosaic tile will bring a touch of glamor to the whole. To make your bathroom look like a top-of-the-range fitness center, you can distill here and there scented candles and small bouquets of flowers in original vases.

Design for bathroom tile – small raised tiles

Bathroom TilesWhy opt for a bathroom tile composed of small tiles in relief? Easy to install and clean, black and white tiles are the best way to bring a touch of retro chic charm to the contemporary water feature. Combined with a wooden vanity and decorative accessories in the same spirit, this vintage-inspired tile will work wonders in any room that dreams of a look with old-world charm.

Gray stone wall mosaicBathroom Tiles

The authentic side of this modern bathroom will crack more than one! With its gray stone mosaic wall cladding, this contemporary piece of water has everything to please fans of the rustic style!

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