Beautiful Wall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Wall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018Not only did the time for spring cleaning come with the first warm rays of sunshine, many households are carrying out delayed renovation measures in spring. Replacing old wallpaper or wall paint and wrapping living spaces in new and fresh designs is particularly popular here. The wall design with wallpaper nowadays offers much more possibilities than just a few decades ago, with fresh and colorful ideas coming into their own in the spring. The following suggestions show with which types of wallpaper a trend design of living room, kitchen etc. is possible.

Wall design with wallpaper – bring fresh color into every living space with fresh colorsWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Not only does nature begin to blossom again every spring, the interior also offers fresh and natural accents at this time of the year. The wallpaper wall design with floral pattern is here a playful classic, but even without such motifs can bring a fresh touch in every room. Monochromatic wallpapers in bright and friendly colors perfectly fulfill this purpose, whereby it is possible to create a visual contrast with a second color on individual room walls. Among the most beautiful and natural color combinations for wall design with wallpaper include:

– Red / Green

– Pink / Lime Green

– Yellow / Dark Blue

When choosing wallpapers with wallpapers, you can simply orientate yourself to the colors of nature, which at this time of the year blends in with fresh colors. If the right color can not be found at the wallpaper retailer on site or on the Internet, the wall paint can also be mixed individually. After a simple wallpapering with a white background, the paint application perfectly suits your personal taste.

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Creative features for wall design with wallpaperWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

If you want to replace the given ideas of wallpaper manufacturers with an individual touch and create wallpapers with wallpapers, you will find the ideal choice with photo wallpapers. These are available with a huge choice of motifs in the specialized trade, individual manufacturers even offer the production of individual motifs. The photo wallpaper as an idea for wall design is designed large format, ie the selected image consists of several wallpaper tracks together. From forest and meadow over animal motifs to the bright sky, there are countless ideas to use photo wallpaper to enhance the value of living spaces and to give them a spring-like note.

Walls shape with picturesWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

In order for the photo to stand out in the wall design with wallpaper perfectly and no ugly holes and gaps arise, an expert application of wallpaper is indispensable. With a little manual skill, a photo wallpaper can be just as easy to attach as the classic wallpaper from the hardware store. If you are unsure, hire a professional painter to install. He has many years of experience in dealing with wallpaper and knows what to look for in the precise application of photo wallpaper.

In addition to wallpapers use more design optionsWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Your home can be made noticeably inviting and spring-like with the right wallpaper. However, it does not have to stay with wallpaper with floral pattern or photo wallpaper, if you want to treat your home to a refreshing cure. The combination of wallpaper and wall paint allows you greater freedom to use different colors in individual rooms and combine them without much effort. Especially with wallpaper with a pattern or motif, it contributes to the visual calming of the room, to rely on one or two walls on pure wall paint. As a side effect, the visual division of the room into different areas, which improves the feeling of living, especially in large spaces.

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Wall design ideas with photo wallpapersWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

In addition to wallpaper or wall paint should also spring-like decorations are not missing. A fresh bunch of flowers from the florist or colorful handicrafts are even more effective in front of a spring-like wallpaper and complete the ambience of the room. When wallpapering and wall painting were deliberately familiarized with a main color scheme, such accessories create an attractive counterpoint. Here, too, there are no limits to fantasy for incorporating decorative objects or pieces of furniture and giving each room a spring breeze.

Bright decor with wallpaperWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Colorful and romanticWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Retro for spring feelingsWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Colorful motifsWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Vintage style with butterfliesWall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

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